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  1. I must confess, my girlfriend was in on this too!!! She had the right answer a few clues ago, but as in real life, it went in one ear canal and out the other!!!
  2. What's really scary is that I am a Trim Carpenter (24 years ) at my day job!! I'd better wear gloves tomorrow :-)
  3. Sorry, just my sense of word play!!! Thanks for putting this out there!!!!
  4. This is a real cliff hanger!!!
  5. Wow!! Awesome sharpener. Thanks for sharing, Lou
  6. Somebody help, please!!!! We have Dress Hemmer?
  7. Chain/Charm or Pendant Holder
  8. I was confused long before you posted this brain teaser!!! C _ _ _ _ H _ _ _ _ _
  9. Oh, okay, I will try again. Second word ( _ _ _ _ )
  10. I will defer to the more seasoned collectors!!!
  11. Great way to kill some time when it is 17° outside!!!!
  12. ( _ _ _ _ _ _ )
  13. I think I found a ( _ _ _ _ _ )
  14. A ruler??
  15. I don't want to break any rules here, am I allowed a second guess? I will most likely need a third, and a fourth, etc...
  16. I'm not making another guess, but I am starting to feel "Cold" is a clue!!
  17. Well, at the least the other folks know what it isn't!!!! :-)
  18. Sharpening stone/strop?? Regards, Lou
  19. Hello, Nice group of tools. Hard to tell about the saw, I will guess at a Disston, see if there are any markings on the medallion on the handle.. There is a lot of info out there regarding Disston saw...
  20. Thanks for sharing!!! I have never seen a hot air fan before, Lou
  21. You are all welcome!!!
  22. Looks like the link will only take you to the Patent numbers for Feb 11 1919. Scroll down on the list of numbers to Patent Number 1293824 (fat fingered typo in previous post)
  23. Great tool!! Thanks for sharing, Lou
  24. Hello, AnythingObscure. I used your Patent Date info and came up with this. Weed Puller Patent No. 1293825. Here is a link to the page. http://www.datamp.org/patents/search/shot.php?date=1919-02-11 ...
  25. Very nice job on the restoration!!! I love to see old tools brought back to life!!! Regards, Lou
  26. Hello, A couple of other makers of Ivory 4 Fold Rulers were E. A. Stearns, and Stephens & Co.. Regards, Lou
  27. Hello, bobby725. I believe a magnet would eliminate brass. German silver is an alloy, I believe nickel plated copper/zinc , so it will be magnetic due to the nickel content.Regards, Lou
  28. Hello, fhrjr2. I believe Stanley made a few of the Ivory Rulers with German Silver Trim???
  29. Hello, fhrjr2 . Thanks for the info!! Now looking more closely at the caliper & trim, do you think it is brass? ( as I may have incorrectly stated earlier). Regards, Lou
  30. Hello, fhrjr2 . Thanks!! Now looking more closely at the caliper & trim, seems like Stanley also used a lot of German Silver on the Ivory rulers. It does have a grayish hue, just a guess!!. Regards, ...
  31. Hello, fhrjr2 . I took a closer look at the photos, the break and the wear at the hinges do look like Ivory.The split near the 11 looks like a characteristic of wood. Would Ivory split like that? I lo...
  32. Hello again,. I guess I missed the "Ivory" in your title!! Doesn't look like Ivory from the pics, but I don't have it in front of me to be 100% sure!!!
  33. Hello, If you flip the folded ruler over, are there any markings , or, graduations? The wood used for this ruler would most likely be Boxwood. Regards, Lou
  34. Hello, I would call that a "One Foot 4 Fold Carpenter's Rule with Brass Caliper and Brass Trim". Nice find, looks like the inside scales are legible. Are all of the pins on the inside of the legs, and...
  35. Any dimensions?? Possibly a luthier's vise??
  36. Very nice collection & display!!!
  37. Brass ? Bronze? Iron? Maybe something to do with a scale???
  38. At first glance I thought I was looking a a saw set, (wrest type), but I agree with the first 2 posts, shop made tool for unknown purpose.
  39. Awesome looking Mercedes!!! This is from what little memory I have left "Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends" Regards, Lou
  40. Hello, I couldn't find an exact match, but I found one that looks close. Looks like a Coppersmith's or Tinsmith's hammer, octagon poll cross peen hammer. Regards,, Lou
  41. Hello, I believe the peen on a Cooper's Hammer is in line with the handle, as in a Hoop Driver. Yours is possibly a Cobbler's Hammer. I will get out one of my books later on, unless someone figures th...
  42. Hello, fhrjr2. I agree, and those are sometimes referred to as load binders, Lou
  43. Hello, Try taking a very fine Scotch-brite pad ( by hand) to the base of the blade where it meets the handle. I see a lot of rust at that area!! Good luck in your search, Lou
  44. I believe that is a shop built Router. It is for cutting to a set depth, such as a hinge pocket, or for inlays. A manufactured version would be a Stanley #71. You would use it as it sets in the first...
  45. I believe there would be an arm or bracket attached to the shaft. The part being made would hit the bracket/arm and rotate one revolution for the count.
  46. Parts counter for production work?? Kept track of number of items made when the operator was doing piece work , ( paid by the piece ). Lathe, or, milling machine, etc..
  47. Typewriter/stenographer's desk?? Just a guess.
  48. A dibble??
  49. Very cool!! Loved their music!!
  50. Very cool piece , and in great condition!!!
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