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I am a full time Estate Liquidator. Total bottle Junkie, Mid mod collector...I just love it all.


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Odd error? Penny or PMD?  - US Coinsin US Coins
Antique French urn/vase blue crossed arrows hallmark pictorial lovers  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Antique metal gnome snorting snuff hand painted  - Figurinesin Figurines
Antique Woman's Music Chair with Inlay - Furniturein Furniture
Art Deco Pot Metal Lamp With Uranium Mushroom Shade - Art Decoin Art Deco
Glass Negatives Circa 1909 Instructional Carpentry Book Slides - Photographsin Photographs
Bakelite Playing Card Domino Tiles Vintage Gaming - Gamesin Games
1930s Remington Dupont Counter top Knife Display Case - Advertisingin Advertising
1930s Bisque toy Candy? - Toysin Toys
Civil War Union Cases Daguerreotype Ambrotype?  - Photographsin Photographs


  1. @fhrjr2 I guess you didn’t read the thread. You could not send it in, without them sending it back. They didn’t start recognizing it existed until 2021. Read before putting foot in mouth
  2. As always, I’m checking for this coin on eBay. So I check this week and there it is. A PCGS example. Only for $3500. I feel no one still knows this coin exists and it is worth more than the one on eBa...
  3. I'm curious as I usually run across pieces where the MAN mark is baked into glaze. This one is almost like a grease pencil.
  4. Ah. I should have known.
  5. I can’t find the link but I rencently found a story about some copies made in Mexico that looked like this. I believe they tarnished heavily and even pitted over time. Will Post if I find the story ag...
  6. Haven’t checked the thread in a while. Got into a discussion tonight about this coin and was told there was no such thing. It was just tarnished. As always. Lol. I’ve been in the weeds with a new biz ...
  7. The search continues...
  8. The only reason I got military is because the case is a naval case.
  9. No need for answer to engraving. I found it on the Library of Congress Website.
  10. Every couple of months I search the web on these. See some new ones have popped up. No one has graded yet.
  11. Found it. 1954 Kaiser Manhattan
  12. I found the machine. And yes, I love it. http://www.chadscoinop.com/picgallery/Bluebird%20Gum.html
  13. Considering I have over 5000 of them, really not much time to love anyone else. Thanks for the troll though.
  14. Thanks for the help. Everyone was dead on. Not sure why this never crossed my mind.
  15. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/150761-old-large-threaded-glass-globe-container
  16. I have another one. I don't even know where to start on it. I am about to add it.
  17. Boom! Awesome Tube amp. Just what I was looking for. Thank you
  18. Ended up selling them to a Guy in Japan.
  19. Thanks For your efforts.
  20. I love the goodyear heels.
  21. Yes they do favor in appearance. This one is turning out to be a good One. I have been digging for 4 hours now.
  22. I saw that but the company was in St Paul Mn. I have found the Freeman-Thompson shoe company in St Paul But no real info. Not sure if the joint name would have come first or later on, the box and shoe...
  23. I am a junker and everyone that know me sends me stuff to help identify. Sometimes i hit a snag, as i did here.
  24. I see. That would explain the magnet barely sticking. Thanks for the information. Very Useful.
  25. Just put up another item if you are into boat props.
  26. Not all Lionel is O. Standard came first.
  27. Ordered 1 cockade and it ends up selling. go figure.
  28. Tin windows and doors
  29. I did not. I did put it in a safety deposit box. I am waiting to take it to a show to have it graded.
  30. Nowhere to put thread and if you drop anything in those holes, good luck getting it out. My kids currently have stuffed packing peanuts in the holes. Impossible to get out. Not a dentist
  31. Funny. This guy had a 10,000 sqft warehouse packed. The estate company had to truck all the stuff to his home in 4 different sales, just to get it all.
  32. "Made by some crafty person years ago to screw with people like us years later!!" I love this btw. Makes me want to start my own project.
  33. My first guess was pipe holder but it is too deep. My last guess has been a hat feather retail display? I worked in my grandfather's clothing store growing up in the 90s and I remember plastic tubes w...
  34. I know the family personally and his only hobby was model ship building. He was however a huge junker/picker, and I feel he picked this up somewhere along the way. Yes, the wood work is excellent with...
  35. To clean to be an art caddy and the holes are too big and brushes would fall inside.
  36. I have another crazy item. You guys wanna give it a go?
  37. No telling where it is from. I like how they reclassified this into tools and hardware, since it is neither of the two.
  38. Good Save
  39. Thanks for the informative reply. Yes, I know nothing about coins other than the top 100 most desired that I look for in every handful of change I come across. Probably a waste of time, but I've found...
  40. Here you go. 2001 is at the top. 2000s are underneath. http://www.smalldollars.com/dollar/add002.html
  41. Wrong coin. Use the same link and look for their write up on 2000-P EXPERIMENTAL RINSE. This is a not a gold in color SAC. It is as chocolate brown as it can be. A coin dealer told me he was gonna sho...
  42. Not banking on anything. Just a cool coin that would be a cool story to a crappy tip.
  43. Got it, but I'm gonna stick to what I've researched. Had people tell me its just tarnished or discolored. No one has yet to prove that it isn't rare or even produce somewhere where another one can be ...
  44. Please show me one for the price you say and I will stand corrected.
  45. But your response is the exact one I get from every coin deal.
  46. I have to disagree. You are thinking of a 2001. Only 10 2000's.
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