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Victoria, British Columbia,Canada

I have been collecting art glass for the past 17 years. I now have 300+ pieces.Most of my collection is Italian glass...but I also have 50 or more pieces of Chalet I have been collecting art glass for the past 17 years. I now have 300+ pieces.Most of my collection is Italian glass...but I also have 50 or more pieces of Chalet Canada and Lorraine glass. I have a collection of Sommerso vases, bowls, birds and other critters. Barbini, Seguso and Cenedese are my favorites. I also have some Holmegaard pieces, Czech glass and other makers. I hope to post my whole collection on this site in the next few months.Cheers from Victoria! (Read more)


  1. These pieces are fantastic. Something about the sommerso technique that grabs you. It's now that time of year for digging out more of my collection for show and tell. I still have over 130 more piece...
  2. Thanks for your interest in my pieces vetraio50...greatly appreciated!!! :o)
  3. Thanks for the loves!!
  4. Cheers,!!!
  5. Thanks once again....cheers
  6. Thanks again antique rose!!
  7. Thanks for the comments antique rose and Alan... I really appreciate your time and energy that you take assisting me antique rose!!
  8. Thanks!!
  9. Thanks nutsabotas6 for your great comments. Thanks for the compliment, but I am far from an expert...there are still a few pieces that I have that I can't ID..but I try to do as much research as I can.
  10. Thanks for your time...cheers
  11. I think I can safely say that your piece is a Chribska...mine is very similar to yours. My piece has the Belfor Crystal import label.
  12. I came across a duck in my search and I found one exactly matching this one with an etched "Chalet Canada" on the bottom
  13. Looks great with the UV light
  14. Thanks..... now back to digging out some more glass to take more pics in the next few days....cheers.
  15. cheers antiquerose... :o)
  16. thanks Rick55
  17. The tails are the part of the bird that are the most vulnerable...I agree.
  18. I scooped this up today from my favorite consignment store for a ridiculously low price.
  19. Thanks for the suggestion antiquerose...I will look into it more.
  20. Thanks antiquerose....I was kind of leaning that way....One of the first pieces that I picked up in the first year of collecting. Cheers
  21. Thanks for the info Rick55....cheers
  22. Thank you :o)
  23. Thanks for the loves everyone......
  24. I really like the alexandrite (neodymium) glass myself. I have a recent post with a swordfish that I didn't realize was neodymium when I first purchased it. It is always a good surprise...cheers
  25. Thanks Rick55.......It is definitely a Canadian piece...I will have to investigate some more....Cheers
  26. Thanks aghcollect...I had put the last vase on twice....Thanks for the love on that one...cheers
  27. Thanks Rick55... :o)
  28. Thanks for the loves!!
  29. Thanks melaniej... :o)
  30. Thanks surfdub66
  31. This piece confuses me...It was bought at Eaton's in 1962...I still might lean towards saying it is a piece of Canadian art glass. ??
  32. Antiquerose....I usually wrap the big pieces of Chalet in old towels and box them separately and put them in Rubbermaid tubs...cheers
  33. Thanks nutsabotas6.
  34. Thanks antiquerose!
  35. Thanks vetraio50
  36. A beautiful example ....great colors!
  37. Thanks nutsabotas6.
  38. Thanks for the loves everyone
  39. Thanks Rick55.......I always appreciate your comments
  40. Thanks nutsabotas6...I always appreciate your comments
  41. Thanks AGalWithGlass ...I will have to check under the UV light..cheers
  42. I have retaken the pictures and posted...cheers
  43. Thanks so much for taking the time to type all of this out for me antiquerose...greatly appreciated...cheers
  44. Thanks antiquerose!!
  45. Thanks Rick55
  46. Collectomaniac.... I believe that Chalet glass actually stopped producing pieces around 1986.The uranium pieces are lighter but under natural light, they are quite bright. They also glow under a bla...
  47. I'm actually going to take other pictures of this piece......these pictures don't show how bright it actually is...the pictures don't do it any justice.... Thanks for comments.
  48. Thanks racer4four and Rick55.....
  49. I found a recent sold listing on e-bay with a green foil label. It is the same style bird as mine, but is red and 9.5 inches tall ...It is 5 inches across like mine ..but the neck is bent to it's ches...
  50. Thanks for your suggestion antiquerose...It just might be Seguso...especially with 7 tail feathers.
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