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Eastern Pennsylvania

retired tool & die maker turned PA Auctioneer. I collect and display my items for local historical societies. They are odd and unusual items tretired tool & die maker turned PA Auctioneer. I collect and display my items for local historical societies. They are odd and unusual items that made our forefather's lives a little easier. If it has a story to tell, I like it. 18th & 19th cen. tools are my passion. Email: (Read more)


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Bull Canadian Moose Antlers - Animalsin Animals
"Mouse Ear" Tea Kettle (from an Erie canal barge) - Kitchenin Kitchen
Sampson "Perfex" Coil Plug.....  circa 1905 - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Kingery popcorn/peanut roasting steam engine - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Cretors Popcorn/Peanut wagon steam engine - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Colonial Tobacco Honor Box - Coin Operatedin Coin Operated
unknown mystery tool - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
chicken holder - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
hand forged adz - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Colonial Raw Sugar Mold - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. A little update on this hand forged adz. A fellow collector friend came over the other evening for a visit. As is usual, we wound up in my workshop/display area, where he saw this hand forged tool. I ...
  2. hi bobby724 I forgot to tell you that I hand rubbed a coat of low luster Formby's tung oil on the rack and left it dry well than I used the Briwax on it.
  3. Hi bobby725, This rack was a little bit faded, so I put a coat of low luster stain on them than I waxed the rack with dark "Briwax" to give them a polished wax look. After a hefty coating of "Briwax...
  4. Hi bb2, Ineresting that you tried glass for flint knapping. A great source of knapping glass is a 1 gal. jug or 1/2 gal. jug. The earlier the better, because the real early jugs are quite thick in the...
  5. will do.... Onedtent, …..thanks for the input
  6. Hi Spiritbear, the feet are more turnip shaped. I know for a fact that William and Mary period furniture used turnip shapes feet on much of their furniture. Maybe they used it on their table items als...
  7. I've seen smaller tabletop versions of this that were used to cut clover for rabbit feed.
  8. slackjack is right. It is a dentist tool for pulling teeth. It is called a "tooth key"
  9. unique piece.... maybe it was used to set the spring on a muskrat trap LOL
  10. sologato is right on the mark here, I saw one before and was very similar and the owner of the one that I saw said it was a Primitive cooling unit using ammonia.
  11. Great listing, Kenmart, thanks for posting. Hope to hear from you again.
  12. OOPS, Sorry, I didn't see that my fury little buddy snuck into the Photo.
  13. Thank you, Izenglish, for your nice comments
  14. My -O -My You were a striking devil weren't you bb2?
  15. I think you're right, fortapache. Fat Lamps are poor comparison to today's lamp oil. they also probably stank of rancid fat, but, they were much better than the earlier forms of lighting, such as diml...
  16. It took Blunderbuss2 to notice that the lass had her hair died
  17. very interesting.... never saw one like this before
  18. Great find Ron... this is a model 72 long base model. It's interesting that the single cylinder Maytag engine were actually a hit and miss engine, while the two cylinder model 92 was a fhrottle gov...
  19. Hi Ron. Do you have the other two parts that make up the slating set? There is a slate hammer and a slate anvil that go with the ripper. Nice old tool, and great that it is still in service.
  20. great bike! I live about 30 miles from Oley, PA . I wouldn't miss the show for the world.
  21. beautiful ring TassieDevil, first time that I saw your listings. You have a great collection of jewelry
  22. "BINGO" Celiena, you are absolutely right, and, I can't tell you the rhyme or reason why the Tuesday pat. dates. If anybody knows, please post it.
  23. Whatsitman is right. I posted this tool with the ice cuber along with it about 3 yrs. ago. Ck. it out. it gifes a full description as to how you use it.
  24. This is a corn shock tying tool. Used to gather the corn shocks into a tight bunch, then a cord of bailing twine was wrapped tight around the shock and the tool could then be removed to use on the nex...
  25. It looks like a dandelion picker to me.
  26. jscotto363 is right here. This is a flax comb. There is no mating part that goes with it. It was used to remove the chafe on the flax fiber so it could be woven into linen. The courser flax that was c...
  27. I am not aware of similar superstitions, racer4four, but, I do know that there are countless human effigies out there. Exactly what they stand for, I am not aware of. Thank you all for your comments.....
  28. Boy, thanks to all of you for your comments. It's great to hear all the responses to the an interesting entry. Comments agreeing with the article and also comments disagreeing with the article. One c...
  29. your right pajrr, I have it running on steam now. Steam seems to be more responsive than air and steam gives a better control of power.
  30. thanks for the help Izenglish. I wasn't sure exactly how it worked. I'm not too good with electrical items.
  31. I really don't know what a wig-wag switch is. The way I see it is, as soon as the plate is magnetically pulled to the coil, the contact switches and the poles change to pushing or repelling the plate...
  32. thank you for your comments
  33. thank all of you for your nice comments
  34. thank you PineBore for your input
  35. a punch, maybe to swage a fitting or tubeing
  36. I saw similar hammers like this, and coincidently, you said the previous owner worked with leather. The one that I saw was to beat leather for making horse collars into the proper shape. I think that...
  37. Caltrops were indeed used in the Civil War. Several books that I have on the civil war display them, including the encyclopedia of Civil War Acrutaments and there are numerous articles on the internet...
  38. general consensus ...... hmmm . Is that another form of fake news?
  39. Thanks bb2.... I know that you are much more knowledgeable on these matters. I can only take a wild stab at identifying it. It also has some features of a hoskiss projectile ... not much left for a go...
  40. I don't have enough material to be sure of the diameter bb2. I estimate the diameter to be 2 - 3/4 to 3 in.
  41. Right up my alley bb2. .. I love tool collections !!
  42. I agree with you bb2. I own weapons calibrated in both 45 cal. and 9 m/m. I know that the 45 has considerable more stopping power, but the 9m/m. should not be sold short. In most cases, it will do ...
  43. great piece BHock45.........
  44. thanks everybody for your input. We only know what we read, or are told by experts or what we research. I learn something every day, if only a little bit, it adds up. thanks again to scottvez for y...
  45. great display BB2
  46. Thanks for the input roddyq, I never had the oppertunity or the stamina to be a logger. Too.... dangerous and too... hard work. My hat's off to fellows like you who tackled such challanging careers.
  47. thanks roddyq. ..... ck. out my other postings
  48. sorry about the L.P. reddyq, Yes the initials does stand for liquid propane. They also used natural gas in some of their models
  49. Hi Scrounge, that is great information. All of which I did not know. I am going to copy the information down and use the information when I do a Historical Society demonstration after their monthly...
  50. Wish you the best in this new year.
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King stove and Range Need help identifying this knife I'm trying to find out what this tool is used for,any ideas email me at


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