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I am a collector of Vintage American Motorcycles and Motorcycle related Memorabilia. I collect pre-1950's American bikes any condition thanks cyclespast@vermontel.I am a collector of Vintage American Motorcycles and Motorcycle related Memorabilia. I collect pre-1950's American bikes any condition thanks (Read more)


  1. At one time the medal would have had a ribbon on top
  2. Its a 1909 ,..Also 1913 was last year of Indian's Pedal start bikes
  3. I will check my records,I am pretty sure I know the year of the bike but want to double check before i post it
  4. THOR made all Indian motors until 1908,then Indian Manufactured theirown motors in Springfiled MA,....
  5. cycles-past number is 802-885-6553,....Also on facebook
  6. Is your name Chuck?,..I have been talking to someone about Indian sign just like this one,just was wondering if this is the same sign? from New York
  7. I recently found a 1928 Indian Princess sidecar,will post scans soon,its really rusted as its been outside since the 1940's,...will post other finds from this old Indian Motorcycle junk yard this spri...
  8. do you know what State the photo's were taken?
  9. I have some info on this medal but dont know how to post scans here on this page,you can also reach me at thanks scott
  10. Hello JackArt, have an amazing collection!,....there's nothing better than surrounding oneself in yesterdays treasures,....If you have any Duplicates of your Motorcycle Magazines I am interested...
  11. I found some info on your medal and will post soon scott 802 885 6553
  12. real one dont have brass holes,...but beware some drill them out,....real one had smaller holes
  13. reproduction
  14. $200-350Value
  15. new reproduction,...sorry
  16. If anyone knows what year the Sinclair Aircraft sign is,please let me know? thanks cycles-past is my ebayname
  17. Great looking garage, you know of any one that has a Sinclair Aircraft sign?,..porcelain 4 ft round,....are these rare?,....expensive? thanks youngster! cycles-past
  18. These are cool,...I am looking for a Sinclair Aircraft sign that shows a airplane,.,..4 ft round porcelain,....someday perhaps?
  19. Thanks, you can tell this is a Harley-Davidson Board Tracker,....around 1915 Indian Motorcycle dominated the Motordrome's from 1908 to 1911 then Excelsior's have Indian a run for their money,......
  20. Hell,...Scott here,...Sorry to everyone for the delays,.We have been on the road tracking down Motorcycle History.Have some great pictures to share will post here and on facebook thanks last name is ...
  21. I will post some other FAM and old Indian Motorcycle memorabilia I have found (picked) since I was last on here,...scored a huge load of Indian Board Track photo's in Springfield Mass as well as parts...
  22. looks like a 1909-1912 loop frame single,...but could be wrong
  23. Be nice if you had the jersey huh!,.....and the bikes!!!,..very cool picture
  24. I'll send scans to some Indian Historian friends accross the pond,..sure they can shed some light on it,..You must have some real nice Historical Indian MC Items with family connection,..awesome!
  25. Very Nice Injun'
  26. I look everyday in barns hoping to find these!,....I'll check my research and get back to you on year, co-worker could tell us for sure,check scott bashaw on facebook
  27. These sign were reproduced back in the 70's maybe ever before so people have to be anything of value there is always someone trying to repop it,..
  28. its a 1908 Reserve tank. This was a Factory accessory one could order from the factory to add a extra tank of fuel. I wish you still had the tank,could have used it on a project,...thanks for sharing
  29. Many of the Indian Moto-Cycle dealership signs would say "the silent Indian" back then also
  30. I could give you someone's name who could tell you all about it and value email me at
  31. do you have any other old MC stuff?
  32. I would sell it to a yuppie!,.....most collectors condition is everything,with out seeing the entire can it hard to tell,....but the prices I stated are ebay averages I bought 20 or so of these years...
  33. 1940's Indian,.....I am more into the early bikes 1900-1920,...but buy these also let me know if you part with?
  34. If these are the real deal 1920's-30's Indian Neon sign your are talking 50K and up ,...priceless really
  35. Took one of these bikes (same color etc) for a test ride late one night made it 1/2 mile from sellers house when I totalled it,my girl was on the back but fell off before it got messy,that was 25 year...
  36. these may be fast but could they keep up with a 1905 Harley?
  37. I may have this same card in my collection,I will search and see? eBAY value $100-200
  38. these are from the 1930's-40's usually sell on eBAY for 100-250 and Indian cans from same era sell for more
  39. Only goingg to go up in value,....research well if you ever decide to sell it if all original,its worth big bucks
  40. Do you have any of their old bikes? or Race medals,etc....On EBAY this toy have sold for 400 and up sometimes depending on condition,...i am not really a toy guy though
  41. Great story!,...gotta love America
  42. at a glance looks like a Harley JD front 1920's I would put on eBAY someone could use it,....if not rotten all way through,probably worth 500 maybe less maybe more?
  43. I can probably I-D the motor if you post pictures,...there was about 300 American Motorcycle companies before WWI,....up until 1907 all Indian Motors were really a THOR motor or should say built by th...
  44. American Pickers would offer ya 100 bucks,.....hahaha,.....yea this sign should be in a Museum,.....the sqaure Indian Neon sign's sold for 25K and up I am Interested in it when the day comes
  45. Cool,...I am interested when the day comes
  46. looks like a foot board to a late teens-1930's Indian Motorcycle
  47. like anything,a place like Pawn Stars has so much exposer,..that's one reason why vintage items that are the same have a low and a high range of value,....sometimes you have to wait a long time to get...
  48. Cool, seeing old photo's relating to Motorcycle's
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