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I have been collecting all kinds of old things since I was very young. I particularly like tools and gadgets whose purpose is not known.


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  1. Yes fhrjr2 this marble is used for a wide range of giftware as well as tourist items. They make everything from cuff-links and jewelry to the type of item you have.
  2. Maybe a shoemaker's rule for measuring customer's feet.
  3. Thanks again Ben, I tried Chrome and I'm back in business. Thanks also to fortapache for taking the time to comment.
  4. Many thanks for that info Ben. I can't actually remember which other browser I tried but I'll take your advice and try these.
  5. Yes but no difference.
  6. I have not been able to register a "Love it" for some time now, has anyone else had this problem?
  7. This is a tool for stretching a shoe or to keep its shape but the wooden shoe shaped part is missing from the end. The wooden part was in two halves and hinged together. As the handle was turned the t...
  8. Apparently the straight handled versions are older, the later ones had a cranked stem. The curved end was manoeuvred under the tooth so that it could be levered out. It looks like the T handle has t...
  9. Maybe a bull lead for hooking onto the nose ring?
  10. According to the "Miller's Collectables Guide" for 1991-92, page 191, this is a cork reamer for removing crumbled port corks dating to about 1870.
  11. I think Izenglish is right on the wire twister. Used to tie necks of bags etc with a length of wire with a loop at each end.
  12. The one on the left looks like a strike-a-light which would be struck off a piece of flint to make a spark for starting a fire. Not sure about the others, the spikes seem to be for hammering into tim...
  13. Known as an archimedian drill which could be used for light work or where a brace might not fit. Possibly 19th century or early 20th.
  14. Looks like a caulking chisel but not sure for what. Maybe for packing lead into joints in cast iron pipes ??
  15. Thanks for your interest and comment. It would be great to finally find out the significance of this little item.
  16. Used to make a slight bulge in the leather of a shoe to stop it rubbing on a corn or other type of foot sore. The leather was often dampened, the circular part was placed over the spot to be stretched...
  17. If you google mangling board you can see one in use.
  18. No this is the washing bat. The roller is a separate piece.
  19. Known as a mangling board or washing bat. Wet clothes were wrapped around a wooden roller and rolled back and forth with the bat to squeeze the water out.
  20. I think this item has something to do with tuning organs. If you blow in the end it should make a note.
  21. You're very welcome Stephen. By the way, the projecting pin is to protect your fingers when pressing down on a table or counter top.
  22. Sugar used to be delivered to shops in a solid cone shaped piece called a sugar loaf. This tool was for cutting lumps off the solid cone. If you wanted loose sugar you had to grind it up finer with a ...
  23. Looks more like a private collectors display rather than a shop display.
  24. UncleRon is correct, it was used for reducing tight corks of different sizes. Often used in conjunction with a corking machine to bottle beer but also for other bottles. Sometimes the corks were soake...
  25. It makes sense UncleRon, thank you. Any idea why it was made so heavy?
  26. Don't know where it came from originally, got it from another collector.
  27. Thanks for the correction, my brother noticed my mistake too.
  28. Thank you, he was quite a character.
  29. Very nice. Any makers name?
  30. Thanks Vetraio50, I must have this item well over 20 years and always thought it was very well made a part from the interesting subject of the stamp. Originally got it in a trade with a collector frie...
  31. Thanks UncleRon, its uses seem endless.
  32. Only one photo to go on but I think it might be a coopers croze plane to cut a croze groove around the inside of a barrel into which the top and bottom fit.
  33. Found a lot of images of glass cutting pliers but could not find anything that looked like this one.
  34. I really like the Linotype plate. When that machine was first introduced a lot of printers thought it would put them out of work, and it probably did.
  35. I think the notch is much to wide for pulling nails.
  36. Edge is now blunt but looks like it was very sharp at one time. The tool is quite light so I presume whatever it was designed to cut was not very strong. Also, having the sharpened side on top means i...
  37. Don't think so. If the ER was for Elizabeth Regina there would be a crown above it. More probable to be makers initials.
  38. Thank you, I'll pass that on.
  39. That's the great thing about well made old tools - a clean up , a drop of oil and they are ready to go again.
  40. They certainly were. Tin lamps like this probably either rotted away in a shed or were dumped when electricity took over.
  41. Looks like a saw setting tool.
  42. I have several old snips that I still use regularly in the garden. They work well and keep a good cutting edge. I think they are as good as any modern snips.
  43. Thank you. The lady who gave it to me had it outside her shop in the 1950's.
  44. Nice lock. What is the loop on the bottom for?
  45. The group looks great. I collect crested china from my home town regardless of maker or subject.
  46. Thanks. It's actually hard to find any reference to this model online or any information on the company that made it.
  47. Its good to see such a lively debate about these items. Regarding their shape, the first ring does have a taper but only on part of its circumference so I don't think it was intentional and it is the ...
  48. Not suggesting that it had oil in it but maybe something else for a promotion or gift for customers. For example BP once gave out miniature petrol cans filled with perfume to the ladies at a company d...
  49. I checked the link but I don't think that's it. Its odd that the 3 rings are constructed differently but are obviously for the same purpose. I don't know the history of them so can't say how they cam...
  50. Adjustable mortise marking gauge.
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