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  1. Wow it does look like ours; we still haven't found any additional info on ours, so I can't be of any help. It's beautiful, though; I can't believe you found this at Goodwill, and in such great condi...
  2. Southernhighlands, thanks. I hadn't considered that. May very well give me new leads. Thank you very much!
  3. Very nice dresser! I have a table posted where the drawer has this type joint; yours is only the second one ever (after mine) that I have seen like this (yours looks to be much better quality though)...
  4. Thank you Brunswick for loving!
  5. Thank you Aura, for the love!
  6. guss, I still can't find anything that matches exactly; may be a lost cause. I have searched Simmons on the internet and they are very close; about the closest I have seen yet. I thank you for the l...
  7. toolate2, appreciate the nice comment and the love, thank you very much. Thanks to spiritbear and moonhill for the love also, appreciate you taking the time to look and love!
  8. OlofZ, thanks; that very tiny number on the 2nd valve has more digits (with letters mixed in) than the 93605 shown on the certificate. Would that very tiny engraving be where the SN is supposed to be...
  9. Roycroftbooksfromme1 would love to see yours! Please post soon! And thanks to all for the love, Cl-ant martika Roycroftbooksfromme1 aura brunswick
  10. Aura, thanks!
  11. egreely 1976, thank you!
  12. kerry10456, thank you very much!
  13. kerry10456, thank you!
  14. Thanks kerry10456, appreciate your input. Pre-1930 would definitely fit, this was my grandmother's, with all the contents still in tact; can't wait to go through those to see what treasures are insid...
  15. Thanks for the love, sean68!
  16. Sean68 much appreciate it, thank you!
  17. I can only guess that the very small lettering is a type of serial number, however, it does not match the number referenced in the certificate - puzzling. Thanks jscotto363 and kerry10456 for the nic...
  18. Aura, thanks so much!
  19. fortapache, thank you for the love
  20. Thanks Aura and Brunswick
  21. Aura, thank you!
  22. Help! Tried to change to "mystery solved" and it's giving me an error, stating "this is still a mystery" --- what does this mean? what do?
  23. rocker-sd, I sure would like to see your mirror -- can you post on CW? It'd be great to see it!
  24. Update -- mystery solved!
  25. I agree with aissia; I'm no expert but this looks way older than 1960. Love this lamp!
  26. AzTom and antiquerose, thanks so much for your input; I will check the slats and the re-examine the mesh design to see if the holes are octagon or round; but your info gives me new leads, thanks and I...
  27. rocker-sd, thank you for your input, much appreciated! Have you looked at any of my other posts? All of my posts are family items, some pre-date 1914 -- would definitely appreciate any suggestions o...
  28. Frame is BEAUTIFUL!
  29. Vetraio50 - thank you!
  30. fhrjr2 - how much more age would you guess? My grandparents' home was built in 1894 -- when they bought it 1914-16, my grandfather found this crib in the attic! So we have no clue how old it actuall...
  31. I added a better pic of the drawer pulls -- the little ring lifts up so you can grab on to it and pull. Thanks jscott0363 for loving.
  32. fhrjr2 - I'll have to check and get back with you; we originally had 2 of these - they were for my dad and his brothers while they were still living at home with their parents; puts it approximately 1...
  33. Thank you fhrjr2, appreciate it! and thanks also, caperkid!
  34. Caperkid, thank you so much!
  35. AzTom, thanks! And brunswick, thank you also.
  36. Radegunder, thanks!
  37. Radegunder, thank you!
  38. sorry for the misspell, Antiquerose!
  39. Only thing though, it's a double. Hospitals weren't in the habit of using doubles for beds I don't think? Anqiquerose, thanks, I appreciate it!
  40. Antiquerose, thank you!
  41. Officialfuel, thank you!
  42. Thank you Officialfuel!
  43. Thanks, officialfuel.
  44. Officialfuel, thank you.
  45. These are my great-grandparents; thank you officialfuel, and everyone else for loving.
  46. I have been told that this is a high-end "in the style of" Duncan Phyfe sofa; we're still trying to make a determination. Thanks officialfuel for loving.
  47. Officialfuel, thank you.
  48. Officialfuel, thank you.
  49. Officialfuel, thank you for loving.
  50. officialfuel, caperkid, fortapache, roycroftbooksfromme1 - thank you all for the love.
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