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Closing in on 50 years as a watchmaker and collector of unusual and rare pocket and wristwatches.


  1. Great dial. The Courvoisier's were a watchmaking family from Switzerland and London. Your watch looks Swiss-made. They were known for their high-end watches. This is a site where you can look at an ex...
  2. Thanks Dave and everyone else :) You have to love the clothing style and the neck tie.
  3. It looks like a pendant alarm watch. I believe it is a newer model. Very nice.
  4. Hi, It is a Swiss Cylinder Escapement. If I could get a clear picture of the two lower hallmarks, I may be able to pin point the maker. Jim
  5. Sorry Jason I didn't mean to step on you, I was responding at the same time you were. Jim
  6. Hi, You have a very nice size 8s. Model 2 , Illinois hunt case pocket watch c.1885. It is housed in an 18k solid gold "Eagle" hunt case. The case is exquisite with its nautical motif.
  7. I have looked in all of my books on early English guns and still cannot find an example of this unusual firearm. Selling it may prove difficult because there is very little to compare it with. You cou...
  8. It would keep and blow-back from the primers from hitting the user in the face :)
  9. It is a black powder muzzle loader. You place a priming cap on each nipple and then the two guards are pushed carefully on the priming caps. The guards keeps the primers from falling off in the field....
  10. I looked at the pictures again and I believe it is not precussion but did use shells. I would love to see a picture of it opened. I believe it could be an "under lever".
  11. There were two gunmakers, William & John both named Fotherby from Leeds. One could have worked in Wakefield at one time. Those two bars on top of the barrels should be Gold and not brass as you are d...
  12. Don't take it to a jewelry store because they will send it to a watchmaker and charge you 2 to 3 times what the watchmaker would charge them. They are both very simple fixes. Try looking for an old ti...
  13. You are right, it is 1904 according to the NAWCC data base sorry for the typo. As to the problem watch stopping, the case back is hitting the balance cock. Hold the back cover flat in your hand (outsi...
  14. A little more information for you. It is a size 16s. Model "99" c. 1914. It is missing its bow. The case is very nice. It is a highly collectable Railroad grade pocket watch.
  15. It is the correct case with a very nice pendant below the crown. The reason it moves is because one of the case screws are loose. These are half-head screws and have to be turned so that the head hold...
  16. It is definately Swiss and very high grade. The key is one of the nicest I have seen and any watch key collector would love to add it to his collection. A very nice watch.
  17. It is sadly not solid gold but all the diamonds are real and it is IDd on the back with date etc.
  18. I agree. The models that wind from 12 o'clock are c. 1920 however; the model that winds from 5 o'clock is c. 1975. The one with the blue stone is the most sought after.
  19. This is a real one that I posted a few months ago.
  20. Pops52, I would love to keep it in my collection but I believe that my customer will want it back after cleaning. Jim
  21. Dave, Thanks for the information, I might have the compass somewhere. Jim
  22. it reads "Waltham Watch & Clock Company". Most of these just say "Waltham". Thanks for asking.
  23. Thanks Bellin68 and thank you Ken for the comment.
  24. Kerry, No problem. Now we really need to see the serial number. I'm curious. Jim
  25. Most of these Illinois wristwatches with a 9 o'clock seconds dial were produced in the 1920s'. If you could take the back off and provide a serial number, then I could tell you when it was made. Also ...
  26. Iwo Jima, sorry for the typo.
  27. Thanks beyemvey, it maks sense now.
  28. Thanks to everyone who has looked and commented. It is coin silver with a solid rose gold inlay.
  29. Hi, It looks like a size 16s. Waltham Vanguard model 1908 with a wind indicator (up/down). If I had the serial number I could tell you the exact year. You are right on the money with your estimate.
  30. It weighs about as much as an average pocket watch and is about the same size. Thanks for asking. Jim This Old Watch
  31. Hi, Your watch is 18k solid gold and was made by G. Braillard, Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. It is called a "demi-hunter" because of the small hole in its cover. It has the correct double hands for te...
  32. Try to post a picture of the movement and any markings on the inside of the covers.
  33. Now I am confused but it is a "Hampden" founded in 1877 in Springfield, Mass.
  34. I would love to see a picture of the movement. It looks like a made-up piece. The watch is correct but the wood holder looks hand carved by a previous owner. It is definately not factory made.
  35. AR8Jason, Yes it is and it is very scarce. It is in Shugart's Price Guide with "2" stars. Thank for looking.
  36. Thanks to everyone who looked and to musikchoo for the Christmas greeting. Right back at you :) Jim This Old Watch
  37. Hi, I have seen these dials before where it looks as if the picture is part of the dial. Most of the ones that I have seen are pictures of women and possibly done by a loving husband etc. It adds to ...
  38. Hi Jane, I don't see any hinges so it is possibly a screw on/off cover. Hold it in the palm of your hand dial down and twist the back cover counter clockwise. You may have to use one of those rubber ...
  39. Beautiful dial. If you can, add a picture of the movement & serial number. This will tell the exact size and year it was made etc.
  40. Ken, I just added my Bunn and you may want to take a look at it. Jim
  41. I would love to borrow this, it may end road rage forever. As Crocodile Dundee would say, "no mate, this is a truck". thanks for sharing.
  42. Thanks to everyone who loves this watch.
  43. There should be a serial number on the case between the band lugs. You may be able to read it without taking the band off. The serial will tell you when it was made.
  44. Oops, the last number appears to be a "1" which dosen't change a thing.
  45. If I am reading the serial number correctly (13645987) it is a size 6s. 7-jewel. model 1890 made c.1905. The value is in the sterling case as the movement is a low grade Seaside type, with little valu...
  46. Can you take a clearer picture of the movement showing the serial number? I can give you a "book" value if I could get a little more information.
  47. The value of the watch is in this handsome silver hunter case. I think you have two pictures of its back cover as the front should have a blank spot in the center for initials. The movement appears to...
  48. Cartier did sign an agreement in 1907 with Jeager/LeCoultre to be the exclusive supplier of movements for their watches. Cartier was a famous jeweler and not a watchmaker per-say. You have a very nice...
  49. If you Google "Demi Hunter" or "Half Hunter pocket watch" you will find many examples like this watch.
  50. Yes, if you enlarge the picture of the front cover you can clearly see where the crystal fits neatly. I will try to find one and show you. I have owned several and enjoyed them.
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