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  1. Yes, Kevin's the man!
  2. If you have read the comments you'll note I've asked Bigmacnz for the info she offered but I have never heard back? I've just relied on google
  3. Depends where you come from I guess? Here, either will do.
  4. Yes, it's very robust and a thick blade
  5. Why didn't I think of that? :-/
  6. Still on my wall!
  7. That would be very interesting, thank you. If you want you can email me? Cheers, Nigel. 0402119757
  8. Yes, and to think that attitude still exists in parts of the world!
  9. Hayman Isle, that is!
  10. As a travelling 19 yo on a day trip in the early 80's I met a girl staying there and stowed away overnight!!!
  11. I think so too, like the clock and a few other items.........
  12. And after 48 hrs on the wall, still keeping perfect time
  13. Thanks V, I'm not really into the games but thought it might be an appropriate item to post?
  14. Thanks,
  15. Yes, an antique dealer I know turned up 5 minutes after me and the blood drained from his face when he saw I'd sealed a deal, :-(
  16. K, Forgot to mention my brother was an aquaintance of Barry Rawlings (young English Artist in the seventies) He had acqu...
  17. Hi K, from your local shop?? N
  18. Well I made my son move fairly quickly earlier today so it works. He has planted it under his sister's blanket, the stirrer!
  19. Cheers, had a good day and bonded with big brother.
  20. My thoughts exactly
  21. my number is 0402119757, please text it to me?
  22. Vetraio50, did you receive my email?
  23. Thanks, makes sense now! Of course with the vent it wouldn't be under pressure, I'm a little embarrassed now :-/
  24. Hi vetraio50, I found your email on your page and am in the process of sending mail. BTW your request is fine by me, Nigel.
  25. It'll go on ebay some day soon anyway
  26. I believe quite firmly that the inside 'brightness' is due to the lack of atmospheric exposure, being closed for probably around 40 odd years. I have given the top a bit of a rub with a damp non scrat...
  27. Thank you people, I'm thinking along the lines of pewter as I can't see any marks even with a magnifying glass? I looked in the bottom under the powder area after blowing it all in my face and eyes wi...
  28. Thanks for your help folks
  29. Nice piece, I met a descendent of Charles Arthur Stone the other day. Stones Pottery was located at Coorparoo not far from where my Grandparents lived. She is selling some this week from her decease...
  30. Thanks for that, the tooth pick is missing but the tweezers are present. The knife on that page does resemble mine but of course no two pieces of horn would be identical.
  31. Redhead matches, you must be in Australia? 0402119757
  32. No name, just the numbers so don't even know where it was made?
  33. This is why I have always got a kick out of 'picking', sometimes you can get stuff you never realised existed!
  34. They are just over 6" high. I have some very good clear cavity wax in a spray can
  35. Thanks for your help, that explains it!
  36. I can't see how to open it to see how it fuels? Can anyone help?
  37. See more


Howitzer Hammer Cast iron implement seats Collectors only. May be offensive to idiots! Old cast office paper hole punch USPS String Holder Early English Bobby's bicycle lamp PALAIS DE VERSAILLES – CÔTÉ DU PARC 1950's Walker Mufflers Tin Sign...Certified Exhaust System Service stanley no. 1 just sittin in my garage


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