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I am so passionate about antiques & collectables:)


Possibly French or Belgium studio pottery vase  - Potteryin Pottery
Military Amber glass bottle - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Old silver coins  - World Coinsin World Coins
Possibly Russian pottery wall plate  - Potteryin Pottery
Art Deco Nude Bohemian Art Glass Vase I think! - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Hello IVAN49, Thank you so much for your comment, it did help me a lot & yes I thought of polish copies as bought from a polish couple! You just spot on Thank you:) I will check them at the loca...
  2. Hello rockbat, Thank you for your comment:) Tried the magnet it looks silver but never know it has to be tasted!
  3. Hi maryh1956, Thank you for your comment & the very helpful link:) xx
  4. Very beautiful :)
  5. Stunning love it:):)
  7. What ever is it French or Bohemian you have a stuning glass vase!! Love it :)
  8. Thanks for loving Samita & Leahgoodwin:)
  9. O my God this is called true art stunning:):)
  10. Wow I love it is stunning beautiful:):)
  11. You are very welcome Agram.m:)
  12. It is unusual I love it:)
  13. Thanks for the love Leahgoowin Vetraio AmberRose Slave-to-glass ATTWOOD
  14. Thanks for loving and kind words Sean:)
  15. Stunning collection on that cabinet love it:):)
  16. Thanks for the love, moonstonelovers21:) charcoal:)
  17. Stunning really love it:)
  18. so cute & stunning work:):)
  19. This is stunning art love it:)
  20. Stunning :)
  21. Stunning:) I can't stop looking photo number 2 it's great love it:)
  22. Stunning:)
  23. You are very welcome! thanks for sharing :):)
  24. stunning beautiful:):)
  25. is one on etsy for sale not same as yours but it is from a same maker
  26. This is real deal watch I love it:):):)
  27. here is a similar one check this
  28. You are most welcome:):) My son loves mickey mouse & daffy duck so much:):)
  29. You are most welcome:)
  30. You are most welcome Vetraio:)
  31. Youa are most welcome Vetraio:):)
  32. you are more then welcome Moon XOXO
  33. Beautiful!!! :):):)
  34. Your very welcome:)
  35. Beautiful love it :):):)
  36. Have a look this website Magnificent Mother of Pearl opera binoculars??
  37. I bet it is:):)
  38. Hope you will get your money back:):)
  39. What a great collection stunning:):):)
  40. O my God I love them so much they are beautiful love it love it love it :):):)
  41. I love this its soo cute :) xoxox
  42. Moonstonelovers21,Your welcome:)
  43. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful????????????????????
  44. Hi Sean, Your most welcome:)
  45. I don't do pick & deliver Amathena!! but I will be collecting in the future:):):)
  46. I see this stoneware design very often locally!!!
  47. very beautiful :)
  48. It is Murano millefiori vase. Moonstonelovers21 she's right!! check this website find out more??
  49. Your are very welcome Moon????
  50. Gorgeous!!
  51. See more


Hopi pot by Fannie Nampeyo Vintage Kelly Style Bag 1950s-1960s


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