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  1. if you carefully take it apart you can relieve the tension
  2. how do you know that?
  3. I'm tinkering with mine still, I'll let you know how I make out. What's it doing/NOT doing?
  4. No standing is just a fancy way of saying no sitting in your car I think?
  5. Towed at YOUR expense!!! lol
  6. Very true Michael, I'm just apprehensive to restore it for fear of ruining its value if it has any. I'd like to know what it looked like in its prime.
  7. Nobody has any idea where this came from or why it exists? I was wondering if it would be wise to restore it or leave it in its present condition??
  8. Thanks Sid! No Valentino, lol, no old money just an empty coin cup. It IS however a very attractive meter!!
  9. wow, I love the candlesticks!
  10. Thanks 50s it's completely unmolested
  11. Thanks Phil
  12. Thanks Fran, I have two more coming, so keep your eyes open ;)
  13. Hmmm, thanks Tom, I saw one on ebay but it said it was taken from the Western Electric plant, I wasn't sure if that was the manufacturer. Thanks again
  14. What I want to know is what came first? The chicken or the eggs?????
  15. I don't have any info on it. I don't know what size or type. Hopefully Aghcollect can dig something up? What type/size battery would I need to run it?
  16. Thanks, I'd appreciate any info you could give me. I have NO experience with these motors but it's kind of growing on me.
  17. I'm not sure, I have no experience with these things at all. if the price is right i'll try them?
  18. Ok, just a sec.
  19. Lol...nooooo I can't repeat it HERE!! I'get kicked off by the collector cops!!
  20. Mmmmmm yup I have words of wisdom on that subject from my deceased Italian grand mother...but I can't repeat it here!! Lol
  21. LOL its not the cash, its the time and ambition!!
  22. Pffft...Story of my life, ok, ok pie it is!
  23. Let me know when its ready, ill bring the fresh bread!
  24. Thanks Phil! I'll have to watch out for it!
  25. I could use that here in Pa right about now! brrrrrr
  26. Ah, thanks packrat.
  27. lol thanks inky. The chevy is my favorite of the two as well.
  28. Thank you, that IS the plan ;)
  29. Hahaha, yup I guess you could look at it that way!!! I had that car for over 15 years, something always seems to come up. It's my baby though.
  30. You have a splendid day yourself.
  31. I'm trying...I'm at work :(
  32. And thank you by the way :)
  33. Hahaha....again with the pffft!!! Lol you're killin me here, you're awesome!!
  34. Haha good eye my friend, it's a work in progress, you should see whats next to it!
  35. Well THAT wouldn't have been good!!
  36. Lol sorry, I hope you weren't drinking a glass of milk!!
  37. Yea!!! And the beauty part IS...all you have to do is zap just ONE of the neighborhood kids and you'll see how fast they form an orderly line, and extra sprinkles...pffft, a thing of the past lol
  38. lol, oooooh didn't think of that!! Leave it to the ice cream lady to think of THAT!
  39. Thanks Aim, thanks Jono, Yes ouch for sure...thankfully i've managed to stay clear of the business end of those things so far in my life!!
  40. Thanks Chris, it seems to be made very well? Thanks for the link.
  41. nice windwalker
  42. Well if you cant find room for it let me know ;)
  43. OMG this is awesome! lol Good luck! I'm sure you're the most popular lady on the block! So what's going to become of the mc donalds sign??
  44. You have an ice cream truck??? NICE!! Where's the pics???? Happy Holidays to you too!!
  45. VERY nice
  46. Thanks toolate
  47. What exactly is it? its beautiful
  48. Thanks pickr!!!
  49. AWESOME sign! I NEED one!
  50. Thanks Sean, I think they're awesome!
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