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  1. Thanks everyone for the input and information. I haven’t posted on collectors weekly in a while. I forgot how much fun and generous everyone is with their knowledge to other collectors.
  2. Hi Keramikos, thank you so much for writing me. Never heard of the Imago website, pretty awesome. I changed the last picture, my IPad sometimes doesn’t do that great. But I think this one is better. L...
  3. Very cool
  4. Wow, Keramikos thank you so much. You gave me some very interesting information from my painting. Now I have so new leads to hopefully help with identifying my poor mistreated painting. Thanks again, ...
  5. Thank you,KWQD, I think you hit it on the nose.
  6. Thanks PhilDMorris, I guess my burn mark is not suppose to be there.
  7. Hello WMA, I picked it up at an estate sale in upstate New York. The owners of the home had a lot of Asian objects. I was just curious about the burn mark if it’s part of the piece or an unfortunate a...
  8. Art.pottery, thank you very much for response. I was not familiar with Camack Pottery. I looked them up and I think you are 100 percent correct, even found one that is the exact style in Pink on eBay...
  9. Awesome Bear, I have the Bunny in the exact color from that company. Enjoy
  10. Hi, Iggy thanks for response, I never thought about naming the rock. But Jack does fit well.
  11. Reminds me of half of a cabinet door latch. Maybe someones significant other was made a ring with the pitch part that locks in place between the rollers of your ring, symbolizes their strong bond. Or ...
  12. Thanks Flashlarue, I think your right it does look like a shaft straightener. From what I saw on the internet, mine seems to have much deeper grooves. Maybe it’s older and was used more often.
  13. Thanks Newfld, Happy Easter to you as well. Been away awhile, looking forward to getting back into collectors weekly always fun.
  14. Thanks for the kind responses Newfld, Brunswick and Mrstyndall. I’m glad others enjoy unique kinds like me.
  15. Very pretty piece, love the different colors.
  16. Very cool I had one similar long time ago. Wish I still had it, even though picture was never that clear.
  17. Those colors really make it pop
  18. Very pretty birds the glass colors really make it pop
  19. Hello ho2cultcha, can you let me know why you think it might be a awaji imitation. From my research the closest mark I found that is similar to my mark is, Taniguchi Sei ( made by Taniguchi ) - Late M...
  20. Keramikos, thank you for the response. I to hope it doesn’t say drink your ovaltine, I think I would feel just as bad as the little boy in the movie. The edges I did notice that it looks like the pie...
  21. Hi Watchsearcher, the white part does not come off. I believe the lower part is partially hollow. There must be a small hole near or underneath the three small eggs because when I cleaned it, some wat...
  22. Brings back memories, I had one when I was young. That’s for sharing.
  23. Very pretty Horse, Merry Christmas
  24. It’s an awesome piece, thanks for sharing. I’m jealous
  25. That’s awesome Art pottery for being able to identify this vase. I just went on amazon and bought the book. Excited to learn more on early Haeger pottery which I know very little. Thanks again for all...
  26. Very cool and unique. Nice find
  27. You have a great eye for glass. Just so pretty.
  28. It sure doesn’t look modern. Great piece, have fun pulling out it’s true identity through a little research. To me that’s the best fun.
  29. Cool Scorpian, this piece has the quality that reminds me of Baccarat Crystal. Thanks for sharing.
  30. Morning Malkey and kwqd, thanks for the kind and informative words. Kwqd you hit a home run with identifying this vase as a Cameron clay pottery with cattail reeds. I found numerous examples of this v...
  31. Unique Rookwood planter, never seen anything like it. Good find, I think rocks and fake flowers will do the trick and not hurt the quality of the item.
  32. Very classy looking scorpion, would look great on any desk.
  33. Lucky guy, super cool images to own.
  34. Maryh1956, I took closer pictures of the marks. I hope they help you. Looking forward to hearing your opinion on them. Thanks
  35. Nice trunk , awesome project. Will look amazing after a little attention.
  36. Thanks, Malkey,newfld and racer4four for kind responses. I only have three ceramic piggy banks now, but they are growing on me and now I find myself looking for more.
  37. Cool bank, the patina gives it some character. Nice find
  38. Hi Kwqd, I like your suggestion. I’ve been searching cookie jars, so far haven’t found its identity yet, but if I do I’ll let you know.
  39. Thanks everyone for their kind remarks. Happy hunting
  40. Nice post card and enjoyable read. I think I enjoy this website mostly for all the knowledge and curious things people share. Thanks
  41. Very pretty green glass.
  42. Pretty little red bird, you did a nice job with the images. Small items never are easy to photograph.
  43. Thanks for sharing, its the prettiest Bohemian glass I ever saw. The horses are amazing.
  44. Very pretty carnival glass.
  45. Thanks for kind words, Newfld. McCoyNelson didn’t even it came in brown but I’ll start looking.
  46. It is a nice vase. I never heard of Gonder Pottery either. Thanks for sharing going to read up on them, pretty curious.
  47. Gillian thanks for the link was on there very interesting club. Kwqd you might be right surrealism does fit nicely might have to amend my lead description.
  48. Thank you Newfld, you always have nice things to say. Enjoy your Sunday
  49. Awesome soldiers, great find.
  50. I love horses and I think it’s very pretty. Any lady would be lucky to wear this piece.
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madrid gran via oil painting,   ANY INFO ON WHO ARTIST IS thanks Tobacciana Collection


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