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Simcoe On.


  1. stunning. One of those portraits that exudes life.
  2. Love it. I grew up in steel town!
  3. LaSalette.
  4. I had one very similar. I believe some might have been for storing or shipping cheese in.
  5. Yes it's quite the throwback to older times. They even have an old 7up door push on the original wooden door. After work I like to stop here for ice cream!
  6. You nailed it CokeKid! 5 minutes from my house.
  7. Nice! Our local variety store has two, still mounted up on his store front one on each side of his store name. I offered him a cash deal...he still has them.
  8. They sure would look very eerie at night.
  9. I don't think I would be alone in stating this looks more south western U.S. than Polish, but it's very nice.
  10. Thanks very much for the information Mark. The helmet is marked G.S.W. DP&H with the welded on chin strap lugs. The internal colour is the typical olive drab. I have a nice chin strap and liner for i...
  11. ***** Five stars for your research. Great helmet and a great read. Thanks, Kev
  12. Thanks for he link.
  13. Thank you antiquerose. I'm continually impressed by the level of knowledge in which our friends possess.
  14. @ racer4our, plastic is too dangerous. So are illustrations of pointed things.
  15. A Game of five card stud ant one?
  16. They used the rotational mass/inertia to skip a cycle or two for efficiency...I think?
  17. LOL, the yodeling is in the bottle!
  18. Thanks for the link walksoftly, you nailed it.
  19. @ Walksoftly. I'm not quite sure, I seem to remember doing some research on this last year and the term "cadets in training centre" seems to have stuck. I'm sure it stands for Canadian Infantry Traini...
  20. All I know is that I had one!
  21. I just posted a similar photo after seeing yours. You're right about the sheen that emits from tilting it.
  22. Thanks SEAN, I just wish I had the revolver that used these!
  23. LOL! What ever tune keeps your boat afloat.
  24. Thanks Scottvez. The only other one I found was from the site listed. .36 cal would be more of a pistol round rather than a rifle.
  25. WOW! That's an awesome find 'walksoftly'! That would be the manufacturer. I'll start googling them. Thanks very much. Kev
  26. Great idea PDAM...done!
  27. Thanks PDAM. What's a bit strange is that there are two pat numbers associated with this item. One for the case and the other for the sliding powder tray.
  28. I can't read the advertisement. Is it for the car or for something else? Having a pic of a similar toy car helps prove that it was manufactured, but when and by whom? Maybe you got one free when you ...
  29. I would say it looks manufactured. The seat and flowing body panels would be very difficult to fabricate without the use of a heavy press and rollers. The number however appears too bright and undamag...
  30. You have a lot of cool stuff there.
  31. Yes it sure does! I'm still going to refinish this. they look very cool when all cleaned up and finished. Thanks for the hearts everyone!
  32. Thanks very much for the link 'walksoftly'! I'm going to keep my eye's open for the removable pack section.
  33. Thanks rocker-sd, it seems pretty small for a ration cup. Perhaps it was just a souvenir item from Rolla?
  34. Until I brought it home and researched it Phil, neither did I, and when growing up, my mother had every kitchen gizmo thingy available. This must have eluded her.
  35. Thanks Phil. Not much of a bottle expert by any means, but it's definitely a growing interest to me.
  36. I would say...cool retro.
  37. Not an expert but I read that soldiers in V.Nam were using the muzzle flash suppressors on the M-16's to open c-rats or amo crates. Perhaps the soldier that made this might have been using it for simi...
  38. Ha Ha! "Youngster", Thanks for the compliment. This lil guy must have been a straggler from the local race. Or maybe he just went a-wall.
  39. @ DrFluffy I've seen identical ones but with a different name.
  40. Wow, excellent help everyone! I certainly appreciate the interest in this item. I'm happy to know that it's a butter churn. I've searched Google and found other exact models of this. I will retrieve t...
  41. Thanks again for the luv vanskyock24
  42. Thanks for the luv vanskyock24.
  43. Nice pick! Is it porcelain or painted? Any bullet holes?
  44. @ blunderbuss2 Thanks for your guess. I have no idea's. The wooden paddles inside would suggest a liquid being mixed. Wall paper glue?
  45. It appears to have been assembled with many rifle parts. Trigger is the breach handle. Behind that is a stripper clip charging port. It also looks like they used part of the bolt assembly.
  46. Thank you so much for the info pw-collector.
  47. Thanks racer4four.
  48. That's so much Scott. One question. Why doesn't this brass tarnish like other brass?
  49. I'm glad my 'Take Home A Carton 25c.' sign went to a good home!
  50. Thanks for the tips fhrjr2. Thanks also Aimathena!
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