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I am so passionate about antiques & collectables:)


  1. Hi maryh1956, Thank you for your comment & the very helpful link:) xx
  2. Very beautiful :)
  3. Stunning love it:):)
  4. What ever is it French or Bohemian you have a stuning glass vase!! Love it :)
  5. Thanks for loving Samita & Leahgoodwin:)
  6. O my God this is called true art stunning:):)
  7. Wow I love it is stunning beautiful:):)
  8. You are very welcome Agram.m:)
  9. It is unusual I love it:)
  10. Thanks for the love Leahgoowin Vetraio AmberRose Slave-to-glass ATTWOOD
  11. Thanks for loving and kind words Sean:)
  12. Stunning collection on that cabinet love it:):)
  13. Thanks for the love, moonstonelovers21:) charcoal:)
  14. Stunning really love it:)
  15. so cute & stunning work:):)
  16. This is stunning art love it:)
  17. Stunning:) I can't stop looking photo number 2 it's great love it:)
  18. Stunning:)
  19. You are very welcome! thanks for sharing :):)
  20. stunning beautiful:):)
  21. is one on etsy for sale not same as yours but it is from a same maker
  22. This is real deal watch I love it:):):)
  23. here is a similar one check this
  24. You are most welcome:):) My son loves mickey mouse & daffy duck so much:):)
  25. You are most welcome Vetraio:)
  26. Youa are most welcome Vetraio:):)
  27. you are more then welcome Moon XOXO
  28. Beautiful!!! :):):)
  29. Have a look this website Magnificent Mother of Pearl opera binoculars??
  30. I bet it is:):)
  31. Hope you will get your money back:):)
  32. What a great collection stunning:):):)
  33. O my God I love them so much they are beautiful love it love it love it :):):)
  34. I love this its soo cute :) xoxox
  35. Moonstonelovers21,Your welcome:)
  36. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful????????????????????
  37. very beautiful :)
  38. It is Murano millefiori vase. Moonstonelovers21 she's right!! check this website find out more??
  39. Your are very welcome Moon????
  40. Gorgeous!!
  41. I have one like this to & I think they are whitefriars have a look at this website!!!
  42. Thats gorgeous :) :) :) :)
  43. Stunning ????????
  44. Wow!!!????????????????
  45. OMG!!!! BEAUTIFUL!
  46. See more


Hopi pot by Fannie Nampeyo Vintage Kelly Style Bag 1950s-1960s


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