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I'm not really a collector, per say. I love hummingbirds and have several different things around the house. Mostly glass and china pottery things


  1. Spectacular
  2. I'd wear this
  3. Thank you nutsabotas6 Thank you aghcollect Thank you Elisabethan Thank you kerry10456 Thank you vetraio50 Thank you geo26e Thank you AmberRose Thank you racer4four, don't really know, but have ...
  4. Thank you surfdub66
  5. Thank you PhilDavidAlexanderMorris
  6. Thank you racer4four, for the complement, I really love this little Ginger style urn
  7. Thank you geo26e
  8. Thank you kerry10456
  9. Thank you aghcollect
  10. Thank you aghcollect Thank you kerry10456 Thank you Virginia.vintage Thank you geo26e Thank you racer4four Thank you PhilDavidAlexanderMorris Thank you Gracay2004
  11. Thank you Gracay2004 for the warm welcome and complement.
  12. Not sure how to say Thank you to everybody yet. Thank you to everyone who has loved this
  13. Thank you everyone for the show of support
  14. kerry10456 would kill me if I bought another. But as he has all his watches and clocks, so I should
  15. Thank you all for the comments and No it's not mine, yet
  16. Thank you Moonstonelover21
  17. Thank you nutsabotas6
  18. Thank you AnneLanders for the warm welcome and complement.
  19. Just getting the hang of this. But this is beautiful
  20. Thank you SEAN68
  21. Thank You Everyone for the warm welcome and complements.
  22. Thanks Manikin, I would love to see, is it posted here? Thank you PhilDavidAlexanderMorris Thank you nutsabotas6 Thank you geo26e Thanks Kerry, old fart Thank you petey Thank you racer4four I ...
  23. thank you surfdub66
  24. Thanks SEAN68 and aghcollet
  25. SEAN68 & aghcollect thank you
  26. I want one of these, Very nice
  27. Oh just love this, very neat
  28. Thank you, I didn't know there was any differences.
  29. LOVE this, so cute
  30. I have a couple of these. Two sizes, one is a little smaller
  31. geo26e fantastic watch
  32. I have a Roy Rogers one that looks like this style.
  33. I want to come see in person... WOW...
  34. You have both, WOW
  35. This is SUPER Fantastic
  36. I have one of these also. number 653
  37. same as kerry10456 one, but with fob, so cool
  38. Bet these are rare
  39. Never seen one of these, very neat.
  40. thanks geo26e will add that to my wish list
  41. geo26e you have some very nice watches AWESOME
  43. i want one :-)
  44. WOW love this one
  45. geo26e i have never seen any of these very cool
  46. Were these sold in the US market?
  47. Your watches are GREAT. Wish I had some of this type.
  48. See more


Little bit better pics of the Watch groups I posted before 1989 European Batman store Watch display CARL BANKS WRISTWATCH


posted 3 years ago
posted 3 years ago