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Ontario, Canada

Personal Website: antiquemodelcanoes.com

Collector of antique model canoes and kayaks from around the world, especially US and Can. factory 'salesman samples' c. 1870-1930. Also miniature sample paddles, viCollector of antique model canoes and kayaks from around the world, especially US and Can. factory 'salesman samples' c. 1870-1930. Also miniature sample paddles, vintage hunting decoys, some Native art and older furniture. (Read more)


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recent "barn find" - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
7 ' Chestnut Canoe Co. store display sample model, c. 1910 - Advertisingin Advertising
c. 1924 Kennebec Canoe Co. factory display model (aka 'salesman's sample') - Advertisingin Advertising
Four nice little Northwest Coast Native American paddles - Native Americanin Native American
Factory display ("salesman's sample") Carleton Canoe Co. model, c. 1910-15 - Advertisingin Advertising
Extremely rare 42" model of an Alaskan 4-hole baidarka, c. 1900 - Native Americanin Native American
'One-of-a-kind' salesman sample canoe model, Old Town Canoe Co. 1940's - Advertisingin Advertising
what NOT to buy when thinking of collecting  'salesman's sample', 'factory display' or Native American canoe models - Advertisingin Advertising
little things that make a collector's day worthwhile - Native Americanin Native American


  1. Thank you so much for the very kind comments. I'm always delighted when friends write to say how much they enjoy seeing the items in my sample collection (www.antiquemodelcanoes.com). If you are in th...
  2. I think you meant to ask your question under my post re the Saggahew ski samples, but since you have asked here, it seems I must/should answer here, also. I would think you could probably ask, and ...
  3. Thanks. Actually, that second photo wasn't the best, so I have added another. And, I need to point out that a second mallard drake by Hart was subsequently found, though a bit damaged and not quite as...
  4. cindyjune: You can find a list of excellent canoe restoration/repair people on the pages of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association: http://www.wcha.org/buildsupply/repairrestore.php. At least two of t...
  5. cindyjune: I also have an 18' Old Town HW (heavy water) AA grade 1949 sailing canoe with sponsons - virtually impossible to tip or to sink. Great fun, but much too heavy to go out often. In beautiful...
  6. Thanks to all for the kind comments. Over the years of collecting things, I have found that it is not just the 'stuff' I find, but the truly interesting, wonderful folks I encounter along the way, and...
  7. LOL Bootson. I always warn folks who want to buy/display a canoe or kayak model for their collection to think in terms of a 30" cut-off limit. It's fairly easy to find a shelf, desk or small table on ...
  8. ho2cultcha: sorry to have overlooked your question way back when. I took a much closer look at the medals; they may not be exactly from a boy's camp. There is an inscription around the edge which read...
  9. Thanks to all who have loved and appreciated this old gal; she's a truly wonderful example from the 'roaring 20's'.
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  13. Hi brad and musikchoo. Thanks for the question. I have this on consignment from the current owner, in whose family it has been since 1979. It is currently on display at the show, looking for a new hom...
  14. Thanks buflogar and mikelikesigns2. I'm currently at the Midwest Decoy Show, and there have been a number of folks looking at this piece, for whom it evokes fond memories of youthful adventures. our t...
  15. Thanks to mrmajestic, ttomtucker, officialfuel and BELLIN for the kind support.
  16. Thanks officialfuel for the love, and Tlynnie for the supportive comment. What I really hope is that potential buyers will find and read my 'guide' before they bid or buy something, and avoid getting ...
  17. Scott: Many of the "red flags" are outlined in the buyer's guide on eBay under my name - roger-y. See: "antique salesman sample canoes - tips on avoiding fakes". It is quite extensive and, I'm please...
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  23. sayer, first of all, thanks for the kind support. Now, as to your question, I have the feeling that whatever I say will find both detractors as well as supporters. It's a very difficult one to answer ...
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  49. Thanks, Tlynnie. I bought these originally because of their canoe-related styles, when that part of my collection was expanding. Right now, it's headed in another direction.
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Anvil Made From Old Railroad Track Pepsi Cola..28" Tin Sign...Stout Sign Co. 1931 Countertop 1 cent baseball game. 1974 Norton Commando Whizzer motor bike Suited Stained Glass Windows WW1 Sopwith Triplane Trench Art Late 1700's antique Brass Tack Trunk Two boys one dad and two birds Pinball on a Wall Extremely rare quill knife with guillotine C1810/20 Rodgers, William 4th or Geo 4th, and a few others from my collection Vintage Pedal Scooter Marx and Wyandotte Tin Reijmyre Sweden artdeco vaseline lion head dish Evans Ten Strike Arcade Game 6FT Wright Brothers Glider Plane


Odd find at the goodwill store.


posted 11 years ago