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My Name is ROSE.I have a vast range of vintage & antique goodies.I started collecting 30 years ago.I have bought & sold many things over the years.At the moment I faMy Name is ROSE.I have a vast range of vintage & antique goodies.I started collecting 30 years ago.I have bought & sold many things over the years.At the moment I favour 70's and earlier Asian things.After moving house 8 years ago, we went travelling and sold a lot of my collections.I didn't take long to start up again. So much for sparse.....sparse is not me and very cold.My personality didn;t shine thru in the decor until I started to collect again. I love Anything that catches my eye really.Unusual (Read more)


  1. This guy is also unoAerre.One of my all time favs.He has enamel green on back and eyes
  2. Its very hard to tell age.These are sold all over Asia to this day in all shapes and sizes.I have quite a few in all shapes and sizes.Most of mine are 70s
  3. Well I finally found my bracelet is the famous Italian UnoAerre.I have had a few pieces over the years.I remember a ring I had in the 70s was a beautiful design by UnoAerre.So now my mystery os solved...
  4. Happy new year.Chinese year of the rooster.
  5. Thanks for the love all. Still no closer to identifying.
  6. Thanks kevin.I couldnt find it anywhere on c.c pages either but yes it is a lovely piece.Nice quality. Thanks 4 your interest
  7. We have returned from Papua new Guinea and found this guy in a smaller version on Doini Island, unfortunately he only spoke pidgeon English and when we asked what was the animal with wings his reply y...
  8. Vetraio50 may know.Any ideas K.
  9. hope the pic is better now.The base isnt showing the writing though
  10. Oops.sorry about side shot.did from phone.will fix from computer later
  11. Wow.2 years how time flys
  12. the scroll in the middle of the pattern has me stumped!
  13. All help appreciated.I have exhausted all avenues
  14. It came from a very old estate here in Oz.The owner emigrated from England to Oz in early part of 20th century
  15. Here is a lovely carved dagger again Thanks for the love Cheers Rose
  16. I think this dagger may have same origin as cassowary horned necklace
  17. Still no idea where or who this guy is!
  18. Thanks for the love folks.Sti?l no closer to any tribe or area but we are off to PNG later this year.Will be asking the natives when I show them pics of hubbys collection
  19. Any ideas?
  20. No Anne it says chamberlain but worcester was called chamberlain up to 1850's
  21. Hi Anne.Can tou take a look at my latest post.A plate with a random scroll pattern on front.Any ideas.much appreciated Cheers Rose
  22. Any worcester experts around?
  23. thanks for the love Rose
  24. Wow Anne.A pink urn like your vase with fish and seaweed paytern.Thanks 4 the link.Interesting Rose
  25. Thanks for thee love.Any ideas? Cheers Rose
  26. We are having the same problem here in Australia.Everyone is going to auction and lots of collectables are bringing highprices.I atteibute it to all the tv shows now with auction hunters and storage w...
  27. Whilst I was told pacific region I am leaning towards Malaysia.The monkey body has wings and the tail of what appears to be a crocodile.I thought a mythalogical creature but why is he holding a head?
  28. Thanks all 4 the love.Will look into that thanks Martika Cheers ROSE
  29. Hi Karen.Yes long time no see. My vases say Germany 3218 on base.Very faint etched into porcelain
  30. The monkey has his head looking to the side and is holding a human head in outstretched arms
  31. I hope I have it incorrect category
  32. Not sure why this came through twice. To clarify my first comment I was referring to the 1st pic.The item on right
  33. the one on the right appears to be Australian aboriginal painted arts and craft.Very nice work. Cheers Rose
  34. very soft metal.No makers marks.Not sure
  35. Happy new year to you too Vet.This is a truly beautiful piece of seguso's glass.Love it?
  36. Really stunning piece.It reminds me of enoch boltons work.He worked for crown devon in the 1920's and used stunning enamel work. Cheers Rose
  37. Merry xmas to all.Happy new year. Unfortunayely nothing new to add to my collection for xmas but I am enjoying looking around here at all the goodies. Cheers from Rose From Oz
  38. Am uploading pics of these Cheers rose
  39. These pixies are the version of pixies with the book up.There are 2 versions.1 holding book on lap other version holding book up. There is a post on here with bookends with other cersion.I cant copy ...
  40. how can I tell if bronze or spelter?
  41. oh WOW. Thanks for this info.They do have holes in the feet and felt has been placed on base.Will upload a better pic Your help is much appreciated thank you ? Rose
  42. Can anyone help me with this.Still a mystery!!
  43. I thought I 'd show my opal again with all the lovely opals around. Cheers Rose
  44. Wow A very tasteful piece.
  45. This is still a mystery.Any ideas what these ladies are called?
  46. I have had it framed with the some of the french postcards
  47. I hag my similar shade shipped from china.I found what i liked saved 4 it and treated my self.It cost me $250 Australian dollars including shipping which came in a flat pack glass wrapped carefully an...
  48. Thanks vintagelamp
  49. I am posting this again.I meant to so it on ANZAC DAY. LEST WE FORGET
  50. I will post pics of them framed with the silk from Egypt .
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