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Eastern Pennsylvania

retired tool & die maker turned PA Auctioneer. I collect and display my items for local historical societies. They are odd and unusual items tretired tool & die maker turned PA Auctioneer. I collect and display my items for local historical societies. They are odd and unusual items that made our forefather's lives a little easier. If it has a story to tell, I like it. 18th & 19th cen. tools are my passion. Email: (Read more)


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American Civil War "Caltrops" - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
shell fragment from Gettysburg Battlefield - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Carette "Toy"  hot air engine - circa 1910 - Toysin Toys
 Antique Hot Air Engines - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Victorian era "Columbian" Fly Fan  - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Soapstone Foot Warmer...... Ceramic Foot Warmer (blind Pig) - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Vintage Cast Iron Still Penny Banks - Toysin Toys
Radial Steam Powered fan 
Our Lemon Tree War - Photographsin Photographs
Bolt Headers - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. your right pajrr, I have it running on steam now. Steam seems to be more responsive than air and steam gives a better control of power.
  2. thanks for the help Izenglish. I wasn't sure exactly how it worked. I'm not too good with electrical items.
  3. I really don't know what a wig-wag switch is. The way I see it is, as soon as the plate is magnetically pulled to the coil, the contact switches and the poles change to pushing or repelling the plate...
  4. thank you for your comments
  5. thank all of you for your nice comments
  6. thank you PineBore for your input
  7. a punch, maybe to swage a fitting or tubeing
  8. I saw similar hammers like this, and coincidently, you said the previous owner worked with leather. The one that I saw was to beat leather for making horse collars into the proper shape. I think that...
  9. Caltrops were indeed used in the Civil War. Several books that I have on the civil war display them, including the encyclopedia of Civil War Acrutaments and there are numerous articles on the internet...
  10. general consensus ...... hmmm . Is that another form of fake news?
  11. Thanks bb2.... I know that you are much more knowledgeable on these matters. I can only take a wild stab at identifying it. It also has some features of a hoskiss projectile ... not much left for a go...
  12. I don't have enough material to be sure of the diameter bb2. I estimate the diameter to be 2 - 3/4 to 3 in.
  13. Right up my alley bb2. .. I love tool collections !!
  14. I agree with you bb2. I own weapons calibrated in both 45 cal. and 9 m/m. I know that the 45 has considerable more stopping power, but the 9m/m. should not be sold short. In most cases, it will do ...
  15. great piece BHock45.........
  16. thanks everybody for your input. We only know what we read, or are told by experts or what we research. I learn something every day, if only a little bit, it adds up. thanks again to scottvez for y...
  17. great display BB2
  18. Thanks for the input roddyq, I never had the oppertunity or the stamina to be a logger. Too.... dangerous and too... hard work. My hat's off to fellows like you who tackled such challanging careers.
  19. thanks roddyq. ..... ck. out my other postings
  20. sorry about the L.P. reddyq, Yes the initials does stand for liquid propane. They also used natural gas in some of their models
  21. Hi Scrounge, that is great information. All of which I did not know. I am going to copy the information down and use the information when I do a Historical Society demonstration after their monthly...
  22. Wish you the best in this new year.
  23. Nice collection..... How long had it taken to collect this many pieces?
  24. fantastic carving!
  25. Thanks a bunch Bugguy, I'll contact them today, and I'll look at your postings to see other C & F items
  26. Great piece, nice condition BHock, what a find!
  27. Sorry RR, I haven't seen one of these fence makers since I purchased the one that I have shown here. I bought it at an antique engine show in Portland, Indiana about 10 yr. ago It was one of two fence...
  28. Thanks Trey, for the nice comment.
  29. Great post BHock . ............ I hope that you find more. Post them if you do.
  30. thanks for the comeback bb2. God bless and keep you and yours.....
  31. I was joshing you about the balcksmiths bb2. I really don't know the origin of threads other than it is a combination of two simple machines, the wedge ...... and the incline plane. They could have be...
  32. I think taps & dies became popular with the advent of the American Blacksmith bb2, although maybe aliens had something to do with the art of blacksmithing. I know a few of them, and the blacksmiths th...
  33. Your chest appears like it was painted using the "early milk" that was common to that time frame. I believe the decorations (motif) was painted at a later date. Ironically, My daughter-in-law Leigh,...
  34. BH, did you ever try to use rush as a fuel? I plucked a piece of cattail rush from a local swampy area, dried it, peeled it down to the pithy base, and soaked it in shortening. It made a great looking...
  35. I'll watch for your post BH
  36. thanks castironkitchens. I'll watch the temp carefully, happy cooking
  37. Great piece bb2 thanks for sharing
  38. I can't use my reflector oven in front of the fireplace anymore as I stated in my description. This year I have been using a beehive oven (modern make) on our patio. We started by making bread and tha...
  39. Wish I was there, I'd fire my cannon in your honor.......... happy Bastille Day BB2.
  40. Your fortunate to have them. The fact that they came from your family, makes them a most valuable collectable. Thank you for sharing them with us BB2.
  41. I've seen similar tools. The key is the arched cutter. they were used to trim the snout of pigs to prevent rooting. The hooked bottom has me confused, so, I'm not sure of it's purpose
  42. What an interesting tool. I never saw one before. I read TallCakes' link, it's amazing how he can find articles on the things we find interesting, but, can't find reference to. Great post!
  43. ok bobby.....will do
  44. looks to me as some sort of textile industry needle
  45. thanks pops52
  46. Great 3D sign BB2. I can just catch a glimps of the ocean behind you. Looks like a paradise place to live.
  47. Where do you guys come up with these ideas? .............. I think that you have toooo much time on your hands.
  48. wow! what a great find. Thanks for sharing.
  49. They were used in stone quarries to take bumps off of the stone cuttings. They are callec crandles, or krandles . They are scarce because it was tradition that when a quarryman retires, he tossed his ...
  50. I believe you are right about the RR connection. I have a friend who is an avid RR collector and he has one in his collection.
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King stove and Range Need help identifying this knife I'm trying to find out what this tool is used for,any ideas email me at


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