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I enjoy all kinds of antiques.


  1. It fits on the end of a plow stock and you hook a single tree to it in order to harness the mule to the plow.
  2. What is written in the piece of paper?
  3. Very beautiful!
  4. Vintage T Tempora Leatherworking Skiving Tool
  5. Absolutely beautiful.
  6. Thanks Hobbsran.
  7. Possibly, a hat pin holder.
  8. You can take it to a jeweler or a pawn shop, and they can test it and tell you whether or not if it is gold, and what it is. That is the only way. Looking at photos is just guess work.
  9. Thank you Rulandma.
  10. Antique boot button hook.
  11. If it had a screwdriver on the other end of the handle, I would say it is a chainsaw wrench. I don't know.
  12. Probably Victorian era.
  13. It is a biscuit jar.
  14. My dad used one for years.
  15. If it was bigger, I would say it is off the fifth wheel from an eighteen wheeler.
  16. I have one dated 1979. We use it to keep our crackers in.
  17. My mom had on of these.
  18. The number is 145.
  19. My dad had one of these. A broad axe for hewing timbers (beams) form logs.
  20. Thanks keramikos.
  21. Nice pens.
  22. I have a scar on my right leg from on of this. I was working on a pulpwood yard where we loaded the pulpwood into rail cars. We used these to strengthen the wood so it would lay straight.
  23. I guess if I would had read the description closer, I would have known it was a ballpoint. My bad.
  24. Very beautiful and interesting piece.
  25. Is this a ballpoint or fountain pen?
  26. Ceramic knife sharpener. Not old.
  27. Thank you Roycroftbrooksfromme1.
  28. Dick Dale died Sunday.
  29. It is most like the style number.
  30. According about this link which gives all the details about your radio the date is 1949.
  31. Ignor that. Watchsearcher is right.
  32. Wristwatches is right.
  33. I looked at a lot of images of old doctor's bags, and I agree. It is a doctor bag.
  34. Here is an interesting site:
  35. I found a James Bryant Trunk Maker with similar label. Try researching him and it might lead to Nath Bryant. Just a thought.
  36. They are piston ring pliers.
  37. This is not a fountain pen. It is a ballpoint.
  38. Boy, brings back memories.
  39. I found two listening on showing it as a hammer/ screwdriver.
  40. Could be 1913.
  41. A burger, I meat, press for a girdle.
  42. Looks like a slide puzzle. There is suppose to be one empty square. Seen like it is a picture of a house when finished.
  43. The Arthur & John Zimmerman Co. operated from 1889 until 1918. As you probably already know your item was made in Birmingham.
  44. Antique horse hames collar primitive wood iron farm tool Western vintage. You can see them on
  45. I meant what size not that size.
  46. Hat is the size of your sign? I found a listing for a 36" one dated 1942.
  47. A red TARDIS! Is it bigger inside than it is in the outside?
  48. This might help. The name is VOBS or VODS. The arrow through the middle makes it unclear if it is a B or a D. Also, I do not believe the handles are original because they do not fit flush.
  49. Thanks Newfld.
  50. Looks like an ancient snuff bottle.
  51. See more


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