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Mercer County PA

Collecting vintage motorcycles, mini-bikes, and sometimes older bicycles & ride-ons. Also, anything else odd or old I might run across that looks like the next gottaCollecting vintage motorcycles, mini-bikes, and sometimes older bicycles & ride-ons. Also, anything else odd or old I might run across that looks like the next gotta-have-it! (Read more)


  1. Glad to here you enjoyed it Phlipside, & Thanks for the comment.
  2. Hi Mikeh, Not sure, maybe , they have a parts section and a lot of other minibike info. Or keep checking on eBay and eventually something might turn up. Thanks
  3. Hi, It's great to hear of another one of these little toys that are still around! I've always wandered how many of these were made/sold, but the info available out there on them is just about nothing...
  4. Hi, I don't really have any info on hand but there's a good bit available in the old magazine ads from the days when these kits were available. Sometimes the Healds will also come up in discussion on...
  5. mrblue, Here's the link to my Solex:
  6. Thanks for the comment & loving the item! I also had one of the VeloSolex moped bicycles this past summer. Same basic engine & drive system, just placed on front wheel vs. the rear. The Solex is e...
  7. Hi, They've varied up & down a little over the last few years, but I found this past summer they were going for around 200-300 running & in good to pretty nice shape. Sometimes you will see higher as...
  8. Hi Ralph, Thanks for the comment That's pretty interesting! I no longer have this one, but if I run across any others I'll try to let you know. Thanks again!
  9. Hi, Knee pads are original on this one. It's not restored, just went over and did some mechanical repairs & maintenance on it. It's original except for an old mismatched repaint on the oil tank. Sorr...
  10. I missed out on these also at the time, but they are a lot fun to play around on now when I find one every now & then. Thanks for the comment!
  11. Hi, At the time when I had this one, there was almost no info to be found on the internet about them, not sure if there's anything more now. Mine had the same name on it. The sound mechanism should h...
  12. Thanks for the comment A. I no longer have it. It's the only one I've ever run across, other than a couple internet photos here & there.
  13. Thanks JueBoo!
  14. Thanks Roycecroft!
  15. Thank you OCAD!
  16. You're welcome Dan & Thanks for the comment!
  17. Thanks!
  18. Thanks for the comment! I've still never seen another one of these and had found little info on them. Good luck in your search though!
  19. Cool pic! Not sure if I'll find another, but you never know. Thanks for the comment!
  20. Yours sounds like a nice find! These can be hard to find in good shape and without a lot missing parts. Thanks for the comment!
  21. Thanks everyone !
  22. Hi ttomtucker, This model ran for a few years. Yours may have been the same model, Montgomery-Wards had some Benelli's re-badged back then to sell as Wards-Riverside's. Thanks!
  23. Thanks again!
  24. Thanks Signaholic!
  25. Wow! That little Knievel trike is the coolest! Thanks for the link info to the pics!
  26. That is beautiful! It looks like an all-out Buck Rogers space trike! Love it!
  27. Hi Leftyizme, Thanks for the comment! Sounds like you had a ton of fun with yours. Sorry to say that I had sold this one a couple weeks before I posted it on here. I don't try to sell on here, just p...
  28. Thank you Amber! Some lucky little "easy-rider" must have had a ton of fun with back in the day!
  29. I think so, but can't remember right now. It's been awhile since I built this bike. If I can find out what they were called, I'll shoot you back a reply. Thanks!
  30. I don't remember exactly who made them, but they are made in England reproductions of an original Triumph muffler. I think these came from British-Only. They sell new, used, and new old stock parts fo...
  31. Thanks JayHow! I did not want to go with the open drag-pipe sound on this bike, a little too sharp & loud for this style. These mufflers are more of a glass-pack type design. They are straight throu...
  32. Sweet! Whatever the age, you won't find anything of this quality in the stores today. Very nice find!
  33. Great job & a nice rescue!
  34. Thanks mikesbikes!
  35. Very nice job, love it!
  36. Hi, Yes, I had sold this one a few years ago. Thanks,
  37. Thanks for the comment Janna. I no longer have this rocker, I sold it years ago, but still wanted to post a pic. I was not able to find much info on it back then. Just that it was supposed to be a dea...
  38. Thanks for the comment Donleo. This is one that I had sold a few years ago, but I still wanted to post a pic.
  39. They are nice riding. Probably my favorite of all that I've owned. Thanks nicktylermo!
  40. Very cool! Thanks for showing it!
  41. Thanks Zowie! That's a very good way to describe the ride, you definitely feel the road but it's really a lot smoother than you what would think it would be for a rigid. And yes, the big bumps do get...
  42. Thank you very much LikeTheBikes! I really had just as much fun building it, as riding it. There's more than a few hand-made parts on it. You are of course more than welcome to borrow anything you ...
  43. Thank you for the comment! I ride 'em, been riding since the '70s. Most of them I've bought, rode for awhile sold, bought more, so on & so on. I normally don't like to post an e-mail to avoid all the ...
  44. Nice find! I'd ride that one just the way it is once you get it running.
  45. Sweet bike! Reminds me of the old Sears 24" 5-speed I had back in those days. Do you have more pics of the whole bike? Would love to see more. Thanks for showing it!
  46. Thanks Hems303! Definitely need the springs on the roads here in PA. Pretty comfortable & smooth riding for a rigid though. Thanks for the comment!
  47. I like the uni-brow in the first pic. I think I know that old guy!
  48. Great item! That would be a perfect end table or stand, Love it!
  49. 8-9-12 & It's finished! I moved my "after" pics up first, and the last 2 are the "before" photos. Took about a week & a half, but the reconditioning is done & it's time to ride! Thanks again for look...
  50. Nice photo Scott! Indian's first year for their V-twin was 1907, but this loop frame was first used by Indian in 1909. In 1913 rear suspension was used. I'd also put it in the '09-'12 range, probabl...
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