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Smashed Kralik Amphora Opalescent Red Handled Vase OMG! I AM Crying!

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    Posted 8 years ago

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    Well I am sure you all have experienced this at one time or another....or maybe not! This just arrived today with the red bowl I just a loose box of stuffing and hardly any padding to both of them. This was going to be one of my pride and joy....this would have measured about 9.5 inches and in mint condition!!!!! I am crying all day!!! The mailman handed me the packed that rattled with glass!!! I am thinking the red bowl was too heavy to not be sent separately...and it banged against the vase :((((((((

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    1. AmberRose AmberRose, 8 years ago
      Get money back!
    2. LOUMANAL LOUMANAL, 8 years ago
      Feel terrible for you Lee! I've had quite a few of these thrown together packing deals. I would also endeavor to get my $ back. BOB
    3. kerry10456 kerry10456, 8 years ago
      Strongly agree with Amber, you won't have the vase, but at least your money spent. Sorry to see that some people don't have a clue on how to ship somethings
    4. BigTex BigTex, 8 years ago
      Awwww, that makes me sick. I really liked the red handles.
    5. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 8 years ago
      Amber, what makes me freak out is that there r 2 more rare vases coming from the same person and he packaged them also. :(((((. And they all should have been send either In huge box or separately and all Kralik
    6. AmberRose AmberRose, 8 years ago
      Email them and see how they respond. If poorly, cancel!
    7. scottvez scottvez, 8 years ago
      Too bad about the damage, but it is sellers responsibility.

      At least you can get your money back.

    8. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 8 years ago
      Scott, Amber, this was done off eBay and paid by money order....sigh :(
    9. vetraio50 vetraio50, 8 years ago
      Dreadful! Looks like loose packing.
      Double packing needs to be done carefully.

      Sellers are skimping on the basics.
      Bubble wrap should be mandatory!
      Peanuts too!

      I received a package from the US the other day that was lucky to get here intact.
      No bubble wrap.
      No peanuts.
      Just brown paper!
      All in a large box.

      I was just lucky!
      I wish you luck with the others Moon!

    10. DrFluffy DrFluffy, 8 years ago
      So sad... Sorry Moon.
    11. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 8 years ago
      Nadia, thanks :0 XO
    12. scottvez scottvez, 8 years ago
      Don't think it matters HOW you paid-- ebay buyer protection still works.

      Contact the seller and give them the opportunity to "make it right", if they don't then raise it as an issue.

    13. Aimathena Aimathena, 8 years ago
      There should be a dislike button =^( I am so sorry that happened to you Lee. I know how excited you were for it to arrive. Big hugs. I hope the seller makes this up to you, as well as packages everything else you purchased properly.
    14. Glasseyed Glasseyed, 8 years ago
      Ugg, Sorry to see that,Especially when you are so looking forward to having it in your collection!
    15. Manikin Manikin, 8 years ago
      Sorry to see your broken treasure Moon :-( I have had a few people ship to me in worst packing I normally have them insure . I understand what you are saying though it was a not a ebay sale , you bought direct from seller . In that case ebay can't help . If it was uninsured , but Post office also will not pay if packed poorly and they want photo's of packing and box . It is a double tradgedy a fine piece of glassware gone and your money . But I do undertand your concern on one on way yet from seller . Hopefully you wrote and told to pack separate . I have shipped some pretty fragile dolls and mannequins and it can take me a long time to get it packed just right and in right size box . Breakage can occur if vase was in box that was not long enough to withstand a impact needs several inches . I am sure your ill about it . I don't collect glassware because of that reason it is just to risky for me . I enjoy the beauty by just seeing it . Hope you feel better tomorrow :-(
    16. mikelv85 mikelv85, 8 years ago
      What a shame . I would have been devastated and pissed at the same time ! Some people have no common sense on how to package fragile items. The carriers are even more at fault. They have to be packed to withstand being tossed across a room anymore or this is what happens. Don't throw it out though. There are some good restoration places that can do wonders.
    17. nldionne nldionne, 8 years ago
      My problems are when package gets crushed. Can throw it across the room and its okay but what do you do when the put a 2 ton package on top of it. Sorry Moon.
    18. kerry10456 kerry10456, 8 years ago
      Eye4, truer words have never been spoken, doesn't have to be glass to fall into that idea.... seller wasn't thinking apparently, just getting it out the door with no thoughts as to it's beauty and history, might be wrong, but my viewpoint
    19. Slave-to-glass Slave-to-glass, 8 years ago
      Sadly we've all experienced this more than once and some lovely antique vases that have lasted years and years get destroyed by terrible, careless packing.
    20. aldo78 aldo78, 8 years ago
      Hope you will get your money back:):)
    21. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 8 years ago
      So far the update is I sent the seller 3 emails and left 3 voicemails and nada :(((
    22. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 8 years ago
      And the emails with pictures :0
    23. Aimathena Aimathena, 8 years ago
      So sorry Lee. I definitely feel your pain. I think it goes way beyond packing. Its the horrid mishandling of the boxes during shipping. Almost everything I've ever received thru FedEx has arrived in pieces.
    24. dlfd911 dlfd911, 8 years ago
      If they expect to continue doing business with a reliable customer like you, they should make good on this. There is nothing wrong with buying directly from someone you know, but you first need to develop trust between you before laying out a lot of money. The worst part of this that they likely don't even understand is that the vase survived for a very long time in perfect condition, only to be destroyed in minutes by poor packing. It has nothing to do with the price you paid, but more about the importance and value it has to you personally. I have had sellers say "don't worry, I insured it" even though you may never find another vase like it again. It's not about the money.
    25. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 8 years ago
      Dave & Eye, I am seriously worried about the other bowls he sent! I will post the pictures...I am fearing his mistake on them....
    26. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 8 years ago
      Eye, USPS....and badly packed! Hardly any popcorn and little or no bubble wrap...posted what is supposed to arrive tomorrow.....the other Kraliks....
    27. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 8 years ago
      Eye, private sale....I spoke to him on the phone...and he seemed nice and a lover of glassware...
    28. Manikin Manikin, 8 years ago
      I understood right away she bought it private and in this world we like to think all people are good and care but it is not so! sad to say . I know if a rare mannequin I got was broke in shipping and they have been a few times it is not a total loss because I can repair and there are not like glassware if you glued it all back it would never be same . It is about losing a pice of history :-( I did one private buy years ago and my gut said to tell him I would only pay through paypal for my proctection . And it resulted in paypal forcing him to send the other half of what should have come he would never reply to emails either . The good thing was he used his friends paypal to have me send money to and I checked he was a big seller on ebay , so when payapal shut down his ebay business by suspending his account he went after the guy and got my things . Lesson's learned everyday on CW and today's topic of packing, shipping and buying are good to discuss . I will keep my fingers crossed moon your parcel arrives ok . xoxo
    29. Aimathena Aimathena, 8 years ago
      So true Mani. Because of this happening to Lee I asked the seller to double bubble wrap and add peanuts, I'm hoping they're kind enough to package properly... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Lee's second shipment as well as the one I am waiting for.
    30. SEAN68 SEAN68, 8 years ago
      Alfredo , she cant control the emails. You have to go to the part to stop get emails on your end .
    31. scottvez scottvez, 8 years ago
      Hindsight-- use paypal to pay for every purchase.

      I learned the lesson the hard way as well!

    32. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 8 years ago
      Alfredo, when you make a comment on this posting at the bottom is says in a checked box
      ( Email me when someone comments on this item )
      uncheck the box...easily done...sorry XO
    33. twentiethc, 8 years ago
      For what it's worth ... when I ship multiple items together, I pack each properly in a separate box, and then place the multiple boxes in a larger box (preferably with additional padding between and around the boxes). It costs a little more, but well worth it for my money.

      When I'm the buyer, I ask the same of the seller and offer to pay the extra. Most agree; some take offense. I've learned to be wary of the ones that take offense and / or refuse when I am the one paying the extra for the consideration.

      Next option ... if the items were sold in different auctions, insist on shipment in separate boxes. It's a shame it could come to that, but it's an option to keep in mind for the future.
    34. Aimathena Aimathena, 8 years ago
      Very good information twentiethc. I'm so glad you commented, I really like the individual boxes in a large box idea.
    35. lundy lundy, 8 years ago
      o hun , sorry that happened , keep your head up , there is more to life than that , look at the picture of it whole , smile and move on , xoxoxo
    36. smiata smiata, 8 years ago
      So sorry Lee for the mess up. I have had several similar results in things that I could not wait to get. Just recently I had a nice Czech perfume bottle set and it came to me with one of the two completely shattered. But I was lucky that they gave me half the money back and half the shipping. But still the reason I bought it was because it was a set. It just took away the majority of the value. Hopefully they have learned a valuable lesson and make sure other items are packaged better. So sorry...and I hope all is well with the next purchase. I think we will all look out for something close and send it your way.
    37. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 8 years ago
      Smiata, your kindness is great. The seller has not responded and I think the rest of the packages will be smashed if this is Any indication how he packages. I will only buy from friends offline from my food friends On CW only. Xoxoxox I doubt he will respond or give a refund. :(((. I would love to be the example of what not to do and help
    38. charcoal charcoal, 8 years ago
      Double boxing is a complete waste IMHO. Double bubble is better. Cardboard provides little protection and shouldn't be considered padding. The buyers requesting double boxes always ask after (or with) their paypal payment. They seemingly ignore that shipping costs can double.

      Sorry your vase arrived broken. Can't believe that after all this the seller changed their phone number as well. That's sneaky!
    39. Moonstonelover21 Moonstonelover21, 8 years ago
      Charlie, I agree...I was so upset and after all these years the vase was intact. I think that there are only a few people you can trust with shipping and boxing...friends are wonderful to buy from.....pure trust! Thank you for your wisdom and double bubble works great! Too bad the Seller was not careful :0
    40. BohemianCrazy23 BohemianCrazy23, 8 years ago
      Not good!
    41. austrohungaro austrohungaro, 8 years ago
      But it's funny to see wat some sellers understand as double boxing... sometimes it means loose items in a box padded inside another box. When sending two pieces of glass it's better to have them in smaller single boxes and then both of them inside the shipping box... and always lots of bubble wrap, paper, plastic bags... as far as it's not too heavy will work out.

      Sorry to hear about your broken vase... it's happened to me a couple of times before, and usually with the items you're most excited about :(

      I once got a massive Nanny Still ashtray inside a padded envelope... it arrived in a terrible condition :(
    42. Katzl Katzl, 8 years ago
      What a shame on such a beautiful vase!!! :(
      The safest way I have come up with when it comes to shipping glass, is to take quite a big block of styrofoam and carve out a hole in the middle of it, which is a bit bigger than the glass item. And then wrapping the glass item in a lot of bubble plastic, enough that it can not move around during the journey, but not stuffed to hard. And then another styrofoam sheet, as a lid, so that the item is surrounded.
      Outside this, a hard cardboard box.
    43. Vintagefran Vintagefran, 7 years ago
      Poor Moonstone, you must have been sooo upset & disappointed.
      Its beautiful, or was.
      To see this is so sad, its lost for ever:(

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