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Hi, I work at a rubbish dump in london uk and now and again I find some Interesting antiques, Which is amazing as i love antiques. its crazy what some people Throw Hi, I work at a rubbish dump in london uk and now and again I find some Interesting antiques, Which is amazing as i love antiques. its crazy what some people Throw away. it is a great place to work,we get alot of Different things coming in to the dump, new and old but lucky for me I'm the only one at work who is into antiques, it's like a Treasure hunt everyday lol I've got a good eye I just need to find out the info on some of the Pieces. to Rescue what I can from the dump is really cool. I Collections assorts, 18th 19th books, 50's 60's 70's Records, Old dolls n teddy s, Old Weapons, Glass, Paintings, Old Ivory, Grotesque Erotic Unusual eerie Weird Ugly Creepy Gothic n Bizarre antiques. War memorabilia, Old 30's 40's 50's n so onMagazines Any memorabilia, Old boxes, Jewellery, Coins, Comics, Old bank notes, Old Postcards, Old Watches Pottery, Oriental art, Art, Carved wood, 60's 70's 80's Badges, Anything that is old and looks nice. This site is going to help me out a lot :) (Read more)


  1. Thanks for all your comments, it’s one of my best finds. I’m still going though the letters so il post some of them soon. It’s a shame you can’t put photos in the comments.
  2. Hi tubeamp, I will be getting the Collection out there, as they mite have some interesting things in the letters and diaries. Thanks for your concerned
  3. Thank you OlofZ for transcripting this letter, you done a great job.
  4. Thanks again olofz, you really are good at this. That makes sense, I got some paper work from St. John's, I think they go together, il have a look when I get them out next. Thanks again
  5. You are really good at reading these letters. Thank you for helping me to find out more about this Collection again.
  6. Hi blackwatch, Thanks for your information, I'm not to knowledgeable about the war but do like getting old war lots at work. This is amazing Collection and will be posting more when I can. Thanks ...
  7. Hi thrifty :) Hope you are well. Thanks, I thought it Neptune but wasn't sure. It looks so much better but my camera doesn't pick up the Quality of the piece. I google it and saw some similar st...
  8. Thanks for the information olofz I will try and post most of his stuff on here when I can. There is a lot of it.
  9. Antiquerose I don't use a Metal detector, I just recognise what loads to look though
  10. Yeah this site is great for sharing information. I am so thankful that people inform me on some of the things I post on here. Such a nice n helpful group of people
  11. It is a odd thing, I can't work it. The photos are not that clear on here, hopefully somebody will know what it is or was. It definitely deserves a spot in my cabinet of curiosities :)
  12. Thanks for your comments. Yes it feels like stone and it's heavy, it's definitely fossil or petrified I'm just not sure what it was.
  13. Oh yeah there was some Mexican art pieces with that load too. I will have a look at Mexican clay art animals and see if I can see anything like these. Thanks manikin
  14. Thanks Chris, That is great news, I've just looked up British Army Musician's sword and I think your right. I though that sword was genuine. Thanks again.
  15. Hi vetraio, I've never hear of epergne, so I've looked it up and I think you could be right, they do look like the glass pieces. Thanks :)
  16. Thanks fortapache for your information. I think you are right on the bayonets, the African spears maybe repro as with one of the swords but the one with the brass handed is real sharp and just has s...
  17. Thanks for all your comments, out of all my collections these are my favourite. Gus looks great, he would fit right into this Mötley Crüe of Scalawags
  18. Hi. Robert, So great to hear from you! Don't feel like someone threw the painting away on purporse, that is not always the case. Many valuable and personal items find their way to the dump, throug...
  19. Thanks vintagefran, I know it's ridiculous what some people throwaway Happy new year to you too, hope you had a lovely time.
  20. Happy new year to you vetraio50, hope you had a nice time.
  21. What year do you think the beaded bracelet was made, 1960's ?
  22. I wish the photos was cleaner, they look a bit dull.
  23. I thought it was in German. Thanks efesgirl
  24. I saw the same episode, they got some great finds, all them saved from the landfill never to be seen again. I've just took some photos Some of my Jewelry that I got from the dump I will post soon. ...
  25. Thanks efesgirl, I will be posting more Jewelry on here soon. Thanks again kyratango, it is a lovely piece, not sure what the metal is, is does need a good clean but I will let someone who knows ...
  26. Yes I found it at the dump, I work there driving the shovels n cranes, I've been working there 12 years n have found a unbelievable amount of antiques among other things. Most of my items on here are...
  27. I know, it's crazy what people throw away. I try not to question it. I work at the rubbish dump and find amazing items all the time. I got a lovely silver bowl with this load but it was badly dented...
  28. Hi celiene, Yes I work at the rubbish dump and find all my items I list on here. It's ridiculous what people throw away.
  29. This is a lovely trunk great find
  30. Thanks for your comments, this was a really cool find
  31. delete commentPhatbuddha Phatbuddha, Just now Thanks for all your comments, it is a interesting piece of history
  32. Thanks for your comment efesgirl, I wasn't sure if braun and hogenberg was the makers or the retailer. I know it's a print but it's a really old print, why do you think it's not 400 years old? Fr...
  33. Hi guys :) It's been awhile since I was on here. I will be posting more of my finds again just been a busy busy bee lately. It looks just like yours antiquerose, it's a slightly different shape...
  34. Hi The20thCenturyJoy, I think it was on one of the legs I had to sell mine as it was a huge. Good luck :) Dave
  35. Your in the same boat as me then Roycroft. That's good to hear walksoftly This is a toughie, I'm not having much joy : /
  36. Hi walksoftly :) Hope you are doing well. It doesn't look like something made in the UK. The only T.A.G I know of would be the watch, I had a look but couldn't find anything yet. il see if ...
  37. Thanks tubeamp and olofz you are right it's a crown, the shape of the shied is the same on the crown and mine doesn't have the elephant on it. I've weight it and it's 14.1g The sliver Half crown ...
  38. Cool piece, she got a good look.
  39. Hi surfdub66, Thank you for finding him so quick, it was lucky as they took it down (again after editing them) just after you posted your message. It's ridiculous you can't show a Picture of the ...
  40. Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to putting them on individually so you can have a better look on each of them
  41. Merry Christmas vetraio50
  42. Thanks tubeamp for your info, I was stuck on his name,, You have make it easyer for me to look his stuff up.
  43. I wish my girlfriend tho they was cute lol
  44. I wouldn't say I'm big on them but when they are on the telly I'm watching it. They remind me of my childhood as my mum watched them all the time.
  45. Sid has the best laugh,that alone makes me want to watch one of the films lol
  46. Thanks for your info guys,it was really helpful It got alittle heated in here so I tho I would wait to thank you. Hiya Walksoftly, I did try but couldn't focuses properly, maybe it needs a clean...
  47. Thanks guys , glad to be back. I've got some good finds lately it's just hard finding the time to post them on here. Hope you are doing well :)
  48. That's a great find :)
  49. VintageFran this is one of my favourite pieces
  50. AmberRose a lot of my friends go to Thailand too, my brother goes there all the time. I can't wait, as I've never left Europe. Thanks vintageFran for all your kind comments, I love Gothic n unusua...
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