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Thank you for viewing my profile! I'm a 28 year-old art and film historian with Masters Degrees in Art History and Business Administration (MBA), as well as an AdThank you for viewing my profile! I'm a 28 year-old art and film historian with Masters Degrees in Art History and Business Administration (MBA), as well as an Advanced Certificate in Curatorial Studies. I've been collecting antiques, vintage items, and film memorabilia for the past 15 years. (Read more)


  1. Deal! Lol!
  2. The certificate is somewhere in my house LOL. Even if it’s authentic, which the certificate claims it to be, it still likely has little value due to lack of rarity.
  3. That description is NOT my opinion. I merely transcribed the certificate that came with the coin, no more, no less. I don’t post opinions on here. Of course, college degrees are not a reflection of...
  4. Plus your explanation doesn’t at all change the fact that things are worth what people are willing to pay for them. That is a literal saying in the field in which I hold my degrees and work profession...
  5. Also I have a Masters in the field and a second one in the works- I do not need an explication as to how to assess value lol.
  6. Why am I being crucified for having what is probably a replica?? Lol. Nobody here is trying to conflate collectible and sentimental value.
  7. ^ Art and artifacts are worth what people are willing to pay for them. Motto to live by in the art and museum industry, of which I am a part.
  8. Thank you both for the comments!! You’ve reinvigorated my page and reminded me that I need to get on here and add more items!
  9. Thank you, Ted! Now that college is out until late January, I'll be posting more things. :) Happy Holidays!
  10. I'm glad you like the autograph! And I agree, he still has a great voice! The Neverending Story is one of the songs on this album, which is why he's shown wearing the clothes from that song.
  11. You're most welcome!! (:
  12. Hi, kerry10456, I apologize for not replying sooner, but thank you for stopping by and "loving" the series!!
  13. Nice to meet you too, carizzachua! I see that you're a fellow doll collector as well- your dolls are very cute! I haven't looked in a while, but I have the authenticity card stored in a drawer.
  14. Thank you, Aimathena (:
  15. Thank you!!
  16. No problem!
  17. Thank you, nutsabotas6!
  18. Hi, carizzachua, I've actually seen your version (the blonde version) of this doll! And yes, this is from the Cathay Depot collection.
  19. Very cool, carizzachua! :D
  20. Hi, MizPatti, I know my response is rather late, but thank you for the added info!
  21. Hi, blunderbuss2, Thank you for your comment. :) I can relate to what you said about people "in the know," and I do my best to be the antithesis of those people (informative yet humble and receptiv...
  22. Thank you, nutsabotas6760 :))
  23. My pleasure, Ted! Thanks for stopping by and "loving" this item!
  24. Hi, packrat-place, No offense taken! I'm sorry if my reply sounded curt. That's the problem with typed messages sometimes... Regarding the date, I shall alter my description so that it includes the...
  25. Also, thanks for the "love" packrat-place and blunderbuss2!
  26. @packrat-place: Due to the toaster's American Beaux Arts design, it probably dates from the 1920s or 1930s. I am also aware that it is not a pop-up type but a flip type. All information I've included ...
  27. Happy New Year, Tom! :)
  28. What a fabulous collection of views! I hope you don't mind that I borrowed from your description to enhance the description of my stereoscope. (:
  29. Thanks for the "love," Jono, and I'll gladly go check yours out! Thank you, Scott, I'll keep your suggestion in mind!
  30. Thank you, inky! :) Thanks, AmberRose, and yes, that's the one!
  31. Happy Holidays to you, too, vetraio50!! :)
  32. Hi, Mike, Thank you very much for providing me with the specifics on the 1938 Gruens watch. Without opening it, I know that the 1940s Gruen watch has a Yellow Gold-Filled, Guildite back. At a later...
  33. @rlwindle- How neat to be a relative of hers! I love hearing about people's ancestry, being a family tree researcher (: @mrcolorz- Thanks! I'd be glad to (:
  34. Thank you, Sean!!
  35. Bernadette, electric sewing machines CAN be valuable, depending upon the age, rarity, condition, and how many accessories are still present. To say that my circa 1928 electric sewing machine by White ...
  36. Love the figurine's Rococo style outfit!
  37. Just lovely!
  38. Beautiful!
  39. Thank you, Sean!!
  40. Anytime!! :) I only hope I'm accurate lol.. Nevertheless, you're right that it's very pretty no matter who painted it!
  41. Looks like it could be a painting by Edmund Darch Lewis, but the signatures I found on Google looked different than this one (although it could be that his signature evolved over time) http://en.m....
  42. Love the color scheme of this painting!!
  43. @kerry10456: It's my pleasure!! Thank you for stopping by and "loving" this :)) It seems that geo26e has found the watch that you mentioned! @Signaholic: Thank you! I'm sure I speak for others when...
  44. Thank you, Woman34 (:
  45. Thank you, lundy, for both the "love" and the compliment ((:
  46. Hi walksoftly, the man on the far left is a guy named Joe, who was the Branch Manager of Bank of America in San Francisco's Excelsior District. If only I knew what he was saying to my relatives! Also,...
  47. I know I'm late in replying, but thanks for the tip, vintagedollcollector!
  48. Thanks again, Sean! Amazingly, I stumbled upon these photos on the internet last night!
  49. Thank you, Sean!!
  50. Thank you, lundy :))
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