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Norwood Pa

I'm married and have two grown children and two grandchildren.My interests are gardening,raising koi,and collecting antiques.I used to collect antique British and AmI'm married and have two grown children and two grandchildren.My interests are gardening,raising koi,and collecting antiques.I used to collect antique British and American motorcycles (Read more)


  1. I used that model knife in the mid 70s for cutting shingles. They were simpler and functioned better than the modern knives.
  2. Thanks for the interest and comments.
  3. I have one that is painted red in my kitchen. I think the beans are from the 50s.
  4. I had a few sets and spent endless hours building houses with these 55 years ago.
  5. Thanks everyone for showing interest in my old mower. Alfred101,Im 66 years young.
  6. Thanks for loving my mower. I thinks its a 21 inch Hoot60.
  7. I live outside of Philadelphia and I remember that as my first reader 60 years ago.
  8. I have the same clock for 30 years, it will only keep time for as few hours. I was told that it just needs minor repair.
  9. I have one of these on top of my roll top desk. I bought mine on Craiglist from a man that said it belonged to his grandfather. I like the secret drawer at the bottom.
  10. I saved some of those blue tiles from a Gulf station I reroofed. They look like they have been painted over on this building.
  11. I had the Hoveringham in the small scale when I was around 12.
  12. A one ana two ana
  13. I think the real pristine examples are made in India.
  14. I had one like that when I was around 11.
  15. My daughter lives in Mexico and has come across several pieces of broken ancient pottery. That is a nice piece.
  16. Thank you Phil for taking the time to edit my picture, and thank you everyone else for looking.
  17. My mistake, I believe the two Indians are from the late 1930s(leaf sprung front ends).
  18. I played that game on the Wildwood NJ board walk probably over 50 years ago.
  19. Thanks for the loves and comment folks!
  20. What is that thing?
  21. Thanks for looking and identifying these cars.
  22. A nice tool to have in the winter when you forgot to put antifreeze in your truck.
  23. I keep the slate hammer in my truck. I never used an anvil. I was taught how to cut the slates on a headstone in an old Quaker cemetery.
  24. The louvered dormer on top of the firehouse might just be for ventilation or maybe it housed a siren.
  25. Thank you for looking and the info on my motor.
  26. Thanks for looking and thank you for posting the car identities, Buckethead. I was at the museum with my four grandchildren and I took some good pics, but didn't get to read the car descriptions.
  27. Maybe you never heard of this company because I spelled it wrong, its Stortz. Thanks for looking.
  28. Thanks J and Mike.
  29. Thanks for looking. The guy I bought it from was a paraplegic. He replaced the bearings and got it running, I just spray painted it the wrong color and put the ebay decal on it.
  30. Its the same bike, Sometimes the distributor is advanced from one hand grip, and the throttle is controlled by the other hand grip.
  31. The Indians had the throttles on different sides for different years. This Henderson is a side car bike, maybe that has something to do with it. Its usually hard to find the owners of these bikes, the...
  32. I installed a new roof on a barn like that in Edgemont Pennsylvania 25 years ago It was home for egg laying chickens, pigs, and sheep. The barn still stands, but I don't know if they still have the ...
  33. When I was a little guy, my aunts father, Mr Olsen had pipes like these hanging on his wall. He was from Denmark. The pipes were shaped the same, but as I remember they had white ceramic bowls.
  34. My daughter lives 20 miles north of Puerta Villarta.
  35. Merry Christmas BB
  36. Thank you Nicefind.
  37. My daughter is an artist that lives in Mexico.
  38. Thank you for looking Brunswick.
  39. Your welcome.I have a picture of those towers I took last winter while visiting.
  40. Fantastic story. Before I read the caption I thought it was Mexico. My daughter is an artist that lives just north of Puerta Villarta in a little town named La Cruz.
  41. Thank you Aura.
  42. In the early 60s they sold these stamps in a small orange sack for under a buck. They also sold a world book and a US book to place your stamps. I still have both of my books.
  43. I live in Eastern Pa too. Several of the things in my collection are similar to your collection.
  44. I had one. It would hook on a belt buckle and shot a little grey plastic bullet. You could put a greenie stickum cap on the back of the spring loaded cartridge.When you pushed your stomach out it woul...
  45. That looks just like a Kelmet 1926 Erector set fire truck.
  46. I had the 1974 model of this bike. I rode that thing all over the place. They were good and reliable.
  47. thank you Judd and Rustfarm
  48. I had one in the early 60s.
  49. I never saw one that old looking. The one I use is only 50 years old.The beveled edge is for cutting slate and the point is for punching nail holes through the slate.
  50. Lol,you had me confused, I kept looking back at the picture trying to figure it out!
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