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Vintage porcelain painting numbered 6794 - Potteryin Pottery
Homegrown  - Kitchenin Kitchen
My  Grannies, Mother's Porcelain Slipper - Figurinesin Figurines
Please help to idenify - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
HELP-Identify hood ornament????? - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
M or W Manufacture Mark on my Candy Dish - Kitchenin Kitchen
Antique Illinois Pocket Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Old Borden's Elsie the cow light-up clock - Advertisingin Advertising
Please help me to identify  JIUNN MAA????????????????? - Asianin Asian
Antique gentlemans adjustable shave dresser mirror.  Need help to Identify?? - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Thank you aghcollect.
  2. Thank you so much!!
  3. Thanks Melba
  4. Hey TallCakes, what I thought was a candy dish is a powder puff thingy. How cool is that? Thanks for the help!!
  5. Thank you Jim!!
  6. We live in the Huntington/Charleston area of WV
  7. Thanks Kevin I will delete that post!
  8. Jason, my 83 year old uncle told us today to do whatever we wanted because he doesn't have children or anyone to leave it to. So sad!
  9. Thanks!!
  10. Jim, I forgot to ask you what does 16's mean? Thanks!
  11. OMGosh Jim that is what he was hoping to hear. The watch itself is in perfect condition, and keeps perfect time. Thank you so much!
  12. Thanks so much AR8Jason, I will check out that web site.
  13. Thanks Hunter!! :)
  14. I was told the bottle contained Kentucky Straight Bourbon????
  15. I have this same bottle. Love it!!!!!!!
  16. Hey Scott, Thanks!! Guess I should have been a true blonde, cause when i turned it around to take a picture, I noticed it was marked. I just can't read all of it.
  17. Amazing, and I loved the story. Thanks for sharing!! :)
  18. Great!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  20. stefdsign, I would say your right. Maybe a calandar or something of that nature. Loved my simpler innocent childhood!!
  21. OMGosh I love it!
  22. Thanks so much oldhippee!
  23. Ahh, Pocahontas County. Love the peach seed. Thanks for sharing the story!
  24. Thanks fhrjr2, I will research it. I just added another picture, because I just now noticed the lion/dragon/creature??
  25. Thanks BELLIN68!!
  26. Thanks for the comments, but still can't seem to find the exact chair.
  27. Awesome story! Thanks for sharing.
  28. Congrats and thanks for sharing!!
  29. Love them!! There is one Large Steuben art glass pelican on ebay for $1,200.00
  30. Hi, I live just a few minutes from Catlettsburg, where was the Hylands farms dairy? Do your bottles have a picture of a baby on the other side? Love the collection!!
  31. hylandfarms. The 1 quart bottle I have is round. The front reads: Property Of Hyland Farms dairy trade mark registered please return to owner, reverse side is adorable with a baby lying on a pillow...
  32. Thank you Agram.m I love hearing from all of you. I have googled this piece (sweater clasp/clip) but still can't find one like it. My Mother said she remembers school teachers and such wearing them.
  33. Thank you AR8Jason.
  34. Thanks so much pop_abides and Cindy. I figured it was some kind of a clip/clasp, but I thought maybe it was for a man's vest.
  35. Ahh, what a great way to hold onto the memories. Love the picture!!
  36. www.antiquetoycollections.com The antique toy collector's online resource.
  37. I like the Texaco sign!!!!!!!!!
  38. I was wondering if you could help me Identify a bottle I recently purchased? The bottle reads Hyland Farms Dairy.
  39. Love it! I too like the ice cream sign.
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