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  1. Hello, AnythingObscure. Thanks!! The cutter definitely resembles the business end of an arch punch! And they are cool looking, I would have bought them regardless of what the seller told me! I am goin...
  2. I know, I was just joking!!
  3. Thanks for the info!! Now I have to find the top piece/plate!!
  4. Thanks for the info!!
  5. Could be missing parts!!
  6. Looks a little fragile for site work!!
  7. For all I know, I could have it upside down in the photo!! One guess that I received is a Sign Painter’s Stand, but could not confirm!!
  8. I don't believe it would work as a tripod. First photo shows all of the bars folded. Second photo shows the bars splayed out and extended, it will not stand up on its own. Looks more like the back leg...
  9. Hello, Kenmart. On this side of the world those would be called a Spofford Chuck or a split jaw chuck.
  10. Wow!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  11. Wow!! That is a brute of a saw!!! Thanks for posting!!
  12. Very nice!! Thanks for sharing!!
  13. I am glad you are well. And I hope the "pot-holes" have fair prices!!
  14. For holding a cone shaped string spool?
  15. Wow!! Thank you for sharing the story!!! Your patience and perseverance paid off! I hope you don't mind my asking, are you a Brooklyn resident?
  16. Great old tool , I like the handle shape!! Could that have been made by your great grandfather? From the photos it looks three sided, could it have been made from a metal file??
  17. Thanks for sharing!!. The syringes make great pinpoint oilers!! So, I'm not the only one that has surgical tools in the toolbox!!!
  18. Very nice, great job on bringing it back to life!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  19. I think we're on the right track. Possibly used as a jig setup, on a welding table? I did see a photo of a welding table with equally spaced holes, I will try to post a link. https://texasmetalwork...
  20. Thanks for the reply, I'm still leaning toward an industrial or manufacturing application!!
  21. I've got it!! I'm just a lowly carpenter, but I work with several locksmiths during the day!! They would love that tool. regards, Lou
  22. Hello, I love the photos!1 How does the lock removal tool work? Thanks, Lou
  23. Hello, fhrjr2. Thanks for the reply, I like the idea that this could be from a milling machine!!
  24. Cool find!! A good wife would prepare your shirt collars for you, a great wife would let you take your shirt off first!!
  25. Cool device!! Thanks for posting!!
  26. One leg of a tripod?? Just a guess!!
  27. Nice group of fire extinguishers, thanks for posting!!!! I appreciate the fact that you left the natural patina!! Good luck to you and your sister with your store!!
  28. Hello, I looked at the link, and "Froide a bac Cendres" translates to "cold ash pan". Maybe a handle for an ash pan for a wood burning or coal stove or oven? Fireplace?
  29. Those shallow drill holes could be an owner's mark!!!
  30. Thanks for posting, first one I have ever seen!!!
  31. Nice find, looks like it was well taken care of!!!
  32. My first thought is for a barber shop razor strop!!
  33. Hello, I am guessing it is a Harness Maker's, or, Tack Room Clamp.
  34. Nice toolbox, side handles are a must on a box that size!! Thanks for posting!!
  35. Ouch!!!
  36. I agree, they look like the slide/moveable jaw for a Quick Release Woodworking Vise!!
  37. Hello, All. Thanks for the replies. One of my early guesses was a Bush Hammer for concrete, never thought of stone. I will start looking in that direction.I think it's a little too heavy for a Meat Te...
  38. The "empty spot" on a floor , (usually a couple square inches) , is where the one of a kind part of a tool lands, and then bounces into the nether regions of everything else on the floor!!
  39. I'm just curious , what does an empty spot on a wall look like??
  40. Cool tool!! I would have brought it home too!!
  41. Is it me, or does it look like the item is upside down in the photos? Or like it is hanging from the ceiling????
  42. Those are so cool!! Thanks for posting!!
  43. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  44. Very nice, looks like it was well cared for!!
  45. Hello, Roycroft. So far, sod cutter makes the most sense, but I could not find a match.I had thought agricultural/horticulture tool when I first saw it, but again, no way to verify. Regards, Lou
  46. Hello, Thanks for the comments, great guesses that I will try to track down!!
  47. It is sad , and I hope it all finds a good home!!!
  48. Hello Everyone. Thanks for the tips, and the comments!! Haven't had a chance to get back to cleaning the tape residue, maybe one of these days!!!
  49. Hello, Are the holes in line top and bottom? Possibly a structural component?
  50. You could try googling Boulton & Paul.
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