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Sliptivity - Petrolianain Petroliana
"Amael"; any info on this maker? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. This is a book piece (costume jewelry 202 by Julia Carroll), page 130. Late 50's. They show the bracelet, earrings, and brooch... but not the necklace.
  2. I have a book with the different kinds of marks and when they were made, it says that "Trifari with crown and copyright symbol in rectangle" is a modern mark (90's and newer). They are still in produc...
  3. I think they're old earrings that you would break off the clip and turn into a ring. I've done similar crafty things with the odd unmatched earrings I end up with.
  4. Sorry it's such a late reply Janine, but no I still have no new info. Good to know someone else has found the same name though.
  5. Could it be a Victory pin?
  6. Bakelite usually feels heavy and clunky. But rub it with your thumb really well and Bakelite will give off a formaldehyde smell. You can also use Formula 409 cleaner on a qtip and rub the inner part...
  7. They`re just clear rhinestones, prong set.
  8. I think it looks deco too. Marcasites and the green could be chrysoprase. The base could be silver. Looks like a trombone closure which was popular in the 1890s and used up into the 40s.
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