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Collector for near 30yrs...my wife and I go to yard sales flea markets ,flea/antique malls, estate sales ,and antique auctions...we sell off excess and duplicate stuCollector for near 30yrs...my wife and I go to yard sales flea markets ,flea/antique malls, estate sales ,and antique auctions...we sell off excess and duplicate stuff sometimes by going to and setting up at flea markets. But most of this junque is in our own little museum! hope I post something that pleases your eye! (Read more)


  1. Albertville Alabama began making fire hydrants in the year of 1975. I hired on in Aug of 1979. Prior to Albertville plant they were manufactured in Chattanooga ,Tn. Before Chattanooga they were manuf...
  2. Thanks for the attention given! I had not tried freehanding sculpture before.
  3. Thanks Bobby...Not sure on the oil can end rotating down . Will check that. Loved your blue paint one.
  4. I know this is an old post...just had to tell you that you triggered my collecting of insulators. I love them. Thanks for your post.
  5. 8-)
  6. I, like you Audrey, just love old teddy bears!
  7. Thanks Bobby, one of the batteries looks almost new while the other is a little tattered. I myself miss ole Ma Bell!
  8. They are pretty neat...looks like something you would use on a parts store door! Thankws for the love its!
  9. Wow! Thanks everyone!
  10. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the loves! Thanks Tom!
  12. Thanks everyone!.
  13. Thanks!Packrat...I will tell her so many like it!
  14. Thanks folks! I dont collect this but my wife has me display her finds for her! She definately is a passionate Garfield Cat collector!
  15. Those are really nice! good clear graffix.
  16. Thanks to all.
  17. Thanks to all for the love...great bunch of folks on here!
  18. I have posted my mate tea gourd that I think is from argentina. I only have one though. They are nice and used a lot of decoration for something just to drink tea out of!
  19. very nice workshop too!
  20. Thanks to everyone for the loves!
  21. I love the whole playground,but the motorbike on a spring is probably my favorite! Fantastic vision for parents!
  22. Thanks Kerry10456 ,I love the "foundlings" myself. Thanks for the link. The pan was something I regret no longer owning. Oh well it happens.Still keep the wind in my hair.
  23. Thanks guys!
  24. Thanks for noticeing ! I hope you enjoy looking at these old shots...I sure was skinney back then. Didnt take me much to live on then either! Love to see your Honda pics RonM,
  25. Thanks for the comments. She is very proud of her collection. Only buys reall good stuff.
  26. Thanks friends!
  27. A rare and appealing thirty (30) volume, numbered set of small books covering the complete Holy Bible - Old and New Testament, published in the 1920s by the Little Leather Library Corporation of New Y...
  28. Sad thoughts of how many libraries of books were destroyed as the crusades marched around tring to make their religious beliefs the sole survivor of knowledge in the world...
  29. Thanks Thriftfan!
  30. All it shows inside the cover is The Holy Bible containing the old and new testaments translated out of the origional tongues and with the former translations diligently compared and revised. LI...
  31. Thanks thrift fan ,and AH you actually found another one of these...I am surprised! That makes two that I have ever seen. I was not familiar with abebooks. Your assistance has been appreciated!Thanks!
  32. thanks! thriftfan...
  33. Thanks! Glasses were an Estate sale find.
  34. How'd ya like the Norton,Tom?
  35. Well welcome to alabama Oilman! If you get near Guntersville let me know!
  36. Thanks Shawn!! lol 8-)
  37. He is a beauty! Chrome wont get you home! If you leave him in the weather though some oil on the useful parts will help him from falling into non rideability condition! Hope ya find him a good home! ...
  38. Me too ,Dottie! and for them to use stuff that was tossed to the trash!
  39. nice!!!
  40. Hi! I just recently posted the brother to Belle on my site "Mattie" says things like "Tell me a story!"
  41. 2nd doll is a boy,but also a squeaktoy.squeeze his belly and it has a great squeak sound...
  42. One of the first things I ever collected was soda cans...as a teenager my family traveled to many states camping in a winnebago and I found drink cans from diferent areas. When I left home to take som...
  43. Funky is the right word!
  44. He had a hopped up sickle that took off like a gun that fool was the terror of HWY one o one
  45. Sorry,took me a little while to get back...Black Denim Trousers and motorcycle boots...words and music by Mike Stoller and Jerry Leiber copyright 1955 Quintet music co....recorded by the Cheers and L...
  46. I am totally amazed! beautiful displays!!!
  47. Thanks Toyman...If I find one I have never seen (with a motorcycle) I buy it and rarely pay much for a comic book. If I find a better one later on I buy it and replace the old one which then goes into...
  48. both were yard sale finds!
  49. ball bat brush is marked King Slugger and Swatsville
  50. It's nice! wish I knew more on sport collectables!
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