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I enjoy all kinds of antiques.


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Holly Hobby Needlework - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Small Japanese Vase - Asianin Asian
Jinhao 15 Fountain Pens - Pensin Pens
More Fountain Pens - Pensin Pens
Fountain collection - Pensin Pens
Goldmine tone Stick Pen with red rhinestones  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Replica 1908 Sears  Roebuck & Co Catalog printed in 1969. - Advertisingin Advertising
Antique Glass Humidor - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Samuel Hopkins House - Fine Artin Fine Art
A Christmas gift from my childhood. Merry Christmas. - Cardsin Cards


  1. A burger, I meat, press for a girdle.
  2. Looks like a slide puzzle. There is suppose to be one empty square. Seen like it is a picture of a house when finished.
  3. The Arthur & John Zimmerman Co. operated from 1889 until 1918. As you probably already know your item was made in Birmingham.
  4. Antique horse hames collar primitive wood iron farm tool Western vintage. You can see them on
  5. Looks like part of a chair back.
  6. I meant what size not that size.
  7. Hat is the size of your sign? I found a listing for a 36" one dated 1942.
  8. A red TARDIS! Is it bigger inside than it is in the outside?
  9. This might help. The name is VOBS or VODS. The arrow through the middle makes it unclear if it is a B or a D. Also, I do not believe the handles are original because they do not fit flush.
  10. The Duke is The Man.
  11. Thanks Newfld.
  12. Looks like an ancient snuff bottle.
  13. Sorry, I meant possibly a leather grooving tool. I do not know how it is used. I hope you find out what it is.
  14. Possible a leather growing tool.
  15. Funny. I just keep it to look at. I don't drink. Thanks for the comments.
  16. I do not know any thing of the painting, but the frame might be from the arts and crafts period.
  17. Thank you, SEAN68.
  18. Thankyou.
  19. The gold pen appears to be a Waterman.
  20. Watchsearcher, my daddy would head straight to the cashew nuts when we went to Sears and get him a bag. They smelled so good, but I do not remember ever getting a bag.
  21. Thanks, Newfld and Ms.CrystalShip.
  22. This is info for the green pen:
  23. Vigilantia if from latin for wakefulness.
  24. Things surely have changed. It makes a good reference guide. I remember shopping the Sears, Roebuck in down town Hattiesburg, MS.
  25. PSCO jewelry mark is from Plainsville Stock Co., still operating in Plainsville Ma.I found 2 sources; one stated that it was established in 1886 and the other stated 1874.I hope that this helps.
  26. Thanks SEAN68.
  27. Thanks Newfld.
  28. Thanks TallCakes. I agree.
  29. Besides, the one in the link is Stephen Hopkins not Samel Hopkins.
  30. Perhaps, but I don't see it. Not sure it is the same.
  32. I noticed the crows foot mark designating it as being issued to British military. The mark indicates it belongs to the Queens Army.
  33. Soy La Puerza = I am the Purity.
  34. Glad we could help.
  35. Is it coal?
  36. Sorry, I meant Motoolz is correct.
  37. Motorola is correct.
  38. It is a clock winding key.
  39. It is an inkwell.
  40. This is a spinning top toy. I do not know why the bristles. Perhaps it is a modification by a previous owner.
  41. Cannot tell much by the pictures. Possibly some type printing press.
  42. One just like this sold as an antique upholstery rack puller, and sold for 18 pounds.
  43. Above Denmark is JW9 and a S in front of Denmark.
  44. It is Ethiopian but I do not know the year.
  45. In the 60s Oral Roberts Ministries gave out 10,000s of these to everyone who sent in for one. My mother got one.
  46. The identification tag tells you a lot about the saw.
  47. I assume the initials within the heart on the reverse side are the initials of the person who designed it.
  48. Moriyama Pottery was located in Mori-Machi in Shizuoka Prefecture. Moriyama Pottery was established in 1911 by Hidekichi Nakamura who was taught pottery making by Seison Suzuki. There are currently fo...
  49. According to a search I did, it is valued from five cents to $43.00. I would hang on to it.
  50. They are used in grafting fruit trees. Here is a link to a modern pair:
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