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  1. 1933 Worlds Fair Mickey Mouse watch Would not have a pointer on the subdial and Ingersoll added "MADE IN USA" on the dial at 8 o'clock in 1935. Not a 1933 Chicago world's Fair model. If you show me th...
  2. I'm not sure about a Daisy box either but your box is extremely nice as are the watches. Jimi
  3. I 1933 worlds fair model also had no pointer on the sub dial. The watch in the OPs photos looks like it had half its strap changed? Look at the border stitching?
  4. Wonderful collection! Very nice condition.
  5. I see this deco wire lug Ingersoll with that 1934 style dial often? Do any of you have any real info as to where these came from? Were the dials changed from an older watch or did the early 34 models ...
  6. Do any of you have a 1933 dial like geo26e has on the wire lug posted here? I have that same watch but the dial is destroyed and crystal is missing.I can only find 1934 dials with the smaller #5&7. Th...
  7. New here but wanted to say that wire lug watch is very nice!
  8. Hi Kerry,I visited with the seller of that box,business card, and paperwork just before he shipped it to make a copy of the warranty paper. I loved the 122 N. Carrollton Ave. address and mostly the "...
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1933 Mickey Mouse Wrist Watch


posted 2 years ago
posted 2 years ago