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I am 1 year into the coin collecting hobby and now hooked for life! Now I look through every coin that passes my hands as well paper money. I look for anything that I am 1 year into the coin collecting hobby and now hooked for life! Now I look through every coin that passes my hands as well paper money. I look for anything that might stand out and possibly have numismatic value. I am open selling coins, I must say that I have lots of fun as well. (: (Read more)


  1. Gm inky, how neat... I like to shop at thrift stores and buy anything I feel might have a great return. Overall I love coins but have not had a chance to coin roll hunt lately due to New job. Lol... ...
  2. Funny but true inky... Looks for like a print, I will be getting another opinion on it. Are you into Art? Thanks (:
  3. Hello inky, thank you for you comment but I don't understand? Lol...
  4. Way cool find for the owner of coin! Right on aghcollect!
  5. battlegear: That is a really neat set! Is it hard to find the neat relic's you own? Any advise on how to find? I like... (;
  6. Wow! What a beauty....
  7. PatSea: I did not get Hawkeye checked, I will be sure to let you know if it does. (; Coinscoins1977
  8. PhilDavidAlexanderMorris: Thank you for your experienced comment. (:
  9. Pennydime: Thank you for your expert advice. (;
  10. PatSea: Wow Coins? Way neat! I have fun buying things that look different and others might like? So far I have done alright. Lol
  11. Jewels: Thanks. I might check to see if it works? I bet it does...
  12. PatSea: Wow... Thank you for the information, I really appreciate it. (: Do you collect this type of Sadler Tea Pots? Thank you once again.
  13. Glasslove: really beautiful pieces... (: Is Crystal in at this time, is there a market? I find at times and think twice about buying, not sure if people are buying Crystal? Thanks for any advice. (:
  14. aghcollect: Back in the days was the best, when coins were made of precious metals. Now hard to find a good coin, with the internet anyone can buy coins without leaving home. I have done so but can ge...
  15. Weirdpuckett / Chelsea : Thanks for your expert input. Is Crystal in? I run into it at times and wondering if I should start buying? Thank you and now follow. (:
  16. TubeAmp: Thank you for taking time out of your day to help. (: I have seen many coins that look like how you described: chemical erosion, this Penny looks super clean and does not have any open spots ...
  17. aghcollect: Redbook - U.S. coins - I will purchase the hard cover copy. Thank you (; foreign coins: "Krause" - got it.
  18. aghcollect: Got it and thank you again. I will be buying a 2015 Red Book as well. (:
  19. aghcollect what a really neat photo as well great family history, no TV. Lol (:
  20. aghcollect: Wow 45 yrs., lot of experience with coin collecting. I will remember you expert input and Thanks again. (:
  21. aghcollect, on the top next to the D there are letters pressed into the coin and not someone's initials. Not sure if you are able to see the coin in a bigger shot? Thanks. (:
  22. Same here PatSea... Lol (:
  23. aghcollect, I know the 18 is beaten up but a cool find this morning while on the hunt. Pick up $50 in Pennies yesterday, put in some hours too... Lol Keeping my eye open for the Big Dog Wheat's. Th...
  24. Katherinescollections, lol.. Do you coin collect? I find it to be a fun hobby to escape reality. Lol
  25. Wow what a neat story...
  26. Cool find! Check my finds out and let me know what you think? Thanks (:
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1957 - Lincoln Wheat Cent "BIE" Error World War One Trench Art Brass shell piece Vienna Austria covered dish Need Help to Identify German WW2 Bayonet US Six Color Desert Camo M1 Helmet "Choc Chip" camo GRANDMOTHER'S OLD BROWNIE Brownie Hawkeye Camera ( see Old Paper Ad for it ) My 1995 Double Denomination Unique


1992 Doubled DIE ?


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