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23 year old collector from CANADA.


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Sewing Machine Handy Oiler - Petrolianain Petroliana
some of my gas matches framed - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
new cans I picked up this week - Petrolianain Petroliana
White Rose Oiler - Petrolianain Petroliana
Started to collect war time oilers - Petrolianain Petroliana
new handy oilers - Petrolianain Petroliana
my favorite handy oilers to date - Petrolianain Petroliana
CMP Ignition Rack - Petrolianain Petroliana
Handy Oilers I Bought This Week - Petrolianain Petroliana
Old 3 in 1 metal spout can - Petrolianain Petroliana


  1. thats a very rare can and in good condition.... you got some money there for sure. 1500 id say
  2. was that underground??
  3. well there goes the market lol
  4. I collect 3&1 oil related items and handy oilers. what you have is a sample that would get mailed to the person if they contacted 3&1 through mail. probably around 1910ish... they had a green one also...
  5. pre war probably 1935-40
  6. if it cleans up 50 bucks
  7. I am a collector of 3-in-1 oil & other oilers I would put the 3-in-1 around 1940-45 with that clear style top & the good housekeeping seal on the side. Nyoil around 1960 and boye bottle early-mid 1930s
  8. would you sell?
  9. hey nice cans
  10. nice cans... I also love sewing machine oilers... ive seen the pfaff before but not the burda. Ill post a picture of mine.
  11. Nice cans I also collect these have been the past 3 years... now I got around 130 cans. I like your ESSO "LIGHT" as i own the HEAVY and the regular but am missing the LIGHT... maybe one day I will fin...
  12. Hey buddy that looks to be a GEM oiler I have seen sewing handy oiler cans with the name GEM on them so I am going to say that is a war time (metal ration) sewing machine oiler
  13. nice outboard can... ive seen alot of outboards and ive only seen this 1 a few times, its a hard to find can!
  14. that phillips sign is very old!!! looks early 1930s
  15. fairly common can but nice condition!
  16. nice chicken wing sign
  17. that would appeal to Golden Fleece Oil collectors also
  18. amazing collection
  19. thanks guys
  20. i wouldnt put that red indian in the garbage
  21. i like the amoco
  22. thats an awesome patch. lucky find at a yard sale
  23. that cans around 1925 id say.
  24. nevermind its real. i got other opinions and it was used on the side of gas tanks on farms, it is from 60s.
  25. eh man, sorry to say but im 90% sure that sign is fake.
  26. is that plastic
  27. i would guess around 20s also
  28. this is just an educated guess and im going off what ive seen of other cans this age and style, but if i owned it i would value it at around 300 us atleast
  29. even has the original price on the top, 25cents
  30. awesome sign
  31. hey thats cool. I havent seen a pump like that before
  32. under 20!! i think we would all love too get handy oilers under 20 but they seem to be more and more these days
  33. thats a very rare can. I would value it at 200-300$ US currency
  34. very nice, i have a nice collection of handys too
  35. damn thats true!!
  36. thats so cool!!
  37. love the pep boys one..
  38. i want one lol
  39. nice i would love to have one. I only collect cans with the plastic funnel on top.
  40. awesome
  41. @kerry ok cool
  42. @kerry10456 i would have to see the picture of your lighter but you have 500 posts and i dont feel like going through them all. laugh out loud. I would guess its around 1935-40 though.
  43. most of these are not mine, from a friends collection.
  44. @ manikin i forget how to change pictures.
  45. lol @manikin
  46. yes it is sterling.
  47. looks like my girlfriend!
  48. more than likely a knock off.
  49. i got the exact same one. worth about 150 american dollars
  50. were you on pickers?
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