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Jonesboro, Arkansas

I am a mother, grandmother, former art teacher, tapestry weaver, long time collector of art, oriental rugs and other interesting objects. My husband and I have goneI am a mother, grandmother, former art teacher, tapestry weaver, long time collector of art, oriental rugs and other interesting objects. My husband and I have gone on many search ventures together. We love our family, friends and our German Shepherd dogs. (Read more)


  1. great design- love it.
  2. I sold "Summer Cat" this past year on ebay at a very good profit. One day, if luck permits, I may find "Winter Cat"!
  3. stomasausk, glad to help! I do recall that Mr Kuhn was an engineer and worked in that capacity somewhere in the area of Cleveland. Also, He was much sought and won awards in many exhibits in th...
  4. believe it to be from Iran (persian design). very nice with lots of age obviously. The size also indicates some age. It appears to be quite worn but is very collectible.
  5. this is a dhurry handwoven rug not to be confused with a Khelim. Many of these patterns were woven in India.
  6. latched rug with wool
  7. looks American southwest to me. The materials are very similar to rugs produced in Mexico, and New Mexico.
  8. need a good clear closeup of the back of the rug. From the pic, it appears machine made. Need close up of selvedge also.
  9. chain is a stitch done on top of a weave- its a common stitch used in crochet-but not as common in weaving. It adds terrific texture. Soumac is an overhand weave - it takes a weft over the top of th...
  10. epi's (weavers lingo), meaning ends per inch. The higher the number of ends of yarn per inch, the finer the weave. Cant really tell from pic, but appears the weft ends (yarn hanging out back) are h...
  11. love this rug. Very tight woven, many epi's. Has some value.
  12. cant really tell from the pics, but I believe you will find the rug has been chained or a sumac weave. Parts of it are definitely chained, but the background may be soumac, sometimes referred to as s...
  13. are you sure its gobelin? Look at the back and study to see if it is handwoven or jacquard. Is there a mark in the selvedge? Etc.
  14. yes it is! Good eye.
  15. good collection. I find myself gravitating toward older silver too. I have quite a few pieces.
  16. I love mid century modern chairs- and Thonet has some great designs. You got a real deal.
  17. is it handwoven? Sure would like to see a close up of the backside. Also, would be nice to see a pic of it in upright position. Th anks
  18. to you think if you post the p ic upside down to what you have it, that someone could identify it? I believe the handle should be on the right and the flat board on the bottom. It reminds me of a ...
  19. wonderful colors!! To bad it isnt all in one piece as it would be a great museum item. Jacquard is the word. thanks for showing this .
  20. very, very, nice.
  21. try researching the name GUNDERSON. He was a well known pastel painter and very prolific.
  22. well, I can assure you that I would have paid 80.00 for it any day of the week as I love expressionistic work.
  23. I love the cover!!
  24. thank you ARJason,etc., and Pop_, the references will help. When I get the back off, I will post further information. Thanks again.
  25. I just now posted the case for the watch, but was unable to open the back. I'll have to take it to a jeweler as I do not want to damage it. I'll eventually get it done!!
  26. You have some beautiful things, but tell me about the bronze horse statue in the background of your picture. I love it, it looks like a Bayre or Mene- is it?
  27. Yes, these are yarn bobbins. The large one was used to hold lots of yarn for production. The small ones are also yarn bobbins for weaving. They are now collectible.
  28. In 1955, my husband purchased this same TV set as our very first. It had rabbit ears and lasted a very long time (throughout our college years.)
  29. try researching NORTHWOOD. look on the bottom to see if there is a diamond shape with an N inside.
  30. I believe this is the very prolific Arkansas glass, etc..... It is everywhere in Ark, Miss, La, etc..... I hope I am wrong, but dont think so.
  31. what a great find.
  32. we call these camel bells- used on fancy riding harnesses on camels.
  33. I have a serving plate with the same frosted raised design- it is not marked and appears to be fairly new. It is beautiful as yours is and whether it has much value or not, its okay because I like it!!
  34. my favorite sewing machines! I have two featherweights bought at estate sales in Iowa. They are the best.
  35. He is well known, born in the 1920's famous for a specific style of painting in sports figures and events. He taught at Act Academy of Chicago and other well known schools. If this is original and...
  36. for many years, this has been one of my favorite prints.
  37. the carved design looks very Pennsylvania Dutch to me. Is it oak? Are there any marks on the bottom or inside drawer?
  38. Youre right!! Monet and even shades of Van Gogh (more subtle, of course). The Art Institute of Chicago is a great place to spend time. They have a large collection of Georgia O'keefe too. No, Im no...
  39. well, I can tell you that I got a set of this Samsonite luggage for my high school graduation in 1952!! That dates me and the luggage. Good luck.
  40. Thank you Marcobabe13, and I must agree, she is a super nice daughter. She is one of three super nice daughters that I enjoy.
  41. what a beautiful set but I cannot make out the marks on the bottom.
  42. you didnt mention if the picture frame is original to the pic. After checking a very similar painting, I believe it is Dutch. There is a reproduction artist named Clausen who does great Dutch art pa...
  43. dont know who made it but Im betting it is very rare. Beautiful
  44. what a great source of information. Thank you so much. He has wanted to touch base with old navy buddies for some time now. Salute to you.
  45. Savoychina1, I did not know about the website you gave me- I know how to find the ships tho!! My husband is having a ball trying to look up old buddies. Thank you so much.
  46. love the pictures. I grew up on a rice farm at Stuttgart, Ark., and we had our horses, cows, and pigs. I loved them all and still do. My favorite horse died at age 37 and it broke my h eart.
  47. sure looks Danish to me- it is beautiful. Any markings whatsoever?
  48. Hey, you will find several hits about the artist on The museum of Art in Columbia, Mo., may be a place to start also.
  49. Thank you!! By the way, you have an interesting bio- kind of a free spirit arent you? Way to go. I also love your English Bulldog.
  50. I forgot to say that doesnt it remind you of another famous artist's painting?
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