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  1. its a pretty one is the suspension spring intact? thats the spring the pendulum hangs from be careful they break easily,..
  2. thanks spirit ,..good to know was trying to figure out how to get the face off doesn't seem to unscrew or pop of and i dont want to pry at it tooo roughly anyhow, but radium is nasty so ill rethink my...
  3. well i dont know, shoot someone probably messed with the hairspring on it,..has a tail poking out from where its pined in place so im almost tempted to tweak it some but my ignorance will probably ma...
  4. WOW nice haul all from one place or accumulation from a lot o hunting?
  5. luck to you on getting info it looks like an early 20th century piece but an auful lot of records got lost in France between WW1 and WW2, hard to find out anything on the oddballs( have a couple ...
  6. wipes the drool from my chin leering at the fun goods
  7. CONGRATULATIONS!! woohoo good snag
  8. thanks Fort n Racer i think its very pretty just isn't exactly my cuppa tea ,.gonna poke round n see if i can find someone with some pocket watches to wangle a swap heeheh that or I'l sit on it n let ...
  9. thanks Brenda seth thomas put out sooo dang many models from soo many places its hard to keep track ehheh
  10. very nice piece
  11. oh and AWESOME clock
  12. gave ,itype badly on the 4th
  13. probably just needs a cleaning n oiling , have several mantle clocks that only ran 3 days and once i blew out the crud and gace em some clock oil on the pivots usualy they get back to 8 days or so
  14. dont know if you want to try it but a ball of duct tape in your hand sticky side out you can usually unscrew most all screw on backs,..and since no tool involved doesnt scratch the metal,...
  15. looks like it might be a fusee movement have to pop the dust cover( with the winding hole) open to look at movement,..if so has a tiny tiny chain like a bicycle chain in it that helps it run more accu...
  16. upper dial is has left to run between winding,...since it came from a watch repair place is probably pretty close so should run 40 hours on a full wind,..older dirty ones might not run as long
  17. looks Korean,. looks like same one ,..the consensus seems to be they are from Korea ,..anyone know for...
  18. does have a much prettier dial , guessing it had a single strike movement with a bell that rang hourly,..that or a time only,..only one winding hole limits options,..good luck sooo many different ...
  19. Looks a little like a cartel clock from Sweden....hard to tell from case I've got one in my show tell somewhere
  20. She still has it in the box w instructions...printed in 65
  21. Thanks Bruce! Yup well in that made in the 70s isn't antique yet ..but an 8 day Westminster chime for that price....seems not too shabby any other
  22. Man you find good ones what part of the country do you hunt?
  23. Awesome cool find!
  24. Well blew out the dust and lightly oiled the escapement and its been running 3 day s now....still haven't managed to winkle the movement out ..wood is old crackled laquer and not very hardwood so bein...
  25. Will keep mumbling at it...that's half the fun!
  26. Thanks Bruce it does seem like somehow it comes out the back in trying to push out the front it nudged up till the hands were against the glass...near panicked tiny bit more I think would have shatter...
  27. Thanks fortapache
  28. Eh no rush kinda like the battered look. If I do fiddle with it won't be shooting for perfection anyhoo... Just less obvious
  29. Running fairly dang steady if left alone n upright.. 12 hours untouched today.. Might try to cosmetically fill the chip with some appliance touch up paint.. Dont need perfection no way I can duplica...
  30. Ok in my wandering Google looking for any info I think it's Swiss... Thinking possibly semi rare... Found a couple with the same patent info with split second hands.. So maybe mine was the budget mode...
  31. Thanks Dave think I scored it's currently running fairly solidly... Pretty good for what they sold me for a pretty paperweight
  32. Nope no print cept patent date
  33. When I was fresh out of high school got a security job and I actually used one nearly like this... Mid 80s..thing looked like an antique then.... But that's just people hating it had to be built like ...
  34. Well been running an hour n half steadily... Only will run on its back rite now but it's progress!
  35. Woohoo! 5min now think I got a winner!
  36. I hate spell check... Dumbass is what I was
  37. Oh one reason looks so clean is I was a dumbest and popped the case apart.... Roof had a dent I wanted to move to the back... Oh my that's fun you get 2 pieces in sneak the 3rd one in the first 2,fall...
  38. Afraid to hit it too hard with anything the crystal n face are put together almost like a tin can I don't wanna wash any dirt into where I can't get too
  39. Kinda love the dueling pistol cufflinks too hehehe watch is more my thing but they are dang cool
  40. Not this one.... Says on the front 100 day.... Wouldn't bet on it.... It just seems to barely tick... Even tho pretty accurate doesn't seem to have any extra momentum... Maybe 1/4 turn past the tick e...
  41. Thanks racer n Bruce I've discovered if you don't plan on accuracy you get decent results with fidling with these.... And even with my ham handed smacking it about... Its actually running halfway accu...
  42. I'm not the one selling it thinking of buying it
  43. thanks ive been wearing it every day since i got it running n polished the crystal some,..nice thing about digitals is no gears to get dirty,.hard to read in the sunshine tho! ,..anyone know what they...
  44. is the number on the movement or the case? wont be the same number LOVE those old walthams i find em hard to pass up when i spot one heheh very very cool
  45. boy not sure, talk to someone who actualy specializes in em first id push the lever to the center position n see what it does ,.. counter intuitive i know but if the lever was cranked over hard it...
  46. how minor?out of range on the small fast slow adjust lever on top of the movement?gentle adjustments usualy all you need just make sure to lock pendulum w the lever on the bottom front first.have a pr...
  47. thanks pops,...thought it was sumptin like that knew were older than 1972 know the music is very elaborately scored
  48. hmm strange found another almost identical to it railroad award and all same looking movement n case,..not nearly as good a shape and has a made in Korea sticker on the movement,..walthams name has w...
  49. well Willard stopped making clocks in 1848 so its at LEAST that old,..very sought after banjo clocks like that were the first commercially successful clocks in the us think he made the first 8 day mov...
  50. have a lot of the springs here hard to know what it takes on yours
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