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Just a guy who collects this, that, and the other. Old books about cooking or medicine, bowling pins, flashlights, heirloom beans, and about a thousand other ephemerJust a guy who collects this, that, and the other. Old books about cooking or medicine, bowling pins, flashlights, heirloom beans, and about a thousand other ephemera. (Read more)


  1. I tend to agree, TrudiCakes. There is just enough wiggle room in the specs for some observable differences. For example, the 2012 USBC specifications allow the weight to range from 3 pounds, 6 ounces ...
  2. They are indeed!
  3. They do come up occasionally, but rarely in such good condition. It's a crapshoot collecting old stuff. I'm still looking for a good condition rubber band duckpin.
  4. Yes, that is classy indeed. They just don't make 'em like they used to. Could be said about a lot of things.
  5. I will certainly post if I come upon that information. I am really surprised that as interesting a collectible as bowling pins are, there aren't any guidebooks.
  6. Wow, brunswicka2, that's totally insane! Six inches? Was it the sliding problem that brunswicka2 mentioned for you as well?
  7. I saw that, Deano. Nice couple of pins you've got there!
  8. Have you posted a pic, gmercury2000?
  9. I will keep on the lookout for that one, ALV. Thanks!
  10. Gorgeous!
  11. Yeah, that makes sense. Although it seems like the reports from the bowling centers doesn't always paint the "high end" pins as the best there is. Perhaps it's the cost of the performance or maybe it'...
  12. Magic Triangle. That's pretty catchy. And you're right, the triangle motif is carried on in today's QubicaAMF Amflite II pins. Pretty amazing that the number 5 was retained through those pretty signif...
  13. Than you for that. I took a look into the USBC documents to see if there is any indication of what it takes to trigger a new number and it doesn't give a clue. There are 12 pages on pin specifications...
  14. This is the newer design and it has the unequal weight "V." The left side of the letter logo is wider than the right. But the other one, the one I'm calling Variant B is actually older? The one with b...
  15. Interesting! Do you know if there are any actual differences between the "twins?" Or is it all in the printing? I supposed it's sort of like the Dodge - Chrysler situation. Some'll buy Dodge and some'...
  16. Brilliant! Thank you for that insight. Is there anything that can be inferred from the size of the AMF "meatball?" In other words, did it start large and then get smaller until it disappeared altogeth...
  17. Beautiful lighter! Would hold its own against ST DuPont.
  18. That was a nice pin, wasn't it. I'm sure the Kraus and Columbia pins were some consolation, though. You must be the Mike from Bowl-Tech. I must say it's an honor to have you comment on a pin of mine. ...
  19. Wow, they have their marks taped really tightly. Kubric wanted them in such precise positioning.
  20. That is one hulking hulk. Nobody could do massive, solid volume like Jack Kirby. What fists! Excelsior!
  21. Love Neal Adams. Such a master of the line and volume.
  22. That's the spirit! The 1961 spirit. The spirit of the Martins.
  23. Again, another opportunity for a poignant still life. Lovely.
  24. That assemblage would make an absolutely fascinating still life painting!
  25. Absolutely loved the new MiracleMan until it collapsed under the weight of its own pretense. Some fantastic writing and artwork in those first dozen issues though.
  26. Long live Jack Kirby, FOOM!
  27. Looks like a surveyor's compass?
  28. Elegant presentation. Love the detail on the die faces!
  29. You got it, Phil, it is. Love your Deco focus. Lately I'm enamored of American Streamline design. Cheers!
  30. Thank you, PDAM and e4b, you are most gracious. I'm very much looking forward to hitting a few estate sales to expand the search area.
  31. Hi racer4four, the wood nowadays and as far as I can tell has been primarily maple. Very early wood pins (of which I don't own many but I will post a few) identify "hard maple" either with or without ...
  32. Hi racer4four, Bowling goes back in one form or another at least a century. Even in the modern sanctioned era, there is a tremendous diversity. Each approved pin design is given a permit number. The...
  33. Updated to add a photo of this pin type that was customized for the Playdrome Recreation Centers.
  34. I love Streamline design. Currently reading American Streamline Design by Hanks and Hoy.
  35. Haha, no need to be sorry. Duckpins ARE cute. They are the fuzzy little puppies of the bowling pin world.
  36. They can be quite striking. Bona fide glow pins glow all over except for the band and medallion. Some glow-accent pins are the reverse. The bands and medallion glow, as in the current QubicaAMF and Br...
  37. Thanks even more!
  38. Thanks!
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