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London, England

I like old swiss chronograph watches, I like to buy non working watches or very rough watches, and get them looking/running like new again. Should you have any old I like old swiss chronograph watches, I like to buy non working watches or very rough watches, and get them looking/running like new again. Should you have any old swiss made chronographs, working or not - please contact me. (Read more)


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  1. Charming he is, a very handsome chap too. Someone must surely recognise these markings, can anyone tell me who they represent, who's marks are they? This piece does not look like some mass produced...
  2. Hee Hee - yes I bet it would. Looks even better on mine. This is a collectors piece, that much I do know. I am wondering what something like this may actually be worth, as I'd love a Rolex and so I'...
  3. I spoke to the Cathedral today, they are checking it for me and they sounded very excited about it. It is one of the missing pieces, that much we have established. FINGERS CROSSED
  4. Isn't worth anything? The fact it sold for £685 at a Photographic Auction (Oliver G Pike was very famous at the BBC for many years) - This unique copy of this book was worth more than we first thought...
  5. Should anyone be interested in this - contact me
  6. This item as now sold - reached 238 Euros (around £205) Thanks for looking though
  7. This book has now sold - It was put into a specialist Photography auction and raised £685, all of which has been donated to the Princess Diana Hospital in Grimsby!
  8. It is 4cm long x 3cm wide by the way!
  9. So should I just throw it on the Skip or eBay it?
  10. The paint on the orange is eggshell cracked, like old pottery does but the black glaze is thick and has no eggshell cracks. If it has been made from a mould, what kind of date would one put on it!
  11. I would also like to add that it is in such good condition (working) as it was found stored in a leather watch wallet, were I suspect it has spent many years. It does have a serial number A0-35-166...
  12. Thank you very much, you may of also noticed I put up pictures of the watch on its original NATO strap, the one with which it was issued with when new. I have had many a comment on it. Nicolet Watc...
  13. Thank you for that information Dave, it does indeed have many different currencies, some of which are no longer with us since the birth of the Euro. Looking at it now I can now see how the game is pla...
  14. There is one on eBay at the moment for around £2700.
  15. These are Paratrooper Medals - if you want more specific information, please feel free to email me Great little find you have there.....
  16. It has a Swiss Made manual wind movement that is in perfect working order and keeps good time. The movement maker is no longer a watch maker, as I checked. I can't for the life of me remember the damn...
  17. sorry about the mistake, the email address is the last one
  19. Bellin68 if you would care to mail me, I can send you some more images, as it only allows me to post 4 on here! If your an expert on Ceramics, Oil Paintings, 1st Edition Books from 1800's, Brass ornam...
  20. I once owned a Yema Yachting Chronograph watch with a Blue Shark Skin Strap, which I stupidly sold on for a ridiculously low price. Watches back then were not fetching what they are now. I wish I had ...
  21. Thank you for that piece of very interesting information. The magnifying glass I have is NOT the one within the link, I provided the link to show that this item may potentially be worth a pretty penny...
  22. 1/4 Gold Shell means that it is quite heavily gold plated, but it is not gold. I would estimate it to be from the 1915-1925 period and as a piece of costume jewellery its value is between £15 - £30. D...
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IWC Schauffhausen 18K Gold Vintage watch


posted 8 years ago