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  1. Havent been here in a while. Thank you Much, that is very interesting
  2. Thank you Scott. My understanding was the tax stamp on photos started in 1864, and was repealed in 1865.
  3. Thank you Fhrjr. I'm hoping its Not a prop....
  4. If I post right side up, or upside down. They still post haphazard................................................................... .
  5. Some of the photos post in any direction they want....?
  6. Anne, Goodday" It does have a remnant of gold throughout the rim, and approx. 1" down from the rim on the raised lines, below the flowers. This was strewn on a table in the Desert, at a sale. I was th...
  7. Maybe if I post the photos upside down, they will appear right side up?
  8. Thank you Valentino, I was also told Navajo, 1930-1940...,I don't know.
  9. Thank you Mary, I sent Steve birks some photos. I know its greater than 150 years.....but would like to see if it goes back to William Adams early days. Blunderbuss, that must have been Good time....
  10. I believe its a helmet,face guard and breast plate. I have dine my best, to understand this piece, but am at a loss. Thank you Vetraio & Manikin for your input.
  11. Blunderbuss, it may be true, " You harm the world as much by taking offense, as by giving it" I know I'm not very edumacated. If you have the answers to how any of the textiles were produced...I sure ...
  12. Thank you. Its brass or bronze. It sure changes a room at night. I found an ol box and gave it a home. Now they want the piece of junk! Lol
  13. Thank you Mary & blunderbuss
  14. Thank you manikin. Do you know guess its age? Or what it was for?
  15. Thank you too late. The regulator is where its been for 20 years. A friend sent his Rolex in for service. A few years later it died. He had the back removed to find a quartz movement with a dead batte...
  16. Thank you Amber rose. M Hinkle really did a Fine job.
  17. Yea,that ol foot has been through travels to the brink. I remember your name, you have a very interesting collection......Thank you Manikin. I spent much time researching, but ended up,where I am at n...
  18. Beautiful!
  19. I'm sure he loved it, and the skill that brought it back to life, is a wonderful skill to hold. Nice!
  20. I came back to show a few friends that have never looked into watches. Plus I get to enjoy them again. They are all WOWW!
  21. Amazing......All of them...... I better get to work if im ever going to make 1. : )` Maybe in Another Time.
  22. Time machines they are with History in your hands.......
  23. When you get tired of that one, let me know & i will make you another one. : )`
  24. That's Beautiful.
  25. LOL! how about we trade a Mint Condition Dollar watch? This one, id be wearing!
  26. Ingersoll Outerspace, I Really Like that 1. Lol Wanna Trade for a broken seamaster? J.K.
  27. A Cooksey Shugert Book Will Be Very Helpful.... Remember" The Movement has to Be identical. 2 Watches that look similiar at First Glance, 1 = $10, 1=$1000.00. The Watch market is presently in the D...
  28. Trunkman, That is Beautiful.....You replied a year ago to my inquiry on a Trunk. Lol. I havent been back here to collectors weekly since. The Date on the Newspaper in trunk, is 1859. I am gentle when ...
  29. Note: Mens Watches Can be very plain looking, but still be "Very Valuable". Research first, & Beware. Their are people in this world, that will answer your questions, in a way, as to make you thin...
  30. That is a Very Appealing Watch. You will find many that like it as i do. The copper color isnt seen often, like the others. When i see those, i just have to pick them up! Gruen Makes a Pretty Watch. R...
  31. Most of the time {the reason for these watches Not running} the main spring has been wound to its end, & the Winder keeps Winding. Look at the face of watch, turn toward you, then gently slowly, win...
  32. It looks original to the watch, But is hard to tell from photos. Read the markings on the back or inside cover. Those Numbers will help you identify its year, make & model. Kindof like a car. Its a G...
  33. Ive just posted a coffee pot similiar in shape to yours. I believe the maker is William Adams, They go way back.......However theyre were many William Adams.......My coffee pot is unmarked, But im pre...
  34. Thats a Beautiful watch. Wish i made it. Lol.
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