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I present to you some items from the personal collection of the late Jonathan & Arlene Bailey, aka Jonathan Bailey Creations. All of the items are photographed usingI present to you some items from the personal collection of the late Jonathan & Arlene Bailey, aka Jonathan Bailey Creations. All of the items are photographed using a digital camera and exist in their original forms. I hope you enjoy this walk through a forgotten part of history. I am grateful for the opportunity to share these items with you, thank you for your time - Rene'. I may be contacted by email at (Read more)


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1920 Two Cylinder Hotel Bus by Jonathan Bailey - Model Carsin Model Cars
Trolley Car, Early Large Model, Jonathan Bailey - Model Trainsin Model Trains
Beer Truck - Late model from Jonathan & Arlene Bailey's Copper & Bronze Age. - Model Carsin Model Cars
Designer and Goldsmith Arlene Bailey Makes Cross Country Trip - Photographsin Photographs
EUH'MA 1969 Top Pearl Design by Jonathan Bailey. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Drawings by Arlene Bailey for Jonathan Bailey Creations - Fine Artin Fine Art
Business Stationary from Jonathan Bailey Creations - Paperin Paper
Jonathan Bailey,  Trifari's 1970 Fall/Winter catalog. - Paperin Paper
Tammany Hall 
Beer Truck - Late model from Jonathan & Arlene Bailey's Copper & Bronze Age. 


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  6. @ Blunderbuss2- Yes, I shared this picture previously but somehow it was not visible. It is the same one. The reflectors are neet and seem properly proportioned. I bet it was a lot of work for Jonatha...
  7. Thanks for the love DrFluffy, SEAN68, inky, Manikin, vetraio50, getthatmonkeyoutofme, Sammytheopulenthippo, & VirginiaIron! I love you all
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  9. @ Inky - This is quite an interesting story. Dog sat out the second “round” when Arlene and Goldie encountered the group. Arlene had observed the group and charged them in an attempt to injure as many...
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  14. @racer4four- Agreed, and I am very excited - thank you. The quality of my photos has increased, but it is slow going.
  15. I have shared some of Arlene's sketches in a recent post.
  16. @Sammy- Congratulations on the finds. I am happy this article helps you. This information should help you and others acquire the complete collection, if you are able to find them. :)
  17. Blunderbuss- I am in awe as well. I am sure others on this site will appreciate my efforts. I have seen these models in person and I was speechless. What really amazes me is this collection has been h...
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  21. @ Phil- Yes, you are correct. The instruments were constructed of Wrought Iron. Thank you. I will make the correction.
  22. Yes, Jonathan passed in 1994.
  23. @ blunderbuss2- I never knew Jonathan Bailey or his wife Arlene. They both were extremely talented; unfortunately, humanity suffered a great loss when they passed away in 1994 and 1995. Rene'.
  24. He was a very talented man.
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  43. @ Sean- I'm sorry. It was hard enough to convince the owner to allow me to photograph these items in the first place. I encourage you to view the whole image as found treasure which can be attributed ...
  44. Phil- Thanks for the compliment. The photos are really nice, especially, the model photo shoot. That is a fantastic idea about scanning the photos and documents. I photographed them from a tripod and ...
  45. Phil, thanks for the heads up.
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