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  1. It is cut glass in a Pinwheel pattern. Companies such as Clark, Maple City, Quaker City and Pitkin & Brooks cut many of the Pinwheel patterns we see today. And yes, some of it was signed.
  2. Not American Brilliant glass. Much later than that period. Could be Sinclair but other companies in Europe used the moon design on glass.
  3. By the photo, it does not appear to be American cut glass. Pressed glass as someone above suggests.
  4. Made in Montreux Switzerland . horlogerie bijouterie =Watchmaking Jewelry. Piax =Peace There are dozens x 10 watch makers in Montreux so finding this watch may be impossible.
  5. Thanks vetraio50!
  6. Thanks Gillian! Most of the American bowls date from around 1900 to 1915 or so
  7. Hi Gillian! It is called a Cider Jug. The pieces are usually short with a wide opening. Just under 8" tall. It is utterly confusing the different names for the different shapes of pitchers. This i...
  8. This is American Brilliant cut glass from around 1905. The pattern is called "Joan" and was cut by L. Straus & Sons.
  9. Not American Brilliant.
  10. Not American Brilliant Cut Glass. Much newer should be on the "Cut glass" page not this page.
  11. Not a common signature to find.
  12. Not American Brilliant. Cheese dish most likely.
  13. Try another section of glass. This is for American Brilliant Cut Glass only. You glasses are European and are newish.
  14. Thanks for the information all!
  15. Sorry, I just saw that you said it is not signed which does not surprise me.
  16. Did you know that a zillion companies cut this pattern in both America and in Belgium by Val. St. Lambert. It is Strawberry Diamond and Fan. You say Hawkes how do you know this? Is it signed?
  17. This came from Turkey, Czech-Republic or Russia, some place that that. The market has been flooded with this glass which man people believe to be American Brilliant Cut Glass. Search American Brilli...
  18. Wrong page for your stuff. This page is for American Brilliant Cut Glass only. Sorry to say, the dealer who sold this to your dad had no clue what so ever as to what he was selling. Pieces like thi...
  19. These pieces are not American Brilliant Cut Glass. Should be posted on the other cut glass page which you will find similar items to yours.
  20. The step cutting around the neck was done by many companies. The pattern is Harvard type which many companies cut. Not a rare pattern or shape, but it is a very cool piece! Most collectors would e...
  21. Champaign pitcher will work in a Harvard pattern. A zillon companies cut this pattern so hard to say who did this piece. Nice American Brilliant Cut Glass Pitcher!
  22. Not American Brilliant Cut Glass. Something from Europe and not that old. You can tell by the unpolished areas of the hobstar type cutting.
  23. This is not American Brilliant Cut Glass. Belongs on the other "cut Glass" page.
  24. Most likely from Turkey, Russia (Yazmin) or Czech.
  25. What you have here is the best piece of American Brilliant Cut Glass on this page....maybe! First things first however. The pattern is called Triple Miter Trellis and would have been cut most likel...
  26. These are modern pieces from Europe, not American Brilliant. They belong on the regular cut glass page.
  27. Neat Pieces!
  28. Not 160 years old, most likely, not even American. Rooster? What does that mean? Next time post some decent photos so people can help better.
  29. Not American Brilliant! Belongs on the regular "cut glass page.
  30. This is not American Brilliant Cut Glass. Should be listed on the "cut glass" page and not on this page.
  31. It would have been stamped on the inside of the rim on a piece like is.
  32. Wrong page for this stuff. Not American Brilliant Cut Glass for sure.
  33. They are not American Brilliant Cut Glass. Something from Europe. They look like pressed glass. Try the pressed glass page, someone might know.
  34. This is from Europe, not American Brilliant Cut Glass. Try the correct category to see if someone can help.
  35. St Clair? Amish? Good heavens, seems your friend doesn't know as much as she and you think. First, the chips were not put there by the Amish. These folks never, ever worked in cut glass. St. Clair?...
  36. Post this on the press glass page for better ID. This page is for American Brilliant Cut Glass.
  37. Now this is a piece of American Brilliant Cut Glass. A very neat pattern. On FB, there is a group called "Cut Glass Collectors. Many of the most important collectors and dealers in the country are ...
  38. This is not from the American Brilliant Cut Glass era which is 1880-1916. These are much newer and most likely Imports from Europe. We see these pieces from Europe all the time on our American cut g...
  39. Don't you just love people who never respond to the help you give them? So, I am not going to waste my time on this one!
  40. If this has tall sides, 3" or so, it is not a cake plate. Also, due to the rim cutting and the center of the hobstars, this is most likely something from Europe. However, I am going to post the ph...
  41. Not engraved by "Mr. Sinclair" but it may be a Sinclair piece. I have had a number of these over the years. Get the Corning book on cut glass as there are a lot of photos that show this style vase. ...
  42. This belongs on the pressed glass page. It is not American cut glass. I bet someone could help you ID the piece on the correct page.
  43. This is European glass and belongs on a different page. I think there is a Baccarat page here and they could help you with your piece.
  44. Sorry to tell you but this is not American Brilliant Cut Glass. This is from Europe.
  45. Your 4th photo comes from the web page " The House of Brilliant Glass." Here is a link to that page. This dealer has been around for years and knows his glass...
  46. This may be Regis. I have an olive dish on this page that is signed Libbey and is Regis. Think this is a 1910 pattern.
  47. Many companies used the pinwheel as a main motif. Fry, Bergen, Clark, Pitkin and Brooks are a few. The pinwheel was mostly used starting around 1908 until the end of the brilliant period of America...
  48. All pieces marked with the word "Nippon" date from 1891-1921.
  49. Not American Brilliant Cut Glass. This is much newer. Post in the regular "cut glass" section for proper identification.
  50. This is pressed glass and belongs on a different page for proper identification.
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