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  1. Very nice, looks like it was well cared for!!
  2. Hello, Roycroft. So far, sod cutter makes the most sense, but I could not find a match.I had thought agricultural/horticulture tool when I first saw it, but again, no way to verify. Regards, Lou
  3. Hello, Peter. Impressive technique, and the end result reflects your passion & skill for restoring/rescuing these tools!! Regards, Lou
  4. Sounds like the hook has found a happy retirement home!!!
  5. Nice!!!!!!
  6. Great job on the cleanup of all of those!! I love the color of the wood bodies!! Do you clean the wood first? If so , what do you use? Thanks, Lou
  7. Hello, Thanks for the comments, great guesses that I will try to track down!!
  8. Hello, Peter. Cool stuff!! What is the approximate weight of the hook? Regards, Lou
  9. It is sad , and I hope it all finds a good home!!!
  10. Nice work, especially the skill involved to transition from square to round!!!
  11. Hello Everyone. Thanks for the tips, and the comments!! Haven't had a chance to get back to cleaning the tape residue, maybe one of these days!!!
  12. Hello, Are the holes in line top and bottom? Possibly a structural component?
  13. You could try googling Boulton & Paul.
  14. Brake Spring Pliers. Most likely catalog number 47395.
  15. Nice work on the flange!! Over here we would call our Sheet Metal Workers Tin Knockers, that is meant as a compliment to their skilled trade!!
  16. Hello, Nice group of hammers!! The Patent Date refers to patent number 29760, assigned to a Reinhold Boeklen. He also had another patent 36829, the drawings show a screwdriver bit inserted into the fe...
  17. Very nice set of hammers, and I really like the look of the wood handles.Just curious as to the types of hammers you have. I hope you don't mind my taking a guess! from left to right; Joiner's Hamme...
  18. Nice collection!! Thanks for sharing!!
  19. Thanks for sharing. My guess is the curved tool is for cleaning out the bottom of the mortises, like a Lock Mortise Chisel. Those were tough guys using those tools, I imagine a lot of muscle power wa...
  20. Nice job on the restoration!! Thanks for sharing!!
  21. You're welcome!!
  22. Hello, I think I figured it out. Looking at the 13.69, nothing seemed to line up. Then I thought maybe it is APR 13 1869. Here is the link to the Patent info. Regards, Lou http://www.datamp.org/patent...
  23. Very cool piece!! thanks for posting!!
  24. Hello, Blunderbuss2. I had also thought of aluminum, , but that 2 pounds of weight looks like most of it is in the handle. We will wait and see!! Bill , I agree, any blunt tool ( such as back edge of...
  25. I 'm guessing too!! I was taking into account the weight posted!!
  26. I am not a knife or metal expert. I am guessing with all of the scratches on the handle that it is soft, possibly lead. I have a few tools here that were made by former owner, using lead for the handl...
  27. Hello, I am sure the blade is steel, but will a magnet stick to the handle?
  28. Lufkin Tailor's Squares were offered with the following graduations; 24ths , 12ths , 6ths, 3rds, and 2 thirds.
  29. It is a 1:6 scale, not at all uncommon.
  30. Is the tool you posted also called a "Tuner's Cone"? Thanks, Lou
  31. Hello, I am looking at a 1986 S.LaRose catalog, they provided tools for jewelers, and for watch makers/repair. They list a similar tool as a "Ring Stick", the non business end was more like a handl...
  32. Please check out Jim Bode Tools ADORABLE! SIX INCH RABONE NO. 1519 BOXWOOD & BRASS FOLDING TAILOR'S SQUARE - 84821U.
  33. Could you please tell me the overall dimensions of the square? (open) And width of the wood? In inches, please?? Also. is it fixed, or does it fold? Thanks, Lou
  34. Wow! That before photo makes me appreciate even more, what you found, and how you brought it back to life!!!
  35. Hello, There aren't very many patents for bandsaw sharpeners. There are quite a few patents for bandsaw (blade/teeth) "setting" machines . Are you sure it is a file that is moving? I have a Disston h...
  36. Very nice!!!
  37. How about yours being a more sophisticated version of this?? https://redbrandstore.com/products/fence-wrapping-tool
  38. Hello, Those dowels in the link are machine cut. Old timers would use a Dowel Plate (pretty sure that is what it is called) made of wood or metal. Holes were drilled into the plate to a corresponding ...
  39. Hello, That is a great rescue tool!! Hard to tell what you have without it in front of me, sounds like the right mechanics.. If you Google "The Saw Set Collector's Resource", they have a list of bands...
  40. Nice bike, great work on the restoration!!
  41. I agree on a wire tool, fencing/barbed wire. I also like the idea of a tightener!!
  42. It is a Saw Jointer, in use there would be a file attached. It is used to get the tops of the teeth of a handsaw in a straight line before sharpening.
  43. Wonderful news, glad to hear she is home with family!!
  44. Great photos, thanks for posting. I was in the Cub Scouts for a short time, and we did the same thing with the cigar box. We had 2 color choices, silver, or gold, I spray painted mine silver!!!
  45. Thanks again!!
  46. Thanks for the info. Was there a handle in the socket at one time?
  47. That is a great find!! Do you know how it was used? Or, for which trade? Thanks, Lou
  48. My prayers go out to your wife, your family, and you.
  49. I love the old wood rulers too! I always used that plastic "edge" (some are metal), to cleanly cut paper!! May not be what it was designed for, but it works for me!!
  50. Wow, those are survivors!! I am guessing the square handles were a replacement, much easier to mill up quickly, and get back to work!!
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