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I collect Art Deco Clocks, mainly marble but have a few wooden and metal ones. I love the clean lines of the art deco period. I also collectand fine art sculpture I collect Art Deco Clocks, mainly marble but have a few wooden and metal ones. I love the clean lines of the art deco period. I also collectand fine art sculpture and prints from the Art Deco period. I retired last year on my 66th birthday by profession I was a Technical Writer. Now I travel, when the mood strikes and search for Deco goodies. The J B Hirsch information contained in this section is copyrighted by me. (Read more)


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1948 Abbotsware Capital Records Bozo clock with Pennwood Movement. - Clocksin Clocks
4 Bulle Clocks, Not my Favorites - Clocksin Clocks
Whitehall-Hammond Agate Clock 1928-31 - Clocksin Clocks
1926 Leon Hatot Round Bass Wall Clock - Clocksin Clocks
1929 Leon Hatot Wall Clock, Model number 3003A - Clocksin Clocks
Smith Metal Arts, SilverCrest model 202-36, 1948 - Art Decoin Art Deco
1935 Chome and Glass Leon Hatot ATO clock lamp. - Art Decoin Art Deco
"Gypsy" Box Lid, Demitre Chiparus  - Art Decoin Art Deco
1929 Black and White Marble Leon Hatot ATO Clock with Pewter Plated Owl Finial  - Clocksin Clocks
1929 Green and Black Onyx ATO Mantle or Shelf Clock - Clocksin Clocks


  1. racer4four Thanks, and these four are enough for me. Russ
  2. California would be the ideal place to find them especially near wineries. they are grape shears used for cutting stalk but not hurting the fruit. I have a cousin in Sausalito.
  3. Thanks, Newfld.
  4. Thanks Bruce99
  5. Watchsearcher, I am the same way.
  6. Those alarms will raise the dead when they go off. My Gilbert 3205 scared the daylights out of me when it went off. Great clock
  7. The motors are fine and they do get hot, if you want, place a thin piece of aluminum (not foil) next to the motor to dissipate the heat. RLW
  8. Your clock was made by MARPA a French clock company, there is little info available on this company, their trademark was a leaping Gazelle, the name appears on their marble and alabaster clock faces a...
  9. The year of manufacturing is stamped on the movement, you have to remove the hands, the alarm ring and the dial, the year is located near the clock stem.
  10. On these two abor clocks, facing you the abor (winding stem) on the right winds the time, the one on the left winds the strike. You can not stop the alarm mechanism, so wind it half or a third of ...
  11. Thanks, moved the picture
  12. Check this out Callophone info begins near the bottom of the first column. https://books.google.com/books?id=9KxLAQAAIAAJ&pg=PA2953&lpg=PA2953&dq=Callophone&source=bl&ots=NdOM17vU5f&sig=ACfU3U1nDkhSei...
  13. She was manufactured in 1927 by the J. B. Hirsch foundry "Danseuse Des Indes" (Indian Dancer" after Ignacio Gallo, 1927. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/261759-j-b-hirsch-danseuse-des-indes...
  14. I bought the 2261 because of it's condition. I bought the 2210 because at the time I didn't care about it's appearance I just wanted the chassis. Brasso (Brass cleaner and polish) does a great j...
  15. Thanks for the new loves
  16. You are all knowing on everything, Still pathetic
  17. Thomas Electronic Corp also made Reproductions of this item also. Go back to hocking your cheap glass as antiques. Funny if someone get more love or likes than any of you cheap glass, you label thei...
  18. 1910-15
  19. Your lamp was made by the J. B. Hirsch Co. in 1926, It is labeled "Wait Here", she is also missing her fan that would be on her lap, check out my lamp at the link below. https://www.collectorsweekly....
  20. It is an Open Well Free Swinging clock.
  21. Thanks for all the loves. Russ
  22. kwqd, Thanks. Russ
  23. Newfld, Nijinsky, if I recall got in trouble for being scantily clad during his performances of The Afternoon of a Faun and his other ballets Jeux and Le Sacre du printemps.
  24. I forgot to mention that it does chime on the hour and half hour. The chime coil is large.
  25. The clock has a opening cut out of the bottom near the front of the clock that is about 4" which makes me think that it was mounted on something that fit in that slot (you can barely see it in the for...
  26. Wayfair and Hirsch have released a number of lamps featuring Hirsch figures. These are in my collection https://www.pinterest.com/pin/574138652474765227/ https://d3h6k4kfl8m9p0.cloudfront.net/sto...
  27. It is fairly new, it was manufactured by Hirsch, in one of the newer releases of his Collection Francaise it will either have a Collection Francaise button somewhere on the base, or a sticker on the b...
  28. jscott0363 I called it a "Holy Manuscript" but grail works also.
  29. Newfld When I walked into the hotel, I went to the front desk and asked where the round table was. The clerk behind the desk told me that it was a replica of the original, then pointed to the right ...
  30. Mr. Fitz and Mr. Floyd were in a relationship with one another, it was common news at the company that was based in Farmers Branch TX just outside of Dallas on Luna Rd.(Then). From what I understand...
  31. This budgie box was manufactured for Fitz and Floyd in 1983. I worked for them in their Import section rating and clearing shipments through customs. Yoshi was the head buyer for giftware and some c...
  32. No I do not believe she is from the 20's she is probably mid to late 30's. I have her without the light. Hirsch imported and bought European molds before WWI and after. The argument that Hirsch did n...
  33. pw-collector, good luck Dave.
  34. Is it the 2 inch or the 5, I have a copper one, and an Ivory one both with boxes and tags. I also have a blue 2 inch one without the box.
  35. Great clock/watch, I have been on the lookout for one of these.
  36. The Arlington is my favorite also. jscotto363.
  37. More than likely the pendulum needs to be adjusted. It is suspended through a kruch that causes the the escapement to advance when the pudendum swings back and forth. https://www.youtube.com/watch...
  38. Thank you racer4four.
  39. Lisa you'er welcome.
  40. Thanks for the comments Brunswick and Newfld.
  41. Thanks jscotto 363
  42. I would take the word of an auctioneer over your's any day.
  43. It is an Art Deco wooden mantle clock, probably made between 1935-40. It probably chimes on the hour and half hour. As for value, you need to get it appraised. Check the movement for any marks
  44. This has the magic eye.
  45. It even has the magic eye feature that helps to tune it.
  46. Phil didn't misspeak he and Berman (for once) got it right on Phil's post, that's what I meant when I said he should check his own attributions before assigning others to another item. From my pers...
  47. Harold Berman was an extended hobbyist, he had no art certification and his books are riddled with errors, Heritage Auctions say they only use his books for the illustrations but warn they could be wr...
  48. This is what is termed a Farm Radio, you can buy a Battery Eliminator most of which are voltage adjustable, to play it. Russ
  49. The name of the piece is "Trop Risque" ("Too Risk"), she is made of Ivorine and Spelter, in 1928, after Godard
  50. Looks like raw topaz.
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