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Lillehammer, Norway

My name is Simen, I collect everything that I find interesting. I have a lot of old photographs from the early 1900s, vintage cameras, typewriters, books, advertisinMy name is Simen, I collect everything that I find interesting. I have a lot of old photographs from the early 1900s, vintage cameras, typewriters, books, advertising, and so on. I visit a lot of thrift shops and other well hidden stores/garage type sellers around Norway. Ive also gotten a hold of several things through my grandparents, They live on a farm built around the 1700s, in Heidal, Norway. So they have a lot of hidden gems all around the property. A few buildings have items from before my grandparents lived there. I love researching and finding information about different items, I'm learning as I go. I also really like helping out in the Unsolved Mysteries section. (Read more)


  1. Not a lot to go on, but the style certainly remind me of Doris Panos jewelry but hard to say for certain. Are you sure the only makers mark on there is a D? No other letter?
  2. This is most definetly an african tribal mask. But if it originited from Africa is a different thing altogether seeing as these can be sold and bought all over the world.
  3. Very pretty, and I agree with chinaheads, the artstyle is very typical of the 1920's and 1930's, (also possibly the 1910's) This doll is very reminiscent of the "Splash me Dolls" - It might be a K...
  4. This marking were used by Empire Porcelain in the 6os. (It is pre 1967, they closed for business in that year. ) You can read more about the history of the company here:
  5. What a strange object, really piqued my curiosity. This doesn't look like a bone or corn cob holder to me, at least not like any that I've ever seen, but who knows. Its kind of odd that it says paten...
  6. What aren't you sure about exactly? You can find technical information here: Here's a ebay listing for your Camera, going for 25 dollars: http://www....
  7. Only information I've been able to find about the hallmark is that it might be German or Swedish, those are the only countries that I found that have the letter Y in a circle. I haven't been able to f...
  8. @Robin56 - Hmm, yeah, it could be bisque porcelain, didn't really think of that. Bisque porcelain is a type of ceramic though, I just put ceramic as a catchall in the title because I wasn't sure what ...
  9. Not an expert on dolls, but I'll tell you what I know. MBI, doll company from Hong Kong, China. The Doll's they make aren't worth a lot, their retail price are around 20 to 50 dollars. Dolls such as t...
  10. A first edition of this book in a relatively good condition can go for around 20 dollars, yours would go for a bit bellow that. For an example, look here:
  11. Looks to me like a peddle car, seen others almost just like this one. Look her for pictures of peddle cars from the 1920s, might be of help: Really cool...
  12. Berta Hummel's paintings are most likely from 1927 and onwards, if not a bit before. She's perhaps most known for her porcelain figurines, sadly they aren't as valuable as they once were, neither is ...
  13. The material seems to be wrought iron, and the style/iron work is a bit reminiscent of italian/tuscan styles. As for the age, I really don't know.
  14. Beautiful piece. I think finding a key for an old mantel clock is next to impossible, unless you know the maker of it, or you know who sold it to you, if there's any other way, then I dont know about ...
  15. I was thinking the same, @Edisonfan - Its a great fake though, but the roped handles kinda gave it away.
  16. From what I've seen of other crates like this, it does seems genuine. I haven't seen the rope handles in these crates before, but that might be irrelevant. It could have been added on to the original ...
  17. The "Aeros" in "Sensation Aeros" Most likely refers to Cliff Aeros(1889-1952) A circus entrepreneur, stuntman, performer and tamer. The Poster could be from 1930's and onwards, thats when Cliff Aeros ...
  18. Stoneware bottles were as you might know used throughout the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. in the US, they mostly stopped using stoneware bottles around 1895. I think this bottle might be from the C...
  19. Couldnt find any information about that makers mark unfortuently. But best place to research Chinese and other Asian Porcelain is this site: - they have a lot of inf...
  20. Looks like the makers mark has faded, so its difficult to know for sure its full story. What I can say for sure though that it was most likely made after 1919, because of the "Made in China" mark, the...
  21. Its not sterling silver, EP means its electroplated. You could find more information on that online if you're interested. But I'm not sure what T.M.Y stands for. If I find out I'll let you know.
  22. If you can, could you write down the autographed name? Its hard to make out from the pictures. Really beautiful painting by the way.
  23. I'm almost 100% sure its brass, and yes I think it could've been made in India as well, I've seen very similar vases thats made in India, they´re very reminiscent of this vase. Thanks Robin, glad you ...
  24. Absolutely, the covers were the main reason I bought these, that and the nice illustrations inside. Thanks for the comment racer, glad you like them.
  25. This is a hand painted porcelain figurine created in Japan around the 1930s to 1950s. I don't know if he's meant to resemble anyone. You can see a listing on ebay for an almost identical piece as your...
  26. I love these kinds of mantel clocks, I really like the ornately engraved feet. A great find for sure!
  27. I'm not entirely sure, But it could be victorian. a lot ofVictorian chairs use abstract floral designs like this, but of course it could just as well be a newer chair with a similar style as that of ...
  28. Thanks for the help with identifying it, I really appreciate it.
  29. Yeah, that could be right as well TubeAmp, They could've used parts from an official sears piece to create a homemade version.
  30. The only information I can find about it is a patent filed on Oct 14, 1929 by Robbins & Myers, explaining a "Combined drink mixer and juice extractor" - I can pretty confidently say that this and what...
  31. It's hard to say anything without seeing any markings, have you found any on the chair that might say who made it or when? The markings could be anywhere. And I wouldn't restore any furniture before I...
  32. Very interesting, I haven't been able to much info on it, other than that I've found other steins that has "phila vac sub of mt. cl p" on it online. I think it was made in Philadelphia, but other than...
  33. Yeah, I completely forgot about adding a picture of the movement, I uploaded one just now.
  34. This is really awesome, such a nice find. The design is really cool.
  35. You're very welcome Billy, I'm glad to help.
  36. It is definitely a metal detector, with the chord missing. Sears is known for selling and making metal detectors. This seems to maybe be from the 60s or 70s, maybe earlier. Although I think they´ve st...
  37. As you most probably know this can was owned by one Hattie West from McDonald, Kansas. With a bit of research I found out that Hattie Elizabeth West owned and managed a store called West Variety Store...
  38. This one is really nice, I really like the lid design. I have not found any information about this online, been at it for a while. Have you checked if the jar have any hallmarks, that would help date ...
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Coca-Cola early 1930s bench My teapot!! OVENWARE Green Beaded Necklace Original Milkglass Clam Shell Gas Pump Globe...1930's-1940's REPLICA GREEK VASE painted by N. Lyrintzi vintage railroad lantern?? I don't know, please help! Lambert typewriter - 1902


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