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  1. The idea of it being a tower clock weight is intriguing. I'd thought of it being a large fishing net sinker but a counterweight is another possibility. Thank you for your input.
  2. I believe you have a whiskey thief. It is used to draw a sample of whiskey from a barrel for sampling. Lifting on the top knob draws whiskey into the thief. Holding your finger over the top hole will ...
  3. It looks like a twybil.
  4. This tool in a brace was also used to sharpen the pins that are used to hold the pieces together in barn post and beam construction. I have one of these and the tool that fits in a brace to make the w...
  5. I got one of these tools with my McCormick Deering model M grain drill. The square part is for turning the drive shafts manually to check for proper operation. The hook is used to remove the reducers ...
  6. It looks like it could be part of a pole or tree climbing apparatus that would strap to your foot and leg.
  7. Woodworkers use dowels with spiral cuts in them for fastening parts together. The grooves help the dowel hold more glue for a stronger connection. This tool might work for cutting those spiral grooves...
  9. It's a silage fork. Spent many hours of my youth using one just like that on the farm.
  10. That is definitely the tool I have. Thank you Iptools for the info and for all the other comments. It is much appreciated. I will sleep better tonight.
  11. I had that thought as well. The handle on this tool is one half as long though. It doesn't look like any weeding tool I've ever seen before. Thank you for your comment.
  12. I installed Murphy switch gauges on a tractor once that was being used on a grain dryer and would be left running unattended for hours. The devices monitor the engines functions and shut the engine of...
  13. No markings, labels or text of any kind.
  14. The first picture is the back end of a manure spreader. The wheels and the beater that loosens the manure and passes it onto the widespread. The second picture is a planter of some kind. The boot look...
  15. It's planter wire for wire check planting corn. Before chemicals were available to kill weeds in crops one method of weed control was to cultivate the corn. A cultivator has shanks on the machine to d...
  16. It's part of a dragsaw crosscut saw. Your piece clamps the saw onto the log.
  17. Before the use of the letter U the shave V was used as the vowel U and the consonant V. It wasn't until printing standardized letter shapes in the 1600's that the letter U became regularly used. Does ...
  18. I can't say for sure but it looks like a rug beater to me. I've seen others similar to it.
  19. Thank you all for your comments. The first years of production there were about 20,000 sold per year. In the early to mid 1930's there were about 100,000 sold per year. By the 1940's most people had e...
  20. I'm sorry the link above doesn't work. Try this one.
  21. Again, thank you.
  22. I have found a better description here;
  23. I see lots of pictures of their hay trolleys but nothing like this piece. I'd like to know how it works exactly. I suspect it may be a trip mechanism for a fork. ???
  24. It's an Imperial lawn edge trimmer.
  25. This is an old version of an instrument to measure the speed of a shaft. When the shaft is up to speed you put the point on the end and keep track of how many revolutions are made in a minute. If the ...
  26. It looks like a device used to spread a tire apart for inspection and applying a patch. The 4 rollers on top made it easier to turn the tire. When the arms on each side were hooked over the bead of th...
  27. Wire stretcher. You could hook one end around the post and pull on the wire by putting it in the pincher on the other end or you could put each end of the wire in the pincher on each end and pull the ...
  28. Food chopper.
  29. It would hang on a gate and used to hold small pigs so you could do vet work on them. Vaccinations, castrations etc.
  30. It appears that you have a drill seeder. Used to seed wheat, oats or other small grains into rows about 7 inches apart. If it doesn't have row openers it may also just broadcast seed the grain.
  31. It looks more like a wire stretcher to me.
  32. The handles are made for hands and not rings. Thank you everyone for your comments. Sorry for the picture being upside down. I enjoy having tools that are unusual. This one filled the bill.
  33. It fits into a machine for cutting keyways in a shaft. As it spin the machine feeds the shaft through and cuts the keyway lengthwise on the shaft.
  34. I just saw one of those in a museum in Mason City, Iowa yesterday. They called it a carpet stretcher. It was right beside another carpet stretcher like I've seen on this website. Makes sense.
  35. It looks like a spear used to put loose hay into a barn. You push the tine down into the loose hay on a wagon and the mechanism will engage prongs on the point of the spear to grab the hay. After it i...
  36. It's a rolling corn stalk chopper. When you pull it through the field it chops the stalks a little but not much. Adding some extra weight helps. I have a modern version of this chopper. Search Buffalo...
  37. It was used to measure the depth of grain in tall grain elevators. It's easier to measure the volume of a bin and the number of bushels of grain within if measured in tenths of a foot.
  38. This was placed around the neck of a cow that would not respect fences and get out of it's pen. The device would catch on the wires of the fence and not let the cow stick it's head through between the...
  39. The left window shows the horizon just after sunset and the right window is towards a grove of trees. I don't like clutter. I think there is just the right amount of empty space.
  40. These are steel wheels from a John Deere hay rake. The cogs on the inside of the wheel hubs had dogs to engage in them to turn the rake and would release when you were turning to work like a different...
  41. The bits with the tapered shank and the flat on the end of the shank are called Morse taper bits. I had a post drill many years ago that took those bits. The bits with the square shank are for a brace...
  42. If you were lacing something together with strips of leather such as a baseball glove, it might work good for pulling the leather lacing through the holes. It would work like a needle threader. Just ...
  43. Thank you for the answer.
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