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I collect a bit of everything. It's all about what catches my eye :). I love the hunt, so I find most of my treasures at garage sales, markets and op shops.


  1. Thanks petey :)
  2. Thanks PhilDavidAlexanderMorris :)
  3. Stunning!
  4. Thanks petey! :)
  5. The egg plate sounds popular. I love these milk glass pieces :)
  6. Thanks nldionne and vetraio50 :)
  7. Thanks for your input trunkman :) I showed these to my partner last night and to l my surprise, he knew what they were. They're called papyrus paintings. He has seen them sold around markets in Austra...
  8. Sorry, no idea on maker but with the crown it would be pre 1822, I believe. Have a look here: .
  9. Thanks mustangtony :)
  10. Thanks blunderbuss2 :)
  11. Very cool. I've baked marbles in the oven before and it provides an awesome crackle effect.
  12. Thanks vetraio50:)
  13. Thanks bellin68. I was very happy to find this :)
  14. Thanks bellin68 :)
  15. I've found that some websites say 1946 and others say 1948. Strange.
  16. Oh, was it? That's odd. haha, I know absolutely nothing about cars. I bought this purely because I thought it was interesting :) Yes, sorry about that mustangtony... for some reason, it uploads it s...
  17. Thanks also nldionne & bratjdd :)
  18. Thankyou as always mustangtony and bellin68 :)
  19. Thanks mustangtony! :) I assumed it was 1950s but I didn't know who the maker was. This is my second milk glass find in as many weeks. I found a nice goblet for 50 cents :)
  20. Lovely!
  21. Thankyou so much for all the information mustangtony - it's very much appreciated :)
  22. Thanks mustangtony :)
  23. Thanks :)
  24. Thankyou :)
  25. Thanks for the love bratjdd :)
  26. oh wow, thanks heaps mustangtony! :)
  27. Thanks bratjdd :)
  28. Thanks mustangtony & mariasmerchandise :)
  29. Thanks mustangtony :)
  30. Thanks mustangtony :)
  31. It's funny you say that, because I've been thinking the same. He/she appears to be wearing a robe, long braid, and there is a band or crown around the head. I'm absolutely clueless lol.
  32. Thanks epson233. You know, I thought it was wood, but my partner thinks otherwise. He seems to think it may have been cast from a mould. It sounds kind of hollow. Perhaps it's painted to look like car...
  33. Thanks mustangtony :)
  34. Is it a music box as well? There were many different styles. I have a cream one in a different style (the music is really lovely). Ive seen them selling a lot on eBay and etsy. I've seen them listed ...
  35. Is it a music box as well? There were many different styles. I have a cream one in a different style (the music is really lovely). Ive seen them selling a lot on eBay and etsy. I've seen them listed ...
  36. Thanks pawis :)
  37. Stunning!
  38. oh, it's awesome! My oldest is from 1938. I love the simplicity of the old recipes :)
  39. Potpourri holder?
  40. Thanks miKKoChristmas11 and pawis :)
  41. Looking at the photos, it certainly doesn't appear to be malachite. I couldn't say if it is jade or not, though.
  42. I love how you've displayed your collection :) they're beautiful :)
  43. Wow, awesome collection! I love them :)
  44. I've been gifted two of these. They're pretty, but like epson233 said, typical dollar store or gift store item. :)
  45. Thanks vetraio50 :)
  46. Thanks vetraio50 :)
  47. Thanks mrmajestic1 & vetraio50 :)
  48. Thanks mustangtony :) Hmm,,, the pictures appear sideways on my iPad which is odd because they were upright when I uploaded them. Is it just me?
  49. oh wow! 15-20 - I wish!! No, we don't get many at all. There is ONE this weekend and it is almost 2 hours away from me. So, they're few and far between. You know, I very rarely see jewellery at garag...
  50. Thanks Frosty21 :)
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