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Eastern Pennsylvania

retired tool & die maker turned PA Auctioneer. I collect and display my items for local historical societies. They are often odd and unusual iretired tool & die maker turned PA Auctioneer. I collect and display my items for local historical societies. They are often odd and unusual items that made our forefather's lives a little easier. If it has a story to tell, I like it. 18th & 19th cen. tools are my passion. Email: (Read more)


  1. nice collection of doggies
  2. it really is Scott, and it really is a show - stopper wherever I display it. they want a bale to take home, even to the point of knocking on our camper door while we are having lunch to tell me to ma...
  3. my bad Dave, I did show it in the past. It was setting up in my computer room and my wife said, "why don't you put it on CW and find out what it is." I guess when you get in your 70's, you do these du...
  4. Great French Bulldog you got there Scott. Last week I saw a Boston terrior that was facing straight ahead. Have you ever seen one? The price went high, and I didn't know if it was a repro or not so I ...
  5. depending on its weight, the iron weight could be a horse weight. You know, the kind that you hitch to old dobbin bridle to keep him stay where you put him. Just a guess.
  6. great cannon.... I've seen them before, but they were somewhat out of my price range. Great piece of history. Nice that you have gotten it passed down to you. It means so much more when a beloved fami...
  7. looks like a living mammoth....great sculpture
  8. I still think it's a wedge.
  9. I wouldn't strip the paint (unless it is horribly painted over the original), it is part of it's history and evolution. I would, on the other hand, oil the unpainted items with a mix of turpentine and...
  10. Thank you Blueyecon, for the nice comments. I couldn't agree with you more about the junk that is marketed today. Chinese junk is more than a name for a boat, it describes the quality of the items tha...
  11. Hi BHIFOS, I believe you're right about Tasco being made in Japan. Japan is well known for their mfg. of precision scales.
  12. thanks dav2no1 your link was very helpful
  13. thank you for teling your school experiences.
  14. thank you Watchsearcher
  15. Just found out recently that the tool is called a "geezer". I've heard this name before when referring to old men like me, but I never heard it being a name for a Cooper's tool.
  16. sorta looks like the face of a baboon. great post
  17. great story Dave, and great key
  18. thank you very much for the link TallCakes, I found it very informative and interesting.
  19. hi jkwidener, I would gladly tell you what I know concerning your oiler's mfg. I have some knowledge of the items, but there were so many Mfg. Co. that made them,it can be perplexing, but, I will do ...
  20. I did Dave, I deleted the last photo of the boiler and engine so I could edit in the photo of the water level tubing. I apologize for the lousy photo, I got a little shaky when taking the shot, the sh...
  21. Update on the water level sight glass... I received the 6 mm. glass tubing, and like it said on u-tube, I wasn't able to be successful in the first attempt at bending the tubing to the proper angle an...
  22. Hi scott03663, They are great little steam engines. I don't have any new Welesco or Mammond brand steam engines. I think that the modern made steam models lack the true design of steam era. The ones...
  23. Hi dave2no1, Yea, it does look like a bell the way that it is shown. In reality, it is a metal funnel that was tied to the engine when I bought it. I have it hung there with a piece of wire so I don'...
  24. hmm... you found me out....
  25. Thank you for the comment Bluecon. we must get more people to value our American goods. Cheaper is definitely not the best....
  26. Thank you for your comments. I can see, Blueyecon, by your posting of the early postage scale, that you appreciate what went into the manufactured products of our 1900's. One can see by the way thin...
  27. That's a good idea Vynil33rpm, I don't need two of the same, and the whiskey bbl. is so nice as it is. Thanks
  28. Ha! bb2...... full steam ahead.....
  29. no, there is no stamping or writing anywhere. Thank all of you for your interest. This one might be unsolvable.
  30. Hey, you know what bb2, you might have something with your book rebinding idea. The tool doesn't need a mounting stand. It lies directly on a table and can move around at will. Also, a book binder do...
  31. that's the confusing thing, LZ, It has no looks of a stand or anywhere that a stand or base was connected. You can see by the photos that the clamp is fully open at about 3/4", so, there is little tra...
  32. fantastic finds!
  33. Great Find...... Great Sound.....
  34. ah! these bring memories of my youth.
  35. thanks for the comments Dave & Scott. A little bit of info on the Maytag washing machine. These miniature model 90 washing machines were given out by the Maytag Co. to dealers who had exemplary sale...
  36. you can surely see that they great furry friends.
  37. best wishes to you and your love ones on this new year, Vinyl. May the world be a better place for all of humanity.
  38. great collection, Dave. You fashioned it beautifully in the garage. Thanks for posting
  39. great having your neighbor owning the animals. You can enjoy them with treats and petting, and you don't have to shovel after them. Your neighbor takes care of that. HAPPY HOLIDAYS
  40. hi Dave, I used to have the round needles for my reproducer that I used in my Edison Amberolla cylinder record player. on occasion, I used a bamboo needle to play it. you got one play with a sharp bam...
  41. Hi Anything, the great thing about CW is the way you can communicate with the person who posts an item. As to the animal getting a painful ouch.... I overwrote the fact that the cow will be stuck i...
  42. beautiful fish match holder
  43. looks like the clock above my mom's kitchen sink. Very nice....
  44. HA -HA -HA very cute. (and quite clever, I may add)
  45. maybe Hatie crawled up a coat sleeve. The puppy looks very relaxed.
  46. Dave, you're lucky to even have the opportunity to drive that beauty. I'm sure that the memory of your ride will stay with you for some time. Happy belated Thanksgiving.
  47. Happy holiday Dave, That bird is really incredible. It looks like a large bird of prey flying over the landscape looking for its Thanksgiving meal. Happy holidays to you and your family and all of o...
  48. I don't know Dave, but I think that your first premonition of being a tire patch valcanizer was right. It looks like the tire patch vulcanizer that I listed a couple of weeks ago. I guess that would b...
  49. Baby faced bottles are getting harder and harder to find. I think myself fortunate that I have a few. I don't know if I will ever find another, so I have 3 bottles. Each of the kids will get one (if t...
  50. I agree, Dave the full sized engine, and the model engine, had 2 styles. One type had 2 swing arms that went up and down to operate the pump, and the walking beam model that rocked back and forth. I...
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Old Atlantic Aviation Lubricate Banner King stove and Range Need help identifying this knife I'm trying to find out what this tool is used for,any ideas email me at


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