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I own and operate TD Vintage Company. I buy, sell and absolutely adore vintage estate jewelry.


  1. You are correct, this is a Juliana pin. Very pretty!!
  2. Oh my, a lot can happen when you are away from your computer for an hour!! :) Thanks for the comments, not exactly what I expected. I'm glad we all agree that it is "cute"! LOL!!! Hope you all h...
  3. Hi Zowie, Wish I could help. I have never heard of those names before. Best of luck with your search. Tonya
  4. Thank you valentino97!! Yes, I have been negligent in posting pictures lately. Hopefully by the end of the week I will post some more pictures! Thank you for the reminder!!
  5. Lovely collection!!
  6. Thank you valentino97! It was great fun putting it all together! Great idea on the bakelite garland! I'll have to remember that!
  7. Fabulous!!!! You did well on all of your purchases!!! :)
  8. Wow!! Just wow!!! I love everything you posted!! What great pieces. There is flashy rhinestone costume jewelry and THEN there are high end designer pieces like these. You have yourself quite a co...
  9. This is a gorgeous set! What a great find!! This is a Delizza & Elster Juliana set. Full sets including the brooch can sell for about $1000!!! You should visit This is an...
  10. Not real gold but it is a Chanel piece!! You did very well. Chanel charm bracelets can sell from $300 - $900+. Very nice piece. Enjoy!!
  11. Beautiful bracelet!! Congratulations!!
  12. Gorgeous!!!
  13. Thanks for your input Rotten Vintage. I was pretty sure they were not saphiret and I knew they weren't the deep blue sapphire but, I was wondering about sapphirine. It is a lighter blue than the old...
  14. Thanks BELLIN68!!
  15. What a beautiful collection! Thank you for sharing! Looks like it is almost time for another cupboard to continue your collection!! :)
  16. Beautiful! Thank you for posting!
  17. Exceptional!! Very lovely mourning jewels!
  18. Oh this is just stunning!!! A very lovely piece!!
  19. That is just cool!!! Love it!
  20. Love them!!! Especially the poured glass necklace. As soon as I saw your picture I automatically thought Trifari. So pretty!!!
  21. Beautiful necklace! I love the color of the beads!
  22. Thanks AmberRose. That was a great sale!! Especially for the Knoxville area! The Schreiner pieces were a little pricey but, definitely worth it. I won't tell you what I spent on the three Lanvin ne...
  23. LOVE it!!!
  24. Could you post a picture of the back of the necklace and earrings? Is the box stamped William Quinn or are the pieces stamped William Quinn? It looks like a Juliana set to me but, I would need to see...
  25. Love this! Great colors!!
  26. Thanks everyone! I really love this piece. Quite stunning in person!! :)
  27. LOL!! Believe me thriftfan, this does not happen on a regular basis!! This sale was a very pleasant surprise and quite unusual for our area. Don't get me wrong, I can usually find some nice things ...
  28. Good news and bad news on this piece. I had already tested the piece to see if it was bakelite but, test was negative. I was a little worried because at the clasp it looked like it had melted slight...
  29. Thanks so much vetraio50. That is great information and I appreciate your time in responding. I have added a few more pictures but it still is hard to see the Chinese markings. There are a few issu...
  30. What a pretty pin. I love the colors. I suspect D&E as well. Here is another great site This site has confirmed D&E pieces by Mr. DeLizza himself. You can even submit ...
  31. Thanks for the compliments ladies! I do love this set! I currently have it for sell but, I am seriously considering adding it to my personal collection. It is just so unique and unusual!! Thanks f...
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