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  1. lol Lucas.. your confusing bananas and coconuts ... I never said anything about you getting a 1200cc Harley.. I myself would buy a Honda 450 from here at Big Mack land..but you went south on me ....lo...
  2. lol ya the climes is a safe guard to keep the island rif raf away whats riding time have to do with buying a 1200cc for 3000 to 4000...lol N H drive west or south ..you have .year around riding .....
  3. didn't realize i been following you for 8 years ...hmmmmm ...one of us must be cool ...smiling ..gota go the wife is calling lol ...later
  4. Seen a few of these over the years..this one is lovely ...looks to be well taken care of .. great place for your milk glass and depression glass.and other glass..lter
  5. nice collection & pose of the glass..... love the birds and sunset shots....
  6. Good for you ...are you riding back roads ..away from all the silly phone drivers....'-)) I thought you were going to come back with nope snow tires ....lol you have a nice night.'-))
  7. does this come with snow chains ..."-)) looks like a cool ride,.. hows it working out ..?
  8. i seen a vintage glass maker with the 3 leg logo like yours ..hmmmm can think of the name right off hand ,,,lol getting old i guess..
  9. am i on time this year or late again ... '- ) H B
  10. I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings or screw with your ego ..just stating the facts here in the land of the Big Macks ...you can by a 1200cc all day long between 3000 to 4000...the little sleds ... ...
  11. ya we had a poor house/farm in the city I was born in, a lot of people spoke unkindly about it,..who never needed it ,...but come winter the poor and ex vets .. and mental challenge after living in ...
  12. wonder if the ship still fly's ..A/O...what.....lol,... B/W.... bed bugs ... come to mind...lol
  13. but i can buy one for under 2000 here in the states...you could rent it out ....big money in that ... buy some scooters too to rent with it ...your right back in buisssssssssnes ....lol if i live th...
  14. no guess from Manikin the doll whisper...? smiling
  15. I hear tell they have a portal there ..so be careful to what you say yes too... I'll have to go .... https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/sunearth/news/mag-portals.html
  16. love your root beer kitty...'-)) and always nice to see the label....later
  17. well done Mr Holmes .....'-))
  18. very nice.................
  19. any bites on your bike ... or you asking the"I don't want to sell price" ...lol
  20. well most folks don.,t realize the amount of fire bombs the U S used as well as just bombs .. which out way the 2 A bombs ... From January 1944 to August 1945, the U.S. dropped 157,000 tons of bom...
  21. ya I wouldn't think anyone would brag about it ...or talk to any one other then those in who had something to do with it ....I never knew there was a third one set to go ...or you were so up the chain...
  22. I think mom was a troll up making it with the dogs that put in to,port ...lol funny to see so many different little faces from one dog....,,,,hmmmmm
  23. nice shape ..nice find ..Manikin looks great for being so old ....'-))...lol have a good day.
  24. i hear tell posting anything with H A is taboo....hmmmmm
  25. as the sky turn black now and the thunder shakes the house and the glass rattles among its self ...and the sky opens up with more water then one can drink riding a bike reminds me of its not all good...
  26. so did u restore it ??? pictures please....lol i had one
  27. very nice jenni bet you don't see many of these...'-)) nice score
  28. lol relevance is make ya think of home Alabama.... and you said you made and pay banjos....lol plus I'm trying to butter you up so you'll send me some white beach sand for my hot tub.....lol
  29. its a honey................'-)
  30. well ya ...thinking of you ....lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDlZLsJJkVA
  31. https://www.mydailysentinel.com/news/40847/throwback-thursday-peacock-coal-company
  32. most likely double this on the island.......... https://www.kbb.com/motorcycles/harley-davidson/xl-sportster-883/2004/
  33. thats funny coming home from a funereal yesterday some old wingnut came out of a yard on a sled like your right in front of my wife with out looking well the mouth on her would of sent you right to c...
  34. nice putt ...you'll have to teach me to sing....lol later...
  35. ya what Vetraio50 said ...."-))
  36. did you write this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TC2xTCb_GU
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