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Nearly everything we collect ( we being my best mate and twin brother who got me into this hobby/addiction) are from opp shops, we like retro and plan to open a smNearly everything we collect ( we being my best mate and twin brother who got me into this hobby/addiction) are from opp shops, we like retro and plan to open a small shop soon to sell our wares, but our passion and personal collection is mid century pottery and ceramics particularly from the scandinavian countries!! Probably Rorstrand being our favourite! (Read more)


  1. Thank you for your expert opinion racer 4 four appreciated, thanks for the likes also
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  3. Oh thank you Elisabethan, that is excellent, very understandable, and cool, much thanks
  4. Oh thankyou vetraio 50 you are a wealth of information much appreciated, funny thing I went to a swap meet today looking for the Scandinavian stuff and got nothing, bought this on way back from a vinn...
  5. Update! Think it may be called gelfe kosmos by Upsala ekeby Sweden
  6. Thanks for the comments and love, vetraio50, sean68, racer4four, comoran1925, radegunder, and aghcollect
  7. Gorgeous! And thanks for your information! Just picked up my first little piece and found your write up! Helps a lot
  8. Oh should have known! Was looking up LE of course it's UE Upsala ekeby oops
  9. Around 1981 they thought! Been lucky mate this was also from auction house We got the victor Greenaway piece from, also we got a large Ted seccombe vase/ urn also. Had obviously been a big collector o...
  10. Thanks for all your suggestions and homework vetraio really appreciate it, Had sent some photos to Rosenthal Facebook page, and they have just replied. Is from the savanna range, is pottery designe...
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  12. Thank you Cormoran1925 SEAN68 and catteann for your lovely comments
  13. Thank you for your lovely comments, really contacted Victor by mistake. Was still trying to confirm if it was one of his pieces and found and Australian contact number for his work and texted the phot...
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  17. Thanks PatSea, yeh life has thrown some curve balls! Thanks Kyratango!
  18. Yep the bowl is a beauty! It's huge! Haven't seen the dog one? Think they did a butterfly also! Thanks for your love, racer4four, vetraio50 and Cormoran1925
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  20. Puuuuuuurfect! Love cats and love Arabia! Great find
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  23. Gorgeous!
  24. Love love! Don't tell me they were are thrift store find? I would die!
  25. Wow wow wow! What a find congrats!
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  50. Thanks SEAN68! Photos from my I pad don't do it justice! It is an amazing colour and glaze indeed
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