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  1. What you found is a Magic Mike robot. Here is a link where you can get a brief description and see the other versions.
  2. Really nice find and it cleaned up very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Super find. I have always had a soft spot for rubber toys ( Sun-Auburn-etc.) and this is a great example.
  4. I believe that your Grandfather's die cast toy car was made by Kenton in the early 1930's and it a representation of a Pierce Arrow. I was able to find a convertible model online and if you would care...
  5. Not sure what the mystery is, but you have a Dinky Toys Fire Chiefs car No. 257. It was made during the 1960's.
  6. Always glad to be of assistance. Here is a link to one I came across online.
  7. Hi, Your aircraft carrier type folding wing airplane was made by All Metal Products Company better known as Wyandotte, which was where the company was based in Michigan. It is pre-war and you can fin...
  8. She's a beauty. A very nice addition to your posts. Thanks for sharing it here.
  9. Very nice job
  10. Always glad to help. If you would care to see some of the other figures from this series, you can check my post from several months ago.
  11. What you have there is a Buck Rogers figure cast in lead from a mold made by Rapaport Bros. of Chicago. That particular mold also had a Killer Kane figure of the same size and a Wilma Derring figure t...
  12. Wow, these are some terrific, rare vintage tin windup toys. You probably know about the Marx Pinocchio, but the Mammy was made in the 1920's to the 1930's by Lindstrom Tool & Toy Company of Bridgeport...
  13. Congratulations on your find. That is truly spectacular.
  14. Absolutely love those guys on stilts and the boxing kangaroos
  15. Your truck was probably made in the late 1940's to early 1950's. Here is a link to a Richmond Dump Truck listed as from the 50's.
  16. CAD1949, always glad to help.
  17. I believe that your Telephone Truck was made by Structo. I have attached a link to one I came across online.
  18. I have a few of these Catapult Flying Model kits by Estes which were made in the late 1990's myself. They can be found on Ebay for under $10.
  19. Very cool item.
  20. Nice toy, great litho and an interesting history. Nice spotting AR8Jason.
  21. Awesome!
  22. It appears that your Dad's train is Lionel Jr. Model 1700 which was made during the the mid 1930's. I have included a link to one which is not in as nice condition as yours:
  23. Your figures were made by Barclay and they probably date from the 1930's. They would be accessories for a train set and were hand painted. I have attached a few links for you. The first is an Ebay lis...
  24. I am attaching a link to what appears to me to be another version of your car. It has a number 8 on the front instead of 6 and is described as a representation of Jim Clark's Lotus 40/Indy Car. The li...
  25. Nice spotting Zatsoc
  26. A real beauty bacco. Here is a link you might enjoy:
  27. It's a beauty. May I ask how large it is and if you know the maker?
  28. Glad to help. By the way, the slot for putting money in the bank was in the plate for the bottom as well as a simple lock and the makers mark. Here is a link to a Cadillac from Banthrico were you can ...
  29. It appears you have a Banthrico cast promotional bank. Banthrico started out in the 1930's making promotional banks of animals and buildings. After WW2 they focused on precision metal replica banks of...
  30. Very nice toy. It's interesting to see that boys still had toys despite material restrictions imposed during the War. The following link shows a tank that looks as though it was probably made by the ...
  31. Now that's the way to care for old toys. Glad to be of help.
  32. Here is a link for a completed sale for a Cadillac like yours. I think yours is in much nicer condition, so you can expect to get a bit more than the price they realized. She's a real beauty, display ...
  33. The slip cover graphics are indeed gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.
  34. Wow, what a sweet heart. I wish the one I posted from a friends property could be made to look like this. Super work, I hope your Dad is happy.
  35. Really nice piece Doc. I also like the postcards as a background for your photos. They seem appropriate to the delivery truck.
  36. Very nice guy, this is in beautiful condition.
  37. I agree with chevy59, beautiful work. The reason for the Pat Pend may be that this was the introduction of the new model of the Tonka Wrecking Truck. Here is a link to the previous Wrecker from 1957: ...
  38. This toy quacks me up, love the cowboy hat.
  39. Marxtastic peice guy
  40. I think this closed Ebay sale is your toy. It is described as being a very rare Steiff Chipmunk constructed of mohair and of considerable age. You will notice the stitching of the nose in the second p...
  41. Looks like they will both look good together. Nice pieces.
  42. I may be wrong, but this looks like it might be Stieff.
  43. Awesome. That is more than likely a hand made one off creation. I love the use of bicycle chain for the tracks.
  44. Great pieces stefdesign, were these made as part of the Sunny Suzie line?
  45. That's a beauty. I have always had a passion for boxes and it seems to run in the family as my nephew also seems to share that trait. Thanks for sharing it.
  46. Great piece Tim, I love the Jeep's reaction.
  47. Congrats!
  48. Love the graphics
  49. It's nice to know you have had your Mego figures for so long and they appear to be in very nice condition. I have included a few links you may wish to view to get some idea of what is out there so you...
  50. Very nice restoration and I love your picture of the budding shade tree mechanic.
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