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I am an auto refinish tech by trade and 6 years ago I got hooked on restoring vintage pedal cars. Being Canadian I especially like collecting "Thistle" brand vehicleI am an auto refinish tech by trade and 6 years ago I got hooked on restoring vintage pedal cars. Being Canadian I especially like collecting "Thistle" brand vehicles. Once completed I have been gifting them to my grandson. He's now 6 so he's starting to out-grow them, but I don't think I'll let that stop me from doing them.......I truly enjoy this as a pastime and hope to do many more! (Read more)


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1950's Thistle Radio Police - Model Carsin Model Cars
1940's  "Canadian Flyer" ride-on train - Toysin Toys
1948 Thistle President - Toysin Toys
1958 Thistle "Wrecker" Restoration/tribute. - Model Carsin Model Cars
Yellow Pepsi pop machine - Advertisingin Advertising
1948 Thistle President - Toysin Toys
1955 Thistle Major Tractor  - Model Carsin Model Cars
1955 Garton - Toysin Toys
1947 Thistle Jeep and Bantam trailer - Model Carsin Model Cars
Restored 1950 Thistle Chieftain  - Model Carsin Model Cars


  1. Here's an image of one that probably is the same as yours What you have is a Murray Flat Face Pedal Car. I can not nail down exactly what year but I feel it was produ...
  2. Hi Jason, Check out this site that I contributed to: and if you go to the main page for Tri-ang (which was the parent company to Thistle and produced the same m...
  3. Here is an ebay auction for a Canadian Flyer with the headlight and wheels that are different from mine.
  4. Thanks for the shout-out, antiquerose
  5. Thanks Otaco4me. Do you know what year this would have first appeared as an offering from the Otaco company? This off-white accent colour on mine is something I can't seem to locate on another version...
  6. I've restored a few early Thistle pedal cars and Yes, I'm quite sure this one is a Rocket 80
  7. Hi, Yes, please email them if you would : Thank you. Doug
  8. I'm glad I could offer some assistance. Yes, if you don't mind I would like to see some photos. Like I said finding a buying can be a challenge. I do know that some of the pedal cars that I have purch...
  9. Hi Coupdegrass, I have another Thistle tractor that I restored which is also posted on this site as part of my collection. As to the value of yours which is in original condition it is really hard t...
  10. Love it!....I just acquired the twin to it here in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia. Only it has been re-sprayed and the decals are missing. Do you still have it and if so would it be possible to snap a good...
  11. Love it!....I just acquired the twin to it here in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia. Only it has been re-sprayed and the decals are missing. Do you still have it and if so would it be possible to snap a good...
  12. The reason why I did it the way was so that our grandson would have a Jeep like his dad's. He has a real Jeep that is done in Gecko Green as well. I was careful when I restored this to not alter anyth...
  13. Awesome!......this sounds very similar to my experience in doing my first pedal car............after that I was hooked!.......if you're interested check out my projects on this site
  14. Check out this link
  15. Awesome! the pedal car...the story....and the restoration.
  16. Well imagine that Garry!...I was checking one of my favorite pages and low and behold........ I find your project. If you look through this gallery under "Shawimm" you will find all of my pr...
  17. Looks like a late 50's - 1960's, Murray "Flat Face" on the left and an early 50's Murray "Sad Face" on the right. The one in the center looks like a mid 50's BMC/AMF , "fish mouth/star grille"
  18. is a mid 50's (55-56) Garton Mark V. Try an image search on Goggle for pics
  19. Thanks for all of the positive comments, much appreciated.
  20. Thanks EJW-54 I agree the styling is more 60's but I wasn't sure if at that time they used yellow in their marketing, as I had read somewhere that they went to red/white/blue post WWII. I've got a cou...
  21. Thanks Dan....much appreciated. It truly is a passion and a joy that I can share with our grandson
  22. The tail lights are a motor cycle licence plate accessory that I found on ebay. I drilled holes where the original embossed tail lights were and welded in a piece of steel tubing with a washer tacked ...
  23. It was made by BMC. The Binghampton Manufacturing Corporation - On October 13, 1944, a small tool shop in Binghampton, NY, began producing lock wrenches. In 1947 the shop decided to Manufacturer ...
  24. Hi, I not an expert but I believe it is an early 50's model built by BMC. I think some parts are available from Speedway Motors (online)
  25. How did you make out with the restoration....I'd love to see some pix?
  26. In order for it to achieve a value any where near your figure it would have to either be in exceptional condition or be quite unique. Sad but true......the number of collectors interested in Canadian ...
  27. For sure....they're only "original" once
  28. Thank you. much appreciated
  29. Thank you.
  30. Awesome!......Having the original engine transfer is very rare. A couple of years ago I assisted the administrator of the Triang web site in acquiring images of this so that he could recreate it. Beli...
  31. Cool!...Is the name "Thistle printed in the same format as mine, or is curved in front of "Major Tractor" and does it have clam shell type rear fenders or bicycle style ones. The 1954 and prior ones...
  32. Thank you, much appreciated. I've been an auto refinish technician for 30 + years and got interested in pedal cars about 5 years ago. Our grandson was 3 at the time and I was looking for a winter proj...
  33. Awesome! can check out the other pedal cars I have listed on this site by just clicking on my photo next to the above description of this pedal car.
  34. Nice Paul.....I've been collecting and restoring pedal cars for the past 5 years (mostly Canadian "Thistles") and from what I see of is a collection to be proud of.
  35. Cool!........does it have a name on it?
  36. LOL...Our son has had his Jeep for nearly a year and ....yeah,,,,it does kinda grow on ya...LOL
  37. Thanks for the comments. The rolled edge on the trailer fenders was done by welding a 1/4 inch steel rod on the edge of a piece of 1 1/2 wide flat stock and then grinding it back to create the look......
  38. Thank you......when I did this one I thought it was my favorite...until I finished my Jeep and trailer yesterday. I posted a photo on this web site, but it is attached to my original listing that I di...
  39. Knowing what I've got invested into mine I probably wouldn't consider selling it for less than $800- $900
  40. Awesome!......I've restored and customized a few Thistle pedal cars but this one is in a league of it's own.....congrats. I too have a 58 wagon and it will be my next project but I don't think I'll b...
  41. I remember checking this out when you first started the project.....Awesome result!
  42. I just found another Jeep like yours on ebay. Apparently it was made in Italy by a company called TT and borrows significantly from Triang engineering
  43. This body I believe was made from 1947 up into the 1960's
  44. This appears to be a Canadian Thistle or UK Triang model Jeep, however the steering wheel and the wheels and tires are not original. Check out one of my earlier posting to see a photo of the one I hav...
  45. Your car is a mid 50's American made "Garton"....$100 OBO
  46. This car was produced by A/R "AMERICAN RETRO" in the 1980's. The company is still in business and they are located in California
  47. Hi, It's a mid 1960's AMF
  48. Awesome!....this is identicle to the one I just restored this past winter. I'm not sure if you read my reply to your post regarding it is. The tires were actually quite easy. I used "V"...
  49. Hi, The tires were actually quite easy. I used "V" groove fan belts. The type used on household piston water pumps, which you can find at most local hardware stores or automotive supply stores,...
  50. I know for sure that it's not a Thistle or a looks like a Hamilton to me
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