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Las Vegas

I like collecting many things, but my favorites are costume jewlery, pottery, old books & magazines


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Fun with photos from Cedar City, Utah - Photographsin Photographs
Old bakelite mourning necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Fun with photos - Photographsin Photographs
Last fun with Photos - Photographsin Photographs
More fun with Photos - Photographsin Photographs
Fun with Photos - Photographsin Photographs
Vintage Native American Signed Sterling Silver Ring - Native Americanin Native American
Lefton Harlequin Vases with my Sascha Brastoff  Box - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Coco California Vintage 70's Long Floral Dress - Womens Clothingin Womens Clothing
Millefiori & rhinestone Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thanks, Phil! Just got home today.
  2. Amen to that, valentino97. We're off to Cedar City, Utah tomorrow to see the beautiful autumn colors. I really need to focus on the beauty of the world.
  3. It sure is nutsabotas6. I was just there last Sunday to see. Beatles "Love" with a friend. I woke up this morning with my Facebook friends messaging me to see if I was alright. I hadn't even heard abo...
  4. I appreciate that, Phil!
  5. Thanks again
  6. Thanks, Phil!
  7. Thanks, Phil! I will try to stick around. You think it's Mexican rather then Native American? That could be. They are similar
  8. Thanks, I will add more photos. The etching will be extremely hard to photograph, though
  9. Welcome back, Phil! Another beautiful piece!
  10. I looked at the back. None of the rhinestones have open backs & I think the julianna pieces do
  11. I don't think so, but who knows? I willtry to post a picture of the back. I hope everyone is doing well!
  12. Hi, cletness58! Do you have those 3 magazines as well? I'm so glad that you found them here. I love the story behind them as well!
  13. Hi, everyone! I will try to come back more often, sometimes things in my life just get in the way. I hope everything is well and I wish a very happy New Year to everyone!
  14. my pleasure. hopefullyI'll have some time to post in the near future
  15. Thanks! Just 3 months to go! I love Autumn, it's my favorite time of year!
  16. Thank, Sean!
  17. Thank you very much, nutsabota56 & katherinescollections. I think I'm finally at the age & point where I just accept myself for who I am
  18. Thanks, everyone!
  19. Thanks,nutsabotas. I actually like the older Lefton pieces from the 50's. Some are quite cute, but I love this one because it's unusual
  20. Another great art glass piece, Sean!
  21. Very unusual & interesting piece!
  22. Happy belated birthday, Sean!
  23. Nice color & style
  24. I love it!
  25. Very nice. I like the deco style andcolor
  26. It looks great worn either way
  27. Thanks, everyone! You just can't beat the quality and style of vintage!
  28. Thanks, Elisabethan!
  29. Very nice!
  30. Nice birthday gift!
  31. Because of your posting of the millefiori dish!
  32. I agree, beautiful colour & style
  33. Got to love your profile picture! I have to ask, mikelv, are you in Vegas like me?
  34. I would love to find something like this!
  35. Thanks, Mike!
  36. thanks vetraio & racer! I like the lusterware also
  37. I'm sorry, I thought you were here in Vegas! I'm sure that you would not have noticed at all as you must be a pro living in California! You are far more brave then I!
  38. I too like these
  39. How about you, Katherine?
  40. I live near Sunrise Mountain
  41. I will, why not? Have a great weekend
  42. Very nice!
  43. You are very kind! I have always loved vintage clothes. Perhaps I will get brave and post some more as a solute to the end of my favorite show Mad Men!
  44. I truly believe it is. Last week a seller on Ebay listed a rather dull black jacket, but it was embroidered on the inside "custom made for mr BB King" on the inside. It had the same Sheraton Hong Kong...
  45. I love the drip glaze style. I have a vase in pink & light blue.
  46. Wow! Beautiful colors & style!
  47. that's very kind of you, Sean!
  48. Thanks guys!
  49. Thanks, Manikin. I hope he is okay
  50. I would agree 20's to 40's. Beautiful!
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Kitschy Holiday Hostess Apron Brooches. one of Abuela Esther's pin - brooches Coral brooch/pendant 1922 Gillette safety razor w/box & blade case. Grandma and Grandpa Dolls Antique tile 50'S ATOMIC LAMP copper cuff bracelet Coro earrings Howard Kron Swordfish TV Lamp eric clapton Ramses signed powder jar. My horsey collection when I was younger.  Show us your horses!