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Eastern Pennsylvania

retired tool & die maker turned PA Auctioneer. I collect and display my items for local historical societies. They are odd and unusual items tretired tool & die maker turned PA Auctioneer. I collect and display my items for local historical societies. They are odd and unusual items that made our forefather's lives a little easier. If it has a story to tell, I like it. 18th & 19th cen. tools are my passion. Email: (Read more)


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Glass eggs that encourage your hens to lay eggs - Art Glassin Art Glass
Early 1800's  Fusee Pocket watch with a Verge escapement  - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Lubricator for my steam boiler plant - Toysin Toys
16th century French made Twibill known as a "Besaigue" - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
early tin oil lamp - Folk Artin Folk Art
42 inch long "Twibill" mortising  chisel - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
another episode in the steam boiler saga - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
arrow heads (flint knapping) - Native Americanin Native American
Vintage 1920 & 1930 ElectricFans - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Carnival Cane Cap Bomb - Accessoriesin Accessories


  1. great post, great find.
  2. Thanks Watchsearcher, I appreciate your post as well as all the other comments you and the others made. What the world needs today is to hear more life experiences. It helps us get through these tr...
  3. Well, A first I thought bb2 was either pulling my leg, or just being silly. Well, it turns out that I owe bb2 an apology. It appears that, according to an article that kwqd turned me on to, bb2 is ver...
  4. I just happened on to your listings and came to this pocket watch. It is a great piece, sorry I didn't see it earlier.
  5. To answer bb2's question, can oil be added to the reservoir while the engine is running. Yes, you can add oil anytime that you please and fill up the reservoir. The valve on the side of the oiler, a...
  6. Hi bb2, the reservoir is the section between the two black knobs. The black knob on the top of the oiler is where you fill oil into the reservoir. The black knob on the side is the flow adjustment of ...
  7. Thanks for the posting Irish. It's great to see pics of this tool being used.
  8. your love for each other shows in the pics. Great post!
  9. Hi Gar... I've been looking over your postings that you have listed in the past 6 or so years. You have a wonderful collection and I really do appreciate you showing it to us. Your interested in a ...
  10. you have a wonderful collection of cast animals. I've seen some of them before, but I never saw a collection as nice as yours, and in the condition as your animals are in. Thank you for posting them.
  11. the nails look to be farrier's nails, used in horse shoeing.
  12. probably, at one time there was a handle. the socket is tapered to hold a wooden handle tight. I don't believe that the handle was very long, maybe 12" to 14". You didn't swing it like a pick axe, you...
  13. Hi Iptools, Twibels were used in construction since the Roman times. I believe it was used mostly by carpenters. The main purpose is to remove wood from a mortise joint that was bored into the wooden...
  14. Thanks to Congeu, I now know what this magnifier is used for. I also have one and it was put in my coin box and forgot about. Great post ......
  15. No bb2, I just want to see it run for my own interest, maybe operate one of my many accessories to show to my grandkids. It is not certified so I can't take it to a steam show to show to the general p...
  16. Interesting information that I wasn't aware of. Thank you for posting.
  17. My Dad had several of these tools and used them in his youth. He used to call them "eel gigs"
  18. Never saw this cap bomb. If interested, I have some of mine listed....great find.
  19. once again, a new one on me, great find! I keep a picture file of items that I find interesting and rare (I have a feeling that you also do). You are giving me lots of new entries..... thanks a lot!
  20. You have a great collection of seldom seen items. I thank you for showing.
  21. great find.... yep, you should have bought the whole box. ... never saw them before
  22. I've seen them before, but I never saw one with a hexagon base or one with flat ended cups. The ones that I saw had round ended cups and a circular base. Great piece!
  23. You're right at that bobby. The shards that come off of the point while knapping are as sharp as a scalpel. Scratches and nicks go with the program. So, holding the point properly is very important wh...
  24. better late than never. I just tuned in to your past listings and came across this train. It's great. Those German toy makers done a wonderful job of toymaking. It shows by the lasting quality of thei...
  25. my friend had one of these leather sewing machines. I couldn't get over how powerful they are. not very fast, but very powerful. Great post
  26. love advertising clocks.... great post
  27. Rob, I think you are on the money about being a standing seam roofing crimper. I used these myself, and it looks similar to the crimping gadget that I remember.
  28. I hope that you succeed in getting off the tape residue. These wall charts are getting quite collectable and now command a respectable price at auctions.
  29. not yet BB2, I'm waiting for this Corona Virus to "bug out" before I go to the range.
  30. Fantastic find!! I love the history of the Bing Family and company that you researched. Thanks for the post.
  31. I've seen listings of a very similar lathe made by another German Mfg. His name was Ernst Platt, circa 1890. That model had an E. Platt logo, so I was supprised when I found the Bing logo on this lat...
  32. Great post. I can't tell the mfg. It looks like a quality piece, so it might be a Weeden as bobby725 suggests. Aren't steam engines great to watch, even if they are run on air? (although not as impr...
  33. Update on my project, I just hydro-tested the boiler and it held for 15 min at 200 psi. It probably would have held longer, but, I think that if it had a problem, it would have shown in the 15 min. ...
  34. Hey Vynil, It is quite funny when you put medicinal and stone(ed) man together. Sometimes I type words and forget to reread them, and, of course, there's my spelling capabilities, ..... terrible, to s...
  35. have them out of steel, never saw them out of wood. ....... Great find!
  36. Sorry about the typo Vynil, corrections were made. LOL
  37. hi yougotta, being from eastern PA, not too far from Noristown, I had a few brewskis from them
  38. let me know when your friend is having his uncle's sale..... I'll be there.
  39. Two great thermoses denoting two great and different western cowboy heroes. And, I remember them both when they were in their hay days. Sorry to say.... the're all gone now. nice find and post...........
  40. 100 years ago, the kitchen table is where friends came to have a cup of coffee and visit . What a story they would tell if only they could speak. you have a very niceset of furniture. I believe that t...
  41. Ok, Ok anything, you can be a bigger fart than me, but you do know, bb2 tops both of us in that catagory..... oops,... do you think he's listening to this conversation?
  42. hang in there anything Obscure, old farts like me eventually sell our treasures, or our wives sell it after we,,, ahem... move on
  43. Cleaver observation Watchsearcher, but to be truthful, I didn't make the little glass house. How it occurs that I have it is ...... My wife and I went to a farm sale with a good friend and his wife. W...
  44. Thanks Onedtent, we still find them here in PA Dutch Country
  45. you said it right when you said it was "nifty", nice find.
  46. thank you Ip for your nice comment. Your postings show that the love of tools run in your veins as it does in mine. Thanks again, keep posting.
  47. Hi anything, if you like to display bottles , why not starting a bottle tree in your garden? They look great, and it gives you a reason to look for more interesting bottles.
  48. Maybe the photo was taken by his ex-wife, so, why smile at her?
  49. always glad to hear from another animal lover Anything, I usually sit in front of the TV about 10:00 PM to catch the news, and the both of them are right there waiting for their cat treat at that time...
  50. thank you for the comment rene, sorry about your loss.
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Old Atlantic Aviation Lubricate Banner King stove and Range Need help identifying this knife I'm trying to find out what this tool is used for,any ideas email me at


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