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  1. Very cool piece , and in great condition!!!
  2. Very cool!!!
  3. Could it have belonged to James Bond?
  4. Hello, fhrjr2. Thanks for the reply.I brought these in to work, still no definite answer. All of the small spline ends are the same diameter .108. The shafts that go through the body are different dia...
  5. Very nice!!! Never seen one before. Thanks for sharing!!!
  6. Coming in a little late here, those were real finger pinchers/knuckle busters when setting them up on an extension ladder!!!
  7. These were called "Tool Holders", or "Tool Handles", marketed by a few manufacturers. Sometimes called a "Poor Man's Tool Kit" ( from Barlow's guide to value) Many styles of tools were offered, basic ...
  8. I believe they are for a Tack Room, for hanging bridles, halters, etc.
  9. Hello, fhrjr2, . I have been a carpenter my whole life, and a tool collector, that is why I noticed the difference. I did not mean to offend, and I hope that I learn from this, too. Regards, Lou
  10. Hello, Thanks for confirming, but the correct spelling for this tool is Butteris. Regards, Lou
  11. Hello, I am thinking butteris, a farrier's tool for hoof trimming. Regards, Lou
  12. Hello, Is that one piece of steel? If so , try looking up monolithic axe ( one piece construction). Estwing made one, but did not have a nail pulling notch. Try looking up Vaughan, they also made a on...
  13. Hello, I was also thinking tobacco cutter. Regards, Lou
  14. Hello, That is a Plier Type Saw Set. Try the Saw Set Collectors Web Page, they may have some info on the company history. Regards, Lou
  15. Hello, That is a nice piece, most I have seen are oval. Does the 2 represent the size? Regards, Lou
  16. Possibly used as a gimlet, (screw hole starter). Looks to be shop made, nicely done!! Could that be a water or air valve that was used as part of the body?? Regards, Lou
  17. Hello, Does the "T" fold or move?? What is the lettering?? Thanks, Lou
  18. Great find!! Those are beautiful!!!!
  19. Hello, Could you post a pic of the working end, with the handles open? The gearing looks like this may be a spreader, possibly for chain? Regards, Lou
  20. Hello, That is a Starrett Button Gage, graduated in 40ths of an inch. From the L. S. Starrett 1938 catalog listing. Basically a Pocket Slide Caliper, with unusual graduations. Regards, Lou
  21. Hello, The slots have me thinking "saw wrest". Used to set the teeth on large saw blades. Just a guess, for now. Regards, Lou
  22. Hello, I also thought it was some sort of scribe, but I have yet to figure out its use. Maybe the point goes off the edge of a surface plate?? thanks, Lou
  23. This will help. http://alloy-artifacts.org/plomb-gallery.html
  24. It's PLOMB for sure, they made wrenches. Not to be confused with PLUMB, they made axes and hammers.
  25. Broderick Crawford????
  26. Hello, I agree on metalworker snips. There may be a similar tool made by WISS. Regards, Lou
  27. Wow!!! Those are amazing. Were they ever used? Great that you have the metal cases in such great condition, too!!
  28. That's a beauty!!!
  29. Hello, Guys. Thanks for the replies, I will check the link. I am not sure about your question regarding the shaft? Do you mean the handles? The piece in the center is a flat spring. I will post a phot...
  30. Hello, I have read the comments, and in my opinion this was a tastefully done photo by a professional model & photographer. My guess is for a calendar. The model looks very composed & comfortable in t...
  31. Hello, Thanks for the replies. I was able to find a similar fish scaler. Re the burnisher, for putting a hook on a scraper blade?? Thanks, Lou
  32. Repousse? Or an armorer?
  33. Hello, UncleRon. Thanks for the reply, I never thought of the food processing application. Regards, Lou
  34. Hello,lzenglish. Thanks for the info. I have been out of commission the past week with a work related injury. Too bad you didn't have the common courtesy to wait for my response. Regards, Lou
  35. 1st photo , bottom left Molasses Gate (faucet), just above to the right is a compressed air hose fitting (jackhammer), the long piece with the wing-nut is a mason's, or, bricklayer's tool for attachi...
  36. Hello, I have a few of the clamps, but was missing the rings. I found an online seller that sold a plastic clamp, with aluminum rings. They were cheap enough, so I bought them just to get the rings. R...
  37. Item has been identified, "Dri-Boat " boat drain, or, siphon bailer.
  38. Hello, Bill. Thanks!!!!
  39. Hello, The video is what you use when you don't have the Starbuck tool. I have one here, I will try to post a pic of the tool in use. Regards, Lou
  40. Hello, I was thinking the same thing, it sure is sturdy enough!!!! I will keep searching. Thanks, Lou
  41. Hello, Ray. I believe that is a PO Plug Wrench. Used for tightening basket strainers on sinks , laundry tubs, etc. Regards, Lou
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