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Eastern Pennsylvania

retired tool & die maker turned PA Auctioneer. I collect and display my items for local historical societies. They are often odd and unusual iretired tool & die maker turned PA Auctioneer. I collect and display my items for local historical societies. They are often odd and unusual items that made our forefather's lives a little easier. If it has a story to tell, I like it. 18th & 19th cen. tools are my passion. Email: (Read more)


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wobble solenoid engine - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Clabber Girl Baking Powder Tin.... copyrighted 1899 - Kitchenin Kitchen
watermelon slicer similar to an apple slicer - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
home made bread from a bee hive oven - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
dbl. walking beam Stirling (hot air) Engine - Toysin Toys
another cigar tool, this one is to nip off the end of a cigar - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Cigar box opening tool - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
My 2020 Vespa Primavera 150 c.c. scooter - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
Revolutionary War -  War of 1812 - Korean War - WWII - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Barber's tool ???  - Accessoriesin Accessories


  1. thanks for your comments. The farmer also has picnic tables at the farm, and on Friday evenings they make pizzas for pizza parties. You reserve a table and he makes you a pizza or two to enjoy with y...
  2. thanks for the tip fhrjr2 .... I'll try it out.
  3. dav2, you are a cigar historian. I never knew that there was so much to know about cigar terminology. I have heard the term cheroot before, but I never knew the difference. Thank you for the infor...
  4. Hi dav2no1, thank yo for your comment. I never heard the expression "cap cutter" before. I that what they were called?
  5. "Oh My Goodness"bb2 is having a breakdown!!
  6. could be a test hammer of some sort, like testing a vessel for cracks. I've seen hammers that were used to tap the stays of a steam pressure vessel. The difference in sound can determine if the vessel...
  7. My guess is that it is a sort of micrometer, but one that was not used for general purpose (obviously), but for periodic testing in production use
  8. My guess is like dave2no1 said, a stir for farm milk cans.
  9. could be a blacksmith made tool that was misplaced before the smith formed the handle hole.
  10. Appears to be a latch of some kind. Because of the looped ends to each section, it may have been fastened to rope of some sort. If it wasn't made for it, It would make a good animal tie out.
  11. could it be a form of "Calthrop" ? They were used to slow down the cavalry advance by laming their horses.
  12. thanks a bunch fellows.... I really appreciate all of your research.
  13. You guys are great in following up leads. I compared the Singer photo with the emblem that keramikos entered. There is a definite large "S" in the middle of the Singer decal. I can't see this "S" in t...
  14. a little info found on this item. It is called "besaugue" pronounced "ba-sa-gwi". It is of French origin and was used in the 17th-18th century. It is the french forerunner to the twibil which came t...
  15. hi postalnoteguy, thanks for your interest in my hot air engines. They do run great, I especially like the way that my engine that is similar to your engine runs. The linier fins on the castings are ...
  16. great piece.... love the banding around the middle
  17. great find....
  18. great action figures!
  19. great find !
  20. look for one with a lead nozzle and lead screw cap. They are the old ones too.
  22. Hi Elisibethan, they were all made on the east coast of the USA. New Brighton. PA , Oswego NY, Troy NY, and other towns.
  23. you have an outstanding collection.
  24. thanks for your comments dave, Wsatchmaker, and Congau, You asked if I have any info about the hosee material that they used. I don't have any direct information about the hoses that they used, but ...
  25. great effigy, I have a few myself. Early farmers and homesteaders here i Pennsylvania kept them on the barn window sills to ward off evil spirits.
  26. best vacation trailer ever made!!
  27. love the scooter..... the girls aren't bad either!
  28. lots of snow here in eastern Pennsylvania... our cat got out last night and hid until this morning. She was sure glad to come in this morning. She was sleeping under the snow covered wood rack, where ...
  29. what is the material.... looks like pewter.
  30. my guess is a upholstery pliers
  31. great find, be sure to thank your father-in-law. Do yo you know how old it is? It looks familiar to my childhood, but that can't be, I'm an old codger.
  32. great collection of butterflies and other insects. I see, what I call a stickbug in your display, They used to be all around my home, now I don't see near as many, must be environmental impact. Nice ...
  33. My wife and I went to Oatman a few years ago. Great place to visit. took a rest in a small cafe.... when, in came a burro, I guess he wanted a treat. the waitress gave him his treat and shooed him out...
  34. very nice piece. A keeper for sure. Happy New Year..... hopefully better than last year.
  35. Happy Holidays, Anything
  36. Merry Christmas Bobby, and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF OUR FRIENDS ON CW.
  37. you done a great job..... looks great!
  38. I've seen these before. You could be correct by the design on the tool. They made these with several designs to make wafers. They were called wafer irons and were used before the waffle irons of simil...
  39. great piece Reeling, I find it amazing how they used to pour cast iron with such a beautiful smooth surface. Today's pouring of cast iron can't hold a candle to the foundries of yore.
  40. you got it right Saylavi, a few years ago, I attended a historical show and gent was making corn brooms on a broom maker's bench like the one that you show. The wheeled area is where they kept the ...
  41. great find bb2. I have a MKII and it is a great gun. shoots good, no jams, good balance. Ruger makes nice products
  42. Hi bb2, I did find an interesting article on Jim Kiefer. it was written by "The Philadelphia Inquire" . If you Google "the blacksmith forges work of art" you might find a link as to how to contact ...
  43. Hi yourneverright, It's more likely that the cave ran like the dickens. These critters were 6' to 7' long and had a terrible superiority complex.
  44. Hi bb2, I'm not sure if he sells on line or not. I do know that this is not how he earns a living. He makes hinges and other cabinet hardware to earn a living and making the items that I have from hi...
  45. great post, as usual jscott. I never saw a bronze pug before. thanks for showing us.
  46. Hi ChystalShip, I wrote our names, where, and when the photo was taken of these two young people. Time passing (along with people) might result in our own family forgetting when these were taken. A l...
  47. Hi Ms.ChristalShip, I'd love to see the one that you recovered from the ocean bottom. Please post it. Stoneware crocks are still a valuable collectable. My wife and I have been collecting them from ...
  48. Hi Concu, I forgot to mention a famous Newspaper Writer who wrote for a New York paper in 1872 when he made the comment "Go West Young Man". His name w...
  49. Hi Congcu, If you Google "Wagon Wheel Odometer" You can see an advertising blog from Worthpoint where they describe and show reference to a wagon odometer similar to the one that I posted. Worthpoin...
  50. Please, let me assume that your ancestors didn't sell their daughters..... although, that was a pretty good price that they were offering (just kidding). thanks for the input.... You should get in to...
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Old Atlantic Aviation Lubricate Banner King stove and Range Need help identifying this knife I'm trying to find out what this tool is used for,any ideas email me at


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