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Eastern Pennsylvania

retired tool & die maker turned PA Auctioneer. I collect and display my items for local historical societies. They are odd and unusual items tretired tool & die maker turned PA Auctioneer. I collect and display my items for local historical societies. They are odd and unusual items that made our forefather's lives a little easier. If it has a story to tell, I like it. 18th & 19th cen. tools are my passion. Email: (Read more)


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button ripping tool - Sewingin Sewing
hog scalding chains - Animalsin Animals
hand forged horse tie-down - Animalsin Animals
horseradish chopper/grinder - Kitchenin Kitchen
1830's Muzzle Loading Black Powder Dbl. Bbl. Shotgun  - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Japanese "TANTO" short sword - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
"The Duck" Laundry Copper Boiler Percolator  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
tree filled bird carvings - Animalsin Animals
snuff box? .... pomander?....  salt shaker? What is it? - Accessoriesin Accessories
Steam Pressure Bourdon Test Gauge - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. Sorry valentino97, I don't know the reason why they took the buttons from an old garment, other than the reason for saving the buttons to use on a new garment. I do know that it works great, capturi...
  2. great restoration. It is nice to see a part of history brought back and kept from wasting away.
  3. Merry Christmas bb2 and Merry Christmas to all of the posters on Collectors Weekly
  4. After more research, I found that you are absolutely right. It is a slate cutter or sometimes called a sax. Ask C.W. and you will certainly find a fellow collector who can help. Thanks for your he...
  5. Hi AntiqueFanParts, I would very much like to hear from you, and see the Carlisle & Finch dynamo that you come across. I am a PA auctioneer and you can reach me at my email address : navarreauctions...
  6. Hi AntiqueFanParts, This dynamo was also marketed with a steam engine to power it, instead of the water motor. I have recently acquired another Carlisle & Finch Dynamo (they also sold the dynamo alon...
  7. while browsing photos on CW, I came upon your listings of your pedal cars. They are quite beautiful. You are very talented. Thanks for listing them.
  8. when we were kids, it was milk of magnesia …. UGH
  9. Sometimes called a "weasel". As the old saying goes... pop goes the weasel. (This is because a clicker makes a popping noise when the winder winds a skein of yarn.) Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. thanks bb2 for the correct word ,,,,, punt gun
  11. great piece! (not to mention that my last name is Navarre)
  12. great piece of native history. Your entire collection is great.
  13. I listed one a couple of days ago. although mine is not an original weapon, I did find out from the dealer that I purchased it from that it is called a Tanto, or short sword that was carried along wit...
  14. seen a lot of scoops at an ice cream parlor where the owner collected about 40 odd scoops and hung them in a showcase. He didn't have, nor have I ever seen one such as this cold dog...…. Great Collect...
  15. Sorry for the late response Bobby. I just came upon the listing while back tracking posts. A very nice collection. If I am not mistaken, the point on the right of center (as viewed) is a folsom point...
  16. I tend to agree with fhrjr2. a defuzer pendant or pomander.
  17. The bipod looking legs are not foldable legs BB2. The little pin effect at the junction of the V fastens it in place creating a belt loop condition or maybe a ribbon or necklace holder
  18. thanks anything, It has no deposit on the wall of the hole. It is as clean as the outer surface.
  19. I can't say that I would want any harm to come to the mother cat's owner, but for sure, they should not own a pet, for they aren't capable of love for animals, and maybe even sometimes for fellow man
  20. thanks for all of your comments. Thankfully, there sure are a lot of feline fans out there
  21. good luck with your new family member welzebub. You're right Newfld, The first photo is of the Calico Katie. She is more of the openly affectionate cat. Kodi gets periods where it wants to show lov...
  22. thank you Bill for your comments. I enjoyed hearing about your adoption.
  23. I really enjoy seeing repurposed items into useful tool. It really shows the resourcefulness of our forefathers and foremothers to utilize what we have at hand to construct a tool that is needed in ou...
  24. Could be that this tool is a slate tool and not a grafting froe. Thanks for the info.
  25. great auction find.
  26. good history lesson, nice post yougattaha
  27. It's good that you noticed that it was a bogus tooth. There are several articles on the internet as to how to determine the age and authenticity of a sperm whale tooth. It's age is quite important as ...
  28. great idea,... I've always liked the looks of wrought iron
  29. thanks a lot Roycroftbooksfromme1. I have collected a good amount of items over the past 30 years. I am not so sure about a wealth of information. I read a lot and I'm informed by such sites as Co...
  30. hi BB2, I am told that nutmeg can have tendencies to make you very sick if taken in very large quantities.
  31. I went to a local PA German festival two days ago. It was very interesting and I tried to see and talk to most of the craftsmen who were displaying their talent in making items by hand using only hand...
  32. thanks for the input yougottahavestuff….
  33. nice post, it shows that sometimes you find something and at the time, you don't realize the reason for keeping it, but you do, and after a while you are so glad that you did keep it, because you dis...
  34. great piece of history.
  35. I didn't realize just how popular this little clock was until I read the comments. My brother, who just turned 80 this month, said I should remember the optometrist's office that he and my sister went...
  36. Hi BHock45, The rider on the horse has me "ferhoust"..... as they say in Dutch country. The horse , if it was alone, looks similar to one of the animal effigies that I own and hav...
  37. thanks bb2, I knew that you would have the proper data about these shells. I am not sure about the diameter of the shells, At the time, I only had the scale on my Swiss Army knife to measure the dia...
  38. Hi scottvez, I thank you for your reply. You could be, and probably are, correct about the minie ball being the most lethal weapon. I was basing my statement on information that what I was told by ...
  39. very interesting bb2. thanks
  40. Great job bb2. you really got it right. Love the little water bucket, you even have the lid made for it
  41. you have a great spark plug collection fuzzmugin. Many that I never saw. I hope that you post other plugs when you find them....
  42. great plug. I never saw one like that
  43. Hi blunderbuss2, I have a book entitled "cast iron toy cookstoves & ranges from A to Z" In there it lists this stove as a toy stove. I really think that it is too big to be a salesman's sample, a...
  44. A little update on this hand forged adz. A fellow collector friend came over the other evening for a visit. As is usual, we wound up in my workshop/display area, where he saw this hand forged tool. I ...
  45. hi bobby724 I forgot to tell you that I hand rubbed a coat of low luster Formby's tung oil on the rack and left it dry well than I used the Briwax on it.
  46. Hi bobby725, This rack was a little bit faded, so I put a coat of low luster stain on them than I waxed the rack with dark "Briwax" to give them a polished wax look. After a hefty coating of "Briwax...
  47. Hi bb2, Ineresting that you tried glass for flint knapping. A great source of knapping glass is a 1 gal. jug or 1/2 gal. jug. The earlier the better, because the real early jugs are quite thick in the...
  48. will do.... Onedtent, …..thanks for the input
  49. Hi Spiritbear, the feet are more turnip shaped. I know for a fact that William and Mary period furniture used turnip shapes feet on much of their furniture. Maybe they used it on their table items als...
  50. I've seen smaller tabletop versions of this that were used to cut clover for rabbit feed.
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King stove and Range Need help identifying this knife I'm trying to find out what this tool is used for,any ideas email me at


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