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  1. If this is still accessible, can you please post a picture of the base (underside)?
  2. Another possibility... could it be Roseville Crystalis? I'm still not familiar with the shape, but the glaze and style remind me of Roseville Crystalis too.
  3. Double-hecked ... looked closely, definitely no marks. The pic I added shows the base
  4. Hard to say for sure not seeing it in person, but it looks like a reproduction to me.
  5. This is probably not the news you're hoping for, but these tend to be amateur practice / workshop type creations. You'll see them in swan-form and flower-form most often.
  6. My gut says Bohemian / Czech, but nothing definitive.
  7. I've run across a few more Murano references for you to consider … Ermanno Nason and Emilio Nason; both designing for Cenedese. The top portion seems to be very much in line with their style as is th...
  8. I cannot see the signature in your picture, but does it maybe say "Edenfalk Skruf"?
  9. Cannot be sure without seeing it in person, but I would suggest you research "Lithyalin" glass as a category, and even "Friedrich Egermann" as a possibly maker. Between those 2 searches, I think you ...
  10. A few companies come to mind … Baccarat, Mont Joye, and there are others. The key to identifying which it is will be in matching the background pattern to which company uses that specific background...
  11. This is a piece of Fenton blue opalescent hobnail glass. Look to see if it has an embossed "Fenton" in an oval on the bottom. If it does, it is from 1972 (1971?) or more recent. If not, it is olde...
  12. It's actually Turkish glass by Pasabahce.
  13. It is difficult to say without seeing the vase in person, but it may be a "Pinnacoli" vase by Luciano Gaspari for Salviati. Note: there are copies in the marketplace, so quality is an important deter...
  14. Though I still believe yours is Murano, the texture, color and style of the head on your piece is very reminiscent of the works of Richard Jolley.
  15. I am familiar with the site, but it is not mine. I have been buying / selling / collecting art glass, art pottery, and other decorative arts since I was 13 (35 years now). The style, and the use ...
  16. Most-likely Murano, but not as old as the 1930's. My guess is 1980's or more recent
  17. I found another member listed a cut Loetz vase of the same shape as mine … that's the final piece to the puzzle :)
  18. Very nice … and same shape as the pink / green vase I recently listed … that now provides the confirmation on the blank I was seeking.
  19. Formia is a definite possibility. You're right about the beaks. I'd still feel better finding a shape / base match. All the Formia ones I can find are still a bit different... even the upright ones.
  20. Thanks to everyone who has contributed their thoughts, opinions, and reference information.
  21. I've considered Formia and several others known to have made similar glass, but I have not yet seen one with the same shape and base. I'm still hoping to find a full match (though the formia beak is ...
  22. Mystery solved... and confirmed through another source after the fact. Thank you very much BohemianGlassAndMore.
  23. Beautiful decanter ... made by the Cambridge Glass Company. Happy Holidays!
  24. The vase looks to be genuine Tiffany. If you search the internet for Tiffany Trumpet or Stick form vases, you should find many comparables; that is what this form is often called.
  25. I do not have the vase in front of me at the moment, but I believe the height to be in the 11" to 13" type range.
  26. Most likely Murano ... probably Seguso, Barbini, or Barovier
  27. Regretfully, many people do list them as Murano. However, they turn out to be from Pier 1 or someone like that. they are meant to simulate a famous Italian design, but when compared to the authentic...
  28. The gold lamp is by Barovier ... I believe their "Cordonato D' Oro" line The pink lamp is likely Barovier as well.
  29. Looks like there may have been another signature that was obliterated from 10 o'clock to 1 o'clock
  30. Not Durand, they finish their pontils with a more smooth grind.
  31. Not Blenko. It's not how they finish their pontils.
  32. My vote would have to be Kralik. Not only has the form been identified before as Kralik, but for me, it's the matching interior color with exterior threading... very tell tale technique in their too...
  33. Hoffmann is famous for his "faceted" designs in glass. He's sort of the go-to assumption for any unidentified faceted vase of quality. I'm honestly not sure who originated the design of your vase,...
  34. This color is often referred to as "alexandrite" glass, and is a collectible field all its own just like Vaseline glass. As for manufacturer, while Moser definitely made some, this same design has ...
  35. Tough to be sure not seeing it in person, but my guess is more likely WMF or Imperial. This looks to be their type of finish more than a Loetz piece, but it's just an opinion.
  36. There are several possibilities, but I lean towards Ercole Barovier for Barovier & Toso. Here's an example:
  37. First off, it's a beautiful hanging lamp; definitely a nice old one. Unfortunately, without a mark, it's very hard to tell since so many decent lamp makers made similar "type" hanging lamps. Fo...
  38. Is there a Tiffany signature / stamp?
  39. Kralik Silberband?
  40. I believe the bottle was made for Ingrid. Definitely missing beautiful important stopper... but great color! Likely g designed by Hoffman, Schlevogt, or Wieselthier.
  41. Love this series, Thanks for sharing.
  42. Could also be Oscar's son ... Licio Zanetti
  43. You have a piece of Zanetti glass from Murano. More formally: Oscar Zanetti of Zanetti Vetreria Artistica from Murano, Venice
  44. Shape-wise, it looks like the insert to an epergne or cornucopia type vase. Could also be an automobile vase. In either case, it must have had some sort of mount.
  45. Are there any markings on the hardware? Maybe around the collar? My first guess would be that this is likely a DeVilbiss perfume. DeVilbiss would have retailed it ... added the hardware, but a...
  46. This shape has been reproduced by some Bohemia crystal company ... in all sorts of colors. Can't say for sure if yours are the newer ones, Moser ones, or something else .... The Bohemia crystal o...
  47. Not 100% certain, but I think it is possibly Israeli glass. The decoration looks the comparable ... usually very thin glass. often they have paper labels attached by thread.
  48. I do not recognize this piece specifically, but if you like the style, it reminds me of "Mad Art Glass" ... check them out.
  49. This is a gin bottle ... looks like a nice old one.
  50. My comment was not meant to be negative ... just that I am looking for a larger one. Otherwise, I think the vase is quite nice.
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