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I love glass!! Or anything old and unusual.


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1924 Christmas Post Card - Postcardsin Postcards
copper picture in hammered copper frame - Fine Artin Fine Art
Stretch Glass Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ashtray  - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Murano - Art Glassin Art Glass
Milk Glass bowl - Glasswarein Glassware
Wedgwood Jasperware - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Fenton Animals - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glass Apples (Signature)  Help! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Banded onyx wine glasses - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. Thank you for that information mark! Good to know.
  2. Hi kyratango I believe it is different
  3. Pretty awesome collectible agh!
  4. wow agh thanks for that info. is all that info just in your memory??
  5. will do awd found nothing on de trevi- and I have looked
  6. Thanks Rick! LoL
  7. Thanks Canyon! Haha I don't remember that story
  8. Oh oops I thought you meant newer glass
  9. Thanks rose! I had a feeling
  10. thank you aghcollect!
  11. Thank you Lou for that info!!
  12. very pretty!!
  13. thanks for all the love katherine! cindb! racer! jewels! nuts! aghcollect!
  14. Thanks pacificus! very similar I love the blue one
  15. ok thanks tallcakes!! just another common pretty dish oh well!
  16. thank you joyb!!
  17. TAllcakes can you help me with this??? thank you!!
  18. Yes slag glass!! Duh. ! Obvious now . Thanks inky:)
  19. Thanks inky. thought about it, I guess I have never experienced slag glass. You are probably right. :)
  20. Cool looking piece!
  21. Cool thanks Rick.
  22. Thank you rick55 for that translation!! do you think it is an older piece from the seventies perhaps?? I know the newer pieces have a authenticity sticker on them, from what I have read..
  23. Thank you! Manikin
  24. Thank you racer! Sean! Koppel!
  25. Thank you geodejem.
  26. Thank you antiquerose!! Thank you Comoran! Thank you aghcollect!
  27. right!! welzbub! good point
  28. I would rather have a signature than the sticker!
  29. thank you for the loves kerry- vetraio-katherine!!
  30. thanks vetraio!! I seem to remember reading that thread..
  31. very unique!!
  32. Teleflora gifts glassware made in france? saw something similar with tag on it the other day
  33. uglass yay
  34. yay uranium glass
  35. I think its crazy they expect us never to sell or even give away things we have posted here somewhere down the road :/
  36. uraniun glass yay
  37. uranium glass yay
  38. uranium glass nay
  39. uranium glass nay
  40. uranium glass yay
  41. it looks like it sits on a lighted base that spins around. I have a small one similar different design inside. is pretty when lit up
  42. uranium glass yay!!
  43. I see banded onyx the (green and pinkish) I have some glasses made of this on my page and the coloring is similiar.
  44. thank you truthsannarrow08 and sean for the loves!!
  45. thank you nuts!!
  46. thank you nuts for the loving comments!!! thank you tallcakes for you expertise!!
  47. Thank you Sean!!!
  48. Thank you aghcollect!!
  49. thats ok mary! thanks for your help!
  50. thank you surfdubb!!
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