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  1. Great collection, and display!! Thanks for sharing!!
  2. Hello, I agree with onedtent . You would set up the tripod, with the base that would hold the level. You would use the vial on the base to set it level, and then the vial on the level to set that leve...
  3. Certainly not for trim work!!!
  4. Nice!! Thanks for posting!!
  5. Nice find!! With that over-sized claw, I wonder if it was made more for demolition/nail pulling?
  6. Great find!! Thanks for sharing!!
  7. Very nice!! Are the markings factory?
  8. Thank you for sharing the photos, and the info!!!
  9. Thank you for sharing!! Your story telling is only exceeded by your machining skills!!!
  10. Very cool!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  11. Cool stuff!! Thanks for sharing!!
  12. Great hardware ad!!! Do you use DATAMP for Patent searches??
  13. The part that you flipped over looks like a drive plug for a female drive ratchet.How about a photo of the other side of the piece with the screw in it?
  14. Thanks to all for looking!!!!
  15. Nice find!!
  16. Loading dock phone? Would be used to call the customer inside the building by the delivery driver??
  17. Very cool, nice find!!!
  18. Nice group of hand made tools!! Thanks for posting!!!
  19. Great job on the research!!!!
  20. It's a Shop-vac!! Just kidding, you should try posting a better photo without all the other stuff in view of the item in question!!!
  21. Nice find, looks like those are really well made!!!
  22. Nice machine!!!
  23. Nice find!!! I love the old Black & Decker tools. How long does it spin after you turn it off? -:)
  24. KNY Scheerer was a well known maker of surgical instruments in the early 1900's. There is a lot of info out there for that name!!!
  25. Very cool, fun stuff!!! Thanks for sharing, Lou
  26. Any chance of a better photo of the way it would set, or, be mounted , on a bench? Thanks, Lou
  27. Hello, Sharpguy, Gillian. Thanks for your comments!!! I will try to post a pic without flash!! Regards, Lou
  28. Hello, Thanks for posting!! I am a music lover, not a collector. Jackie Wilson's "Workout" is one of the greatest dance tunes I have ever heard!!! Regards, Lou
  29. Here is an ebay item that looks to be the same. 222830021609 Regards, Lou
  30. Hello, Disston made similar saws, 3' -5' long, marketed as a one man saw, oversized handle hole for a gloved hand.. The round handle was offered as an optional/auxiliary feature to be used as a two m...
  31. Nice find, love that leather sheath, too!!!
  32. Hello, Anything Obscure. I don't know the dimensions of the piece in the photo, but the holes with the countersinks lead me to believe this was surface mounted with a flat head screw. A very heavy doo...
  33. Hello, I agree with fhrjr2 on this one. These are sometimes referred to as "Door Hanger" Rollers. A lot of detail in the casting, they wouldn't have gone to all that trouble to hide it inside a door ...
  34. Hello, Thanks to Anythingobscure,fortapache, blunderbuss2, Broochman,chrissylovescats, officialfuel, and EJW-54 for the appreciation!!!!
  35. Very nice!!!!!
  36. Very nice looking lathe!! Thanks for sharing, Lou
  37. I must confess, my girlfriend was in on this too!!! She had the right answer a few clues ago, but as in real life, it went in one ear canal and out the other!!!
  38. What's really scary is that I am a Trim Carpenter (24 years ) at my day job!! I'd better wear gloves tomorrow :-)
  39. Sorry, just my sense of word play!!! Thanks for putting this out there!!!!
  40. This is a real cliff hanger!!!
  41. Wow!! Awesome sharpener. Thanks for sharing, Lou
  42. Somebody help, please!!!! We have Dress Hemmer?
  43. Chain/Charm or Pendant Holder
  44. I was confused long before you posted this brain teaser!!! C _ _ _ _ H _ _ _ _ _
  45. Oh, okay, I will try again. Second word ( _ _ _ _ )
  46. I will defer to the more seasoned collectors!!!
  47. Great way to kill some time when it is 17° outside!!!!
  48. ( _ _ _ _ _ _ )
  49. I think I found a ( _ _ _ _ _ )
  50. A ruler??
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