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Annapolis, Maryland,USA

Former Navigating Officer High Seas


  1. I do Not see any LEGITIMATE error on these coin....Sorry.
  2. Thanks again Coinscoins1977.
  3. Thank you very much Coinscoins1977 for your time reading my TRUE STORY How I got this double denomination 11c the very first coin error double denomination certified/slab in public at Baltimore Coin ...
  4. Thank you tom61375
  5. can not recommended that you can sent this type of coin to any authentication TPG because it is obviously is not a legitimate coin error. Just my own opinion and also please read other comments. Thank...
  6. If I am not wrong 30 years ago in suez canal some vendor look like they are selling that kind of piece But Not sure exaclty If it is the SAME as yours.
  7. I think this one is NOT a legitimate error coin..
  8. Thanks again and have a great weekends too.
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MUCH THE BEST in ALL DOUBLE DENOMINATION 1995-11c My All Times Favorite in Doubled Denomination 11c ~ So weird! 148 years ago. 1992 Doubled DIE ? Mickey Mouse Phone..What year is this? A real Phone? My 1995 Double Denomination Unique