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Ithaca, NY

For no apparent reasons I started to collect clocks about two years ago. Actually, I was very much impressed when I saw, for the first time, an “Ithaca clock”, in doFor no apparent reasons I started to collect clocks about two years ago. Actually, I was very much impressed when I saw, for the first time, an “Ithaca clock”, in downtown Ithaca, NY, several years ago. Later I fell in love with American brands such as Telechron/GE, Hammond, Stanford, Manning-Bowman, etc. The design and quality of the material of these clocks blew my mind since the first time. After all, why to be surprised, my father is a stamp collector!! (Read more)


  1. Beautiful clock!!
  2. Your collection is beautiful. I must congratulate you because your choices are always spectacular.
  3. thanks!
  4. Very much!!...thanks
  5. I have not seen a beautiful clock like this for a long time. I'm impress by the face and hands of the clock. Such a delicate design. Congratulations!
  6. Was restored? It is in flawless condition! I really love it.
  7. Beautiful eyes and smile of your grandmother in the picture!!...
  8. I did not know that the etched diamond pattern is "in the glass"...You are right! Thanks Chadakoin...!!
  9. Beautiful clock!
  10. dear mhlatke, I also love timers!! I found it more interesting that plain clocks. Thanks!
  11. I love it!....This model is really beautiful...
  12. Hi Dottie, it is funny how many things you can ¨see¨ in a clock dial face, it is like a figure from a Rorschach test!! Any way, there are two things that I like to pay attention when I watch a clock, ...
  13. Dottie, I´m sorry I should said ¨¿¨ in place of ¨quotation¨...
  14. The clock is beautiful, and really in wonderful condition. I love some details of the face, such as the number 7 which appears as a combination of ´quotation´ and a ´tilde´ on top of it. This kind of ...
  15. Dear Dottie, first at all, thanks you very much for your lovely comment about my clocks collection. I do not know anything about Hamilton clocks but I will love to see it!!...if you post it, please le...
  16. The scale is in fantastic condition!...
  17. Dear Passingfancy, thanks you very much! I'm very glad to know that you love my clock collection. It also makes me feel very good sharing it with collectors, like you, able to appreciate it.
  18. Thanks officalfuel!!
  19. A Hammond clock is one of my favorite brands. I have not seen any of these models before...very nice!
  20. I like this Victrola...I have Tango's record (very hard and heavy too) and they play so nice..! Actually, I have a Victrola too, but smaller...
  21. Spectacular!!
  22. I have a question. Does the Hotpoint timer run as a standard clock? Thanks!
  23. I love this Hotpoint timer!
  24. I like very much the picture of the first is a beautiful car!
  25. Dear Chadakoin, thanks you very much for your comment. Actually, this clock is one of my favorite clocks too!! It runs very nice and it is very accurate. I love the barbershop-like rotating dial in th...
  26. You are right!!...I make a mistake. I will try to follow your advice. Thanks you very much!
  27. Thanks you Savoychina1!!....actually I feel a "Salieri" of Chadakoin collection...
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