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Hi, my name is Curtis Scaglione and I am an Office Machine Collector. I have two web sites, and The Stapler Exchange which is the first web site dediHi, my name is Curtis Scaglione and I am an Office Machine Collector. I have two web sites, and The Stapler Exchange which is the first web site dedicated to antique and vintage fasteners. I started the Stapler Exchange in 1997. That site was the first for me. I have also produced a news letter that ran for 3 years, but because of poor health had to let it go. is also listed on Facebook and Flickr. I have several videos on You tube Highlighting my collection. Unlike other collector on line, I do a lot of research and share my findings with others. Visit my site and I guarantee you this, "You about to learn something new". (Read more)


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Sam'l C. Tatum Samson Paper Perforator - Officein Office
Not Ready for Display - Officein Office
1903 Eclipse Hole Punch - Officein Office
The Heinn Company Hole Punch - Officein Office
the "Unit" by Hotchchkiss - Officein Office
The Tengwall File and Ledger Hole Punch - Officein Office
Globe Perforator No. 3 - Officein Office
Temple Punch - Officein Office
LEFAX Perforating Machine - Officein Office
Krahn Hole Punch - Officein Office


  1. Wilson Jones bought out the Delmar interest in the Improved Hummer line in the mid to late 1920's. Your Improved Hummer still has the older paper table which would place its manufacture to late 1920's...
  2. Ahhhh memories. We has one next to our front door.
  3. I agree with TubeAmp. Most likely a military service pin awarded by a veteran organization or community (city, county, or state)
  4. 1951 Oldsmobile Super 88 sedan.
  5. If that my fathers bike, I would buy new tires and tubes. Oil all the necessary parts and I would ride that thing, Just so I could live a piece of his life experience. Rust?, what rust, I don't see an...
  6. I don't think you have reason to be confused. In most cases you can not apply today's standards to yesterdays products. When this set was manufactured in Solingen Germany the town had a population of ...
  7. I believe what you have is a carving set by Anton Wingen Jr. out of Solingen Germany. Rostdrei indicates that these items are stainless steel. You set is particularly well maintained and in beautif...
  8. Probable match for you: Wilbur Morrill Cunningham (February 4, 1886 – January 14, 1974) was an American football player and coach, attorney, historian and author. Cunningham was born in 1886 in Be...
  9. Well, to start with, that is a very nice find. Now, I found old ads dating from 1911 to 1915 where SEALPACKERCHIEF marketed handkerchiefs. and this display would probably house dozens of them at your ...
  10. Beautiful display Michael. I love it.
  11. That is the first Chain Saw collection I have ever seen. Why would anyone collect chain saws asked the man who collects hole punches. lol
  12. Looks like a great find and from my home town .
  13. Thank you Buckethead.
  14. When you take into consideration that the M1 Helmet with liner, (and this is the liner) was used throughout WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War and still used for several more years after that, then it is e...
  15. That is an American helmet liner. Common in the 1960's and 1970's.
  16. I've looked at several photos of Paul Galvin and must say, without a doubt, unknown. Because of the age difference in the photos, and that your photo is a side view and the internet photos are all fac...
  17. This isn't rare - It's mega rare. A top shelf machine for sure. beautiful
  18. Bostitch was making staplers since 1907. Still at it today. The photo is of an extremely rare electromatic stapler, circa 1937, until just recently, it was believed that electric staplers came into e...
  19. No this uses a rolled up strip of metal that is stored in the drum. When the handle is moved downward, the strip is also moved forward, cut into the approximate size of a staple, driven through the pa...
  20. More of these sold than any other make or model motor cycle. They did run forever. Once saw one of these thrown from a tall building. Of course the wheels were destroyed. but the motor still cranked up.
  21. Thanks Pinbacks, I don't need to tell you, But, This collection really brings me a lot of joy.
  22. All the same reasons that came to mind. What else is there in life but looking for people or things that bring joy to you.
  23. Thank you very much Tom. You are welcome to visit my site, It is a great family friendly site.
  24. It really is nice to have so many of you comment on my collection, I don't get to show it off that often. Thank you. I will share more as I acquire new examples.
  25. The earliest in my collection of hole punches is from 1890. It is one of the earliest invented. The majority of the punches came out in the late 1890's to early 1900's. Most would do 25 sheets but so...
  26. Thank you Celiene. After a life time of office administration and management, it was an easy decision. I am still FASTENATED by the design and workmanship.
  27. Funny ! I like Donald and his beautiful family. But, this button - this button is funny stuff.
  28. That is exactly what it is. This is a early 20th century Revenue Stamp Mutilator. Thank you for your help.
  29. I agree with Kerry10456. Lone wolf who was just trying to live the biker life. nice piece.
  30. I love it ! I don't collect them, but, I could very easily. Very Nice example.
  31. That is a museum for sure, how much are the adult tickets?
  32. I have always loved old bicycles, never knew why I didn't buy any. Great piece of history.
  33. That vintage staple gun does appear to be the Bostitch T5. I would recommend Ebay - they always have stuff for the old machines. I'm not sure if hardware stores still carry the staples for this machi...
  34. Sorry for the delay - it weighs 12 pounds.
  35. I do appreciate the assistance. I will continue to search until I find the answer. It's the investigator in me.
  36. absolutely beautiful
  37. A most beautiful example, worthy of your desk.
  38. My folks has the set in the early 50's. I've often wondered where it was made. Never discovered that.
  39. I know what you mean, Not only did he own it, but he used it, touched it. His memory lives on. Very nice.
  40. Exactly, I have seen many people misidentify this machine so many times, I finally tracked the history myself. It's a great addition to my collection and still works great.
  41. That little jewel has some real history. Originally manufactured by Samuel C. Tatum from around 1912 to 1922. Tatum then sold all Hole Punch products to a company called Delmar. Delmar sold out to Wil...
  42. The Aceliner is a very nice fastener. I collect antique and vintage fasteners, yet, you will still find a few of these on display in my collection.
  43. Thank you Efesgirl, I think I enjoy restoring them and just looking at them more then anything. Beautiful workmanship, don't you think?
  44. I wood have thought it would be late 20's to early 30's.
  45. Try "Noiseless". The Noiseless didn't do well on the market for some reason.
  46. I use to be very active typewriter collector and would have to add that Royal started selling their portables in multiple colors around 1932 - 1935.
  47. I love the fact that you restored it to include a new paint job. Beautiful job. congrats.
  48. A Little history for you: The owners of the Caligraph Co. challenged the Folks at Remington to a contest. Both companies had extremely fast typist, as there were contest all over the country to determ...
  49. Thank you everyone. I will post more of my collection very soon. I must deal with a computer problem first. See you soon.
  50. What you have is a circa 1915 IDL Automatic Eyelet Punch No.2 It was patented around 1915 and it has a primary purpose of fastening documents together in a more secure manner than staples. http://mys...
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Krantz Stapler Collection of Staple Removers 1940's Underwood Typewriter Old cast office paper hole punch


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